Top 3 Sports Betting Software for Bookmakers

Online sports betting has gained immense popularity in the recent few years, and with the market worth expected to hit over $90 billion in the next two years, we expect to see more of a similar trend. Behind this massive success is the betting software, the unsung yet central part of the sports betting business, that enables bookies to offer a valuable gambling experience to their customers. Simply put, the betting software is designed to enable bookmakers to manage players and betting services efficiently. If you are planning to tap into the e-gambling business, we have prepared an overview of some of the best sports betting software for you.

Choosing the Best Software for Your Sports Betting Venture

Running a gambling platform can get complicated if you don't have the right tools for the business. Therefore, when you think of starting a Bookmaker site, you should first look for the best betting software that will allow players to bet on their favorite sports with various options like pre-match betting, virtual sports as well as different markets. The software should help you to manage the back-office operations effectively while enabling players to interact with your bookie platform with ease. Fortunately, there are many such options in the market today, but it is advisable to choose a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Features of an Ideal Bookmaker Betting Software

Though different gambling software is good and unique in their ways, there are some common features to consider when choosing the right solution for your business:

  • Ease of Use - you should choose a platform that makes it easy for you and your team to manage your daily operations with ease. Moreover, software that allows users to bet with ease will attract more customers, thus increasing your profit.
  • Integration - online platform is among the few modern establishments that combine both casino and sports betting in one platform. To achieve such a feat, you should go for software that can integrate with a new site or existing casino site.
  • Payment services - your sports betting software should support secure and fast payment options ranging from e-wallet solutions, banks and card payments.
  • Device compatibility - Most online gamblers use their portable devices such as phones and tablets to bet. Therefore, it is important to choose software that enables customers to access your site from either a mobile device or a computer. Some may even offer a dedicated mobile app for your sports bookmaker.
  • Cost - The pricing of the sports software differs across the providers and is based on its features. However, one of the affordable options is a pay-per-head solution since you will only pay a fixed weekly fee for every active player.

Top 3 Betting Software for Bookies in 2021

Comparing the various betting software in the market can be a huge task, but we have shortlisted the best three solutions to get your bookie business running within a few days.

1. OpenBet Betting System

The award-winning betting software banks on its proven technical excellence and innovation that enable books to develop a customer-focused platform and game features alongside tools for data collection and analysis. The software utilizes Informix Dynamic Server to cater to its numerous users simultaneously. One of its most powerful features is its compatibility with many third-party solutions and the convenience of customizing the software to suit your needs. Other useful OpenBet features include:

  • OpenBet Sportsbook API;
  • Device and OS compatibility;
  • Responsible gambling features;
  • Customer data protection.

2. GenBet Sports Betting System

The Playtech products are another trusted solution that powers some of the giant bookmakers in the industry. This cross-platform software runs smoothly on various operating systems and devices, making it a good choice for new gambling providers. The GenBet system also provides sensational sync features that will give you the freedom to synchronize with content from other sports gambling platforms. Its features are:

  • Personalized pricing and data streams;
  • Single-screen live content management;
  • Hardware independence;
  • Selective module installation;
  • Supports for multiple currencies and languages;
  • A wide range of automated Sports markets.

3. Kambi Bookmaker Betting System

Kambi is another reliable multi-channel betting software for emerging bookies. The software enables online sports betting providers to build outstanding front-end user interfaces for their players with features that help customize the betting services offered. Moreover, the software supports multiple languages making it an ideal choice for providers targeting the global market. You can also rely on Kambi sport betting solutions for features such as:

  • Exceptional front-end user experience;
  • Extensive odd compilation;
  • Helpful data analysis and insights;
  • Customizable for your business, target customers and markets.

Final Remarks
The sports betting industry has been attracting many investors, owing to its profitability and future projections. However, to succeed in the business, you should select betting software that fits and supports your business goals. Some common features that you need to consider when shopping for your betting software include ease of use, customization and integration, device and platform compatibility, among others. Unfortunately, it is practically hard to narrow down to a one-size-fits-all sports betting software as different developers focus on different features and functionalities. Thus, you should take time to research before making your decision. If you are running out of time, you can rely on one of our top-ranked software listed above and hit the ground running within no time.