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QuickLink Pen Preview
Mike Cane

The QuickLink Pen from WizCom Technologies is possibly the most important peripheral to emerge during early 2000 for all PalmOS devices. It allows on-the-spot OCR for professionals, students, and anyone who needs to grab text on the go. Soon available will be the ability to beam captured text directly to any PalmOS device that is IR-capable. Stay tuned for a full review of PalmOS connectivity as well as Windows PC connectivity and features!

Up to 1000 pages (2 megs of RAM) of scanned text can be stored in the pen and transferred to PC, laptop, PDA or cellular phone. The OCR engine enables the unit to store large quantities of information by converting the image to text.

The QuickLink Pen comes equipped with the following applications:

Notes and Data - capture, store, edit and transmit free text directly to any word-processing application.

Address Book - Scan business cards. Use the QuickLink Pen as your address book or transmit the information to Outlook or other application.

Tables and Charts - Transfer printed tables, schedules and charts directly to a spreadsheet application.

Internet Links - Collect URLs and transfer them directly to your favorite browser Bookmarks or Favorites.

Scan to Fax - Capture printed data, transmit it to your mobile phone and fax it.

Language Tool - QuickLink Pen users can easily upgrade their product to include any of over 100 electronic dictionary databases, specially formatted to suit the Pen. These databases will be made available to the users for download from the Web Site, for a fee.

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Front box photo provided by WizCom Technologies. Other photos by Mike Cane.

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