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Sony recently released a new group of handhelds, the NR series. The new flagship of Sony's Clié line is the PEG-NR70V, which has a very impressive list of features. It has a 320 by 480 screen, a digital camera, a keyboard, an MP3 player, a 66 MHz processor, and 16 MB of memory, all crammed into an innovative design. News Editor Ed Hardy has this review.
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not for me

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:17:47 PM #
Very nice review. It really feels like I had it in my hands (which I had not).
Only: this is nothing for me. I will stick with my m515. Probably too old to be charmed by video and music on a palm pc...
RE: not for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:23:25 PM #
Me too! I hope that Sony can make for me a complete wireless package, with multimedia a plus. Hi-Res is always impressive though.
RE: not for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:38:26 PM #
When you hold it in your hand , you will understand how beautiful this thing is .
For me!
stephen007 @ 5/6/2002 12:59:40 PM #
Of course, no handheld is for everyone.

For me, though, this is one sweet device. Sony has managed to pack features into this device that I never thought would be possible.


for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:02:45 PM #
If you carry a pda, a mp3 player and a thumb keyboard like me, this is definitely for you. Not to mention the great 320x480 screen and the small camera for fun. :D
RE: not for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 3:28:20 PM #
It's really beautiful model, but is big. It demonstrate what a Palm os device can already do. It's for people who likes geek and it's a model that could be considered as a preview of next Os5 Palm models, for people who can't wait for os5. But it will be old very soon.
RE: not for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:44:33 PM #
Who do not know Porsche is beautiful, but I am in the market for a pickup! So Sony please make for me a pickup and I will jump ship.
RE: not for me
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2002 11:26:28 PM #
I own a software development company and am constantly buying and trying new tools in an attempt to streamline business processes for my clients. I started on a Palm 500, then to the HP Jornada 540, then Palm IIIc, then IPaq, and recently a Sony Clie NR70/V.

All of our PC development is done with MS Access, MS Visual Basic and SQL Server, and these are great. However, IMHO, the palm built-in apps are far more elegant than their PPC counter parts. (Little things like being on a time and using slash-L to pull up contacts and paste onto meeting)

Now with Kinoma (great movie software) using the full Clie wide screen. A fantastic MP3 player. The best looking Ebook reader you ever seen. The camera, while low quality is just plain useful because it’s always in your pocket. (note the pictures you take can be linked to people in your address book (a Sony mod.)

The Clie NR70/V is a powerful tool for business and fun. $599 is a deal!

Need CD
gaia321 @ 2/18/2006 1:58:49 PM #
Hello, well I got the Clie a long time ago and still works! original battery. Anyway, I lost the CD and my laptop recently died erasing all my software.
If you have it, can I borrow it? buy it?
My email is:


Excellent Review!

nategall @ 5/6/2002 12:32:38 PM #
Ed, once again, Thanks. my head is spinning with all the info from the review. Heck, i cannot even think of one thing to ask. :)
I wonder how many more os4 devices we will see in the up and coming months. I know that folks are waiting for the os5, but i think that this little device shows just how much can be done with the os4. Of course, a similar device, which should be cheaper will probably be available from sony once they go to arm processors, but I think that everyone would agree that this is the most feature packed palm ever. It may not be for everyone, but geesh... they sure packed this sucker to the gills.
And the only thing which is for sure is that with all the features, people will still want more... (if it only had built in wireless...) but that is what drives us. :) I love it!
yet another thanks! woo-hoo. (now, if dell would just ship mine.)

nategall says "blah!"

RE: Excellent Review!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:59:42 PM #
Agree ! An excellent review and handheld. I got NR70 from CompUSA two days ago, the only thing I can say is WWWWOOOWWW !! The screen is so GREAT and close to the original's quality. The battery is not bad either , I got 6 hours before it reaches the limit 3.52v , it's definitely better than T615c and equal to m515.
flashing of screen
new2palm @ 6/13/2002 10:31:16 AM #
I bought mine in UK last Friday and when I charged it I noticed that the screen flashes 3-4 times in quick succession when I tap any of the applications.I returned the clie today and exchanged it for a new one, I finished charging it and would you believe it, the same thing has happened again. Any ideas??

PageDown Hack

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:45:06 PM #
Is the PageDown Hack available for downloading? If so, from where?
RE: PageDown Hack
Ed @ 5/6/2002 12:50:52 PM #
You can get it from here:

The developer is Japanese and this page is in Japanese, too. The link is up near the top.

News Editor

RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:53:20 PM #
Check out this list below. Page Down Hack link is under Utilities.

RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:53:26 PM #
RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 7:14:49 AM #
I bought the NR70 after anxiously awaiting its arrival. It was great but lacked the buttons when used in the flip over mode and tapping on the launcher everytime I used my 4 "button apps" (ActionNames, Phone Log, All Time and Bug Me) was just too cumbersome. Thanks Ed for alerting us to Page Hack. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is terrific! A definite lifesaver and will allow me to keep my NR70. It would be nice if PageHack could "imprint" a box instead of the "virtual box" so you could see it.
RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/24/2002 7:58:32 PM #
I just got my NR70 today and downloaded the "pagedown hack". Nothing seems to be happening as was described. I am using Hackmaster to manage it all. Can anyone shed some light on how the pagedown hackis supposed to work? Thanks!
RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 12:56:27 AM #
You have to configure the soft buttons in the status bar. In X-Master, you just tap the "Configure" button and experiment...
RE: PageDown Hack
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 11:54:01 PM #
Thanks for the info. It seems that you need to use X-Master and not Hackmaster.

Have one... love it... needs BT!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:44:12 PM #
OK, so my wife and I jumped right out and grabbed up units for ourselves. We love the bigger screen area and the colors come alive.

Two things, when the screen is open like a notebook (the way my wife uses it, I like the screen out pen only method... if only there was a quick way to get to DateMan from there!) the unit is heavy in the far direction towards the screen so you have to hold the unit firmly to use the keyboard.

And... I would love to see that bluetooth MS card Sony showed at CES years ago! I have a T68 that loved talking BT to my old 505, now I'm internet less on the road... guess I could go back to IR from the 70 to the Cell phone.

RE: Have one... love it... needs BT!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:56:10 PM #
Sony has actually released the Bluetooth module in Japan and it do not mind to pay more you can get from Brando. Driver files support English as well.
RE: Don't have one... needs 802.11b more and
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 3:22:03 PM #
a dual stick slot. What good is a BT mem stick if I have to take out the my stick with my programs on it to use BT..

C'mon Sony wise up!!

RE: Have one... love it... needs BT!
robrecht @ 5/6/2002 6:44:03 PM #
Does anyone remember the website that showed some SONY Memory Stick concept designs, including a dual slot PDA?

Thanks, Robrecht
Yes, dual slots please
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:55:38 PM #
Hmmm... so what is so crazy about wanting dual slots? Seems like everyone loved it with HandEra. Everyone loved it with the Newton 2k/2k1. I'm thinking that dual slots would make the unit that much more interactive... but then I use mine Sony every day all day not just to keep addresses.
RE: Have one... love it... needs BT!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 8:31:49 PM #
From what I read some bluetooth cards are arriving with memory on them. I agree that is what is needed if they don't have dual slot models. that is why I odered the V model. I don't think a single slot model with the camera installed is optimal.
RE: Have one... love it... needs BT!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/21/2002 5:55:19 PM #
The NR70V works well with the Bluetooth memory stick ( PEGA-MSB1 ). It does not stick out nearly as badly as the Bluetooth SD card does on the Palm M515. GPRS connects much quicker than regular GSM dial up. Don't use the install program on the Japanese CD. Install the .prc files manually. If you want English support, ignore the files that have _jpJP in them
RE: Have one... love it... needs BT!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/21/2002 8:36:52 AM #
Looks like the first BT MS released from Sony doesn't have any memory.... :-(
Hopefully either Sony will come out with a v2 BT MS card with some memory on it (and a good way of transfering files from one MS to another... perhaps like the old DOS XCOPY <g>) or a BT MS card in the same footprint as the standard MS card plus 128mb so I can leave it in all the time (and disable BT to save the battery when I don't want to communicate)

*2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:50:02 PM #
...or did you forget about the Treo?
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
Ed @ 5/6/2002 12:52:07 PM #
I did consider it but the Treo has more of a built-in flip cover than a "true" clamshell design. The only thing that's on the flipcover part of the Treo is a small speaker. To my mind, a clamshell design means the screen is on one side and the keyboard on the other. Of course, your millage my vary.

News Editor
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 12:56:33 PM #
the treo just has a hard flip cover - the keyboard and screen aren't seperated into 2 halfs.
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
cykalan @ 5/6/2002 1:03:23 PM #
palm IIIc could also be a clamshell design too by your definition D

Read your manuals before you ask!!
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:05:34 PM #
Don't forget the handera 330, by your definition of course.
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:59:54 PM #
And the whole Palm III family ...
RE: *2nd* PalmOS device to feature clamshell design
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:19:17 PM #
and palm m125, 130

Another wonderful review

Kaitou @ 5/6/2002 1:06:41 PM #
and i am drooling once again as i await the shipment of mine from dell...

RE: Another wonderful review
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:13:36 PM #
Although these are great reviews, but the average person can't afford this product or many others. The price is just too big.

Ordered mine yesterday

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:10:56 PM #
Anxiously waiting for mine to land in Canada (sony canada will have the V - buut dont want the camera). Ordered yesterday morning from ecost.

I can't believe the amount of positive feedback I have read about this unit. Not sure if I have seen this before.

Can't wait - I have already started downloading apps and hacks for it!

Al in Canada

RE: Ordered mine yesterday
big_raji @ 5/6/2002 6:47:54 PM #
Hope you don't mind the duty, exchange, and shipping charges. I tried ordering one, and after doing the math, the NR70 would've cost CDN$15 less than buying the NR70V when it comes out here.

I'm not giving up a camera for CDN$15.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

RE: Ordered mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 9:17:05 PM #
That is not the way it worked out for me - to order the NR70V (of which I dont need the camera anyway, and the NR70 is not available in canada)from either futureshop or would cost $1148.85 CAD. To order the NR70 from ecost to my door is $890 CAD. I have to pay taxes either way, the handling was about $20 and the express 3-5 day shipping was only an extra $9.

I don't follow your math?
Anyway - it doesn't really matter - mine is likely in transit.

RE: Ordered mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 9:23:24 PM #
The NR70V from ecost - 549.99 (US retail)+ 328.89(exchange) + 19.42(handling) + 12.83(3-5 day xpress shpg) + 134.29(taxes) = $1045.42 total to your door in canada. Versus 999.99 Cad plus $150 (taxes) = $1149.99 from futureshop or - savings from ecost $104.57 - worht it for sure

The NR70 from ecost - 469.99 (US retail) + 281.05(exchange)+16.68(handling)+ 15.56(shpg)+ 114.91(taxes) = $898.19 total to your door in canada. Versus no availability from Canada, but based on your post - your math does not add up - $251.80 less for the NR70 from ecost vs NR70v from futureshop or sonystyle

I imagine you work for sony or futureshop, because this is a far better deal.

RE: Ordered mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 10:10:00 AM #
i am in the UK, i want to order one from the US (cheaper and Sony won't sell it here till next month - for a more expensive price and only the V model). Most e-companies does not deliver outside US, do you know any. Thanks.

RE: Ordered mine yesterday
new@palm @ 6/3/2002 4:56:41 PM #
RE: Getting hold of the nr70v in UK

I also did some homework to see if it is worthwile shipping the nr70v from usa to uk, and found one company willing to do this from NY:
+ 171 88 717 600
FAX 718 438 4263
NR70V is priced at $579
I don't have the price for the nr70 .There is a problem though, I was told by Sony uk that if the unit was faulty they would not consider repairing it since it comes from the usa.
I have decided to order mine from expansys in Manchester
and hope to get it in 5 days :):)

dark shadow on the edge of the screen

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:12:08 PM #

In the first look report, you mentioned that there were some dark shadow on the edge of the screen. But they didn't appear in the final review. Could you give us a bit more details on that? Thanks,

- Mark

RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
Ed @ 5/6/2002 1:45:59 PM #
Mark, there's not much more to say. The shadows are still there but I stopped noticing them after a few days. They aren't dark, more like light shadows and only visible when the background is white. They appear at the very top of the screen when in clamshell mode. They are an esthetic flaw but don't interfere with the function of the handheld. Like I said, after a few days I stopped noticing them to the point where I didn't think to include them in this review.

Last week, I talked about them to my contact at Sony and he promised to take a look at my handheld when I shipped it back.

News Editor

RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
stephen007 @ 5/6/2002 3:16:38 PM #
This sounds similar to the rippling shadows on the 7xx & 6xx series.

My NR70V just finished charging (mere moments ago) and has the exact same rippling shadows that my T615 does.

I agree with Ed that it really isn't noticeable after a little while. It's more noticeable in clamshell mode since it's at the top of the screen. In tablet mode it's where the bottom bar is so it doesn't show.

No biggie.


RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:01:46 AM #
Same thing on mine. Glad to know I'm not the only one. And, like Ed, I've gotten used to the minor flaw. In most apps, the top line is menu bar, anyway - so nothing important is obscured.
RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2002 4:57:59 PM #
I don't think this is a manufacturing defect. If you look at a sharp angle, you can see that the shadowing is caused by the positioning of the backlights. I've decided that I can live with it.
RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2002 6:36:43 PM #
hi just wanted to coment that mine is the same , shadows on top so do you think i shouldnt return it and buy it in other place or exchange it ??? , or it isnt a big deal I know it has more ups than downs but just asking to make sure thank u and best regards .


RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/19/2002 2:54:57 PM #
I was also puzzled by no reference to the dark lines. I have tried to buy the PEG-NR70 this weekend, but the lines are annoying. The first unit had 5 thick short black lines along one short edge. The second unit had 5 thick short black lines along both the top and bottom edges. They are fainter than in the second unit. They also line up with each other. (There may also be 1/2 of a black line along the top and bottom right edge in clamshell typing mode, but it is a little harder to see along the vertical edge.)

I am disappointed and will be returning the NR70 a second time this weekend.


RE: dark shadow on the edge of the screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/22/2002 5:47:03 PM #
Mine has the shadows only noticable in the clam shell mode also. Can't worry about it. mine was a gigt so I'm
keeping it. Maybe they'll do a recall , duh!

what about bluetooth

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:15:32 PM #
Is there a way to have bluetooth on this baby? Can I use Memorycard adapter?
RE: what about bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:17:40 PM #
Yes, there is a bluetooth MS module released in Japan. Just have to wait for it to come over or if cannot wait, get from Brando which is more expensive. The drivers support English OS as well.
RE: what about bluetooth
Ed @ 5/6/2002 1:27:00 PM #
Here's the link to the Bluetooth adapter on Brando's site:

News Editor
RE: what about bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:05:47 AM #
yes, just bought it for us$169+tax
the drivers are all in english, u just need to rummage thru the cd rom.


RE: what about bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:04:44 PM #
where did you get that price?

Please let me know


RE: what about bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:04:44 PM #
where did you get that price?

Please let me know


Question about screen resolution

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:28:08 PM #
Sorry about the newbie question but I think I am a little confused about the screen on the new sony units. My prism is 160 x 160.....The "old sony" are 320 by 320. Are all applications compatible with this resolution (can you tell that I have not used a sony?) what happens to text at 320 by 320 as compared to the handspring? then, when you say that programs are not compatible with the 320x480, does this mean that images get "stretched" innapropriately to the increased height or do they just not utilize the virtual graffiti area????
RE: Question about screen resolution
Kaitou @ 5/6/2002 1:36:42 PM #
All database applications, and anything text based is just "forced" into Hi-Res, using 320x320, and the improved fonts. Games and other graphics intensive apps use low res mode, done by "doubling up" the pixels (actualy each one is now 4 pixels). This is of course assuming the apps aren't made for Hi-Res to begin with, those utilize the full power of the device. 90% of old apps though can be forced into hi res without a problem.
The NR series handles things the same way. Apps that are unable to take advantage of the virtual graffiti are just unable to "minimize" it, so it stays there like regular graffiti, aside from the inhancements (clock, battery, input echo)

RE: Question about screen resolution
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 4:34:43 AM #
90% of old apps won't be forced into 'hi-res' because although the Clie forces the apps to work in full screen, technically, its not hi-res mode. Full native hi-res mode won't come until OS 5.

Sony & Palm user

RE: Question about screen resolution
Kaitou @ 5/10/2002 11:05:06 AM #
Technicaly if the fonts and buttons and all other on screen elements are HiRes then the app is HiRes =p

Recharge every day?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:29:37 PM #
That sucks. I hope future Palms using the new ARM chips will keep battery life the way it has been. Otherwise I am not upgrading any more.

PPC sucks because you have to recharge every day, I hope Palm and Sony don't go there.

RE: Recharge every day?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:35:54 PM #
I have a IIIC and I have gotten into the habit of popping it in the cradle every night. When I'm on the road, I do the same thing with a portable charger. It's an easy habit to get into and I never have to worry about running out of juice. Of course, this assumes you don't run out before the end of the day. In that case, get a second recharging cradle for the office and pop it in there a couple times a day to "top it off". Don't get hung up over the battery issue. Where there's a will, there's a way...and there's always a way.
RE: Recharge every day?
Altema @ 5/6/2002 2:46:50 PM #
I used to charge my IIIc at night, even though it only needed it every other day because it was used so hard. If I stretched it by keeping the backlight low and avoiding games I could get more than 10 hours of total runtime on the IIIc. But then, the IIIc had a massive battery pack. I never cared about battery life on my first Palm, the IIIe, but even then it was once a week for the rechargaeables due to heavy usage and late night rounds of lode runner.

My former M505's got between 6 to 8 hours between charges. Just for kicks, I went on a battery marathon with my current device to see how far I could stretch it. The result? It ran for a total runtime of 15 hours and 51 minutes before the first low battery warning came up. Thats 31.5 days of use for the average Palmer! Of course it was not very much fun. Only a couple of the primary apps were overclocked, the sidelight was not used unless needed, and I avoided big games or video. A big battery hit came when I was having lunch with an an old friend. She wanted me to show her some apps and the resturant lighting was so weird that I put the sidelight on high for the length of the demos.

I'm not an expert on battery technology, but having been through 5 M505's, I found that I got the best battery life by performing the initial charge for at least 3 hours without turning the device on for the first time until afterwards. I would then use the Palm without charging it again until the low battery warning came up, then giving a full charge again and repeating the cycle two more times. I know, it should not make any difference, but the Palms I have "broken in" this way have held on to their charges about 20% longer.

Now, a battery life of 4 or 5 hours for the NR70V may seem short, but not when you look at what you get in return. That type of life was a big objection to PPC because there was no additional functionality that was useful for me... I would still be doing the same tasks until I would up with a dead device in the afternoon. With the Sony though, I think it would be worth the trade off. Granted, I would NEED a cradle at work to make it through the day, but if the need for the features out-strips the need for long battery life, then go for it.

RE: Recharge every day?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 4:38:26 AM #
my old PDA was the m505 and I did not have to charge it every day, only once every 3 days (I am a heavy user with e-book reading on the underground for an hour, an hour a night before sleeping, playing games, using datebook, running an overclocking program etc), since getting the T615 however, I had to recharge it every day. I once got from 100% to 30% in half a day. Dissapointed really, but still better than a PPC device. I do hope battery life will improve on future models even if they have to increase the weight to accomodate larger capacity battery.

Sony & Palm user

RE: Recharge every day?
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:15:08 PM #
Having to recharge it everyday would be a hassle. Although recharging it every night is a little often, if you get into the habbit of it I find that it is no trouble at all. Charge every night and wake up to a nice refurbished unit.

Question about entering data with keyboard

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:43:30 PM #
I purchased a 615 about 1 month ago. (Yes, I new the NR was coming, but I felt the 615 met my needs better.) Anyway, I stopped at CompUSA this morning and test drove the NR. I must say, very nice, very solid looking PDA. The 480x320 was very impressive, so was the virtual graffiti . The hinge of the rotating screen was solid as well. Now my ?, I began entering info with the keyboard (the keyboard worked very well, just the right size) and I could enter an appointment, but it would make the appointment a "No-Time" appointment. How do you create appointments that have times or repeat using the keyboard only. Surely, you don't enter the appointment and then have to tap details with your stylus. Someone please enlighten me.... Thanks!
RE: Question about entering data with keyboard
Ed @ 5/6/2002 1:51:56 PM #
I mentioned somewhere in the review that one of the drawbacks of entering text with the keyboard is you still occasionally have to pull out the stylus to tap the screen. It's equivalent to having to take your hands off keyboard of your PC to do something with the mouse.

Maybe its something for Sony to think about if they add hi-res+ support to the built-in apps.

News Editor

RE: Question about entering data with keyboard
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:57:50 PM #
Just enter the four digits of the time you require, but perhaps you need to tap OK to get out of the time dialog.
RE: Question about entering data with keyboard
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:19:52 PM #
Anyone try laptophack to avoid using the stylus?

innovation being held down

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:38:17 PM #
This PDA's concept is really great, but is it really worth it? The palm os is already holding it down. Nothing is stadardized Apps need to be specially written for these handhelds to take advantage of the technology. The processor doesn't help either. Pocket PC's will soon be screaming in at 400 mhz- 500 if AMD's newest handheld processor takes off. Palm has simply been left behind. In my opinion, the palm Vx or IIIc was the last of their handhelds that really kept up with the pace of technology. But here we have sony's brilliant device that will never reach what it could have been. The innovated design and hi res screen will be held back by an aging os, slow processor, and the need for programs to be specially written for it's advantages.

Don't get me wrong, I myself am a palm user, but the pocket pc will do everything palm will ever be able to and has the advantage of being one with the microsoft giant.

any one agree/disagree?

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 1:58:55 PM #
I disagree because your information is out of date. Palm will introduce handhelds running on the same screaming fast ARM processors late this summer. Probably before HP-Compaq updates the iPaq or Jornada.

Once both platforms are running on the same processors, the only difference will be user interface and number of programs and the Palm OS has PPC beat in both categories.

It's off topic but PocketPC won't use AMD's chips. They use MIPS, while PPC only supports ARM.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 2:22:34 PM #
I can see where you are coming from.. As a Palm developer, I've been getting very frustrated on how each hardware manufacturer has been "cutting their own trail" in regards on the technology they implement. Had been using an H330 for a while and the device itself is a marvel, but finding esential apps that work with the hi res virtual graffiti was close to hopeless. I think PalmSource greatest responsibility is to ensure that everyone decides on a standard way of doing things as to not segment the Palm sector into multiple small pieces.

Recently picked up the developer version of the Sharp Zaurus which runs an embeded Linux as it's OS and after being a die hard Palm guy for almost 5 years now, I must admit, I'm completely in love with this device. The nicest thing about it is that is has full support for PersonalJava or the J2ME standard. This menas so long as the platform supports the standard, any app writen for it should run on any device regardless of OS, screen resolution etc.. Once Palm moves to the ARM there should be a Java VM to allow us developers to write apps that work on all platforms and eliminate these segmentations.

I believe Ed stated that there was just a single application on the Sony NR that actually used it's hi res+ screen. This I think is pathetic...

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 2:39:01 PM #
you can pre order the X-scale jornada already. It will be delivered on May 15th. (see

So it will definitely will ship first than Palm's OMAP. (LOOX also delivered on same time frame)

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 3:50:38 PM #
Do you have a link for the mobile planet page?


RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 8:47:40 PM #
There is one thing the Palm can't do that the PPC does twice a week. Lock up. I am dumping my Ipaq with its cool 206 MZ that locks up and keeps me waiting several times a week when all I want to do is jot down a note.

66MZ will be just fine.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:06:42 PM #
Uh, the Palm OS running at 33 Mhz, let alone 66 Mhz or 200 Mhz is already "faster" than Microsoft's bloatware running on a 300Mhz chip, and that is a fact.

You're very, very mistaken about the state of things.

Anyway, what's wrong with competion, and people writing their own programs that deal with files in their own unique and specific way?

The only time there is a problem with "variation" is when there are multiple formats, ex: .jpg, .gif, or .bmp

Your point is completely invalid, and very communist.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:10:56 PM #
You're also wrong (and so is every other nerd that loves PPC) about Pocket PC pulling ahead.

The MARKET determines what is popular, not a small percentage of dorks on a PDA website.

Most people....again....MOST people care about BENEFITS, not FEATURES.

This means that FEATURES like a 400Mhz chip (instead of a 66Mhz Palm OS), a video playing application, and other PPC staples offer no TRUE BENEFIT.

There is no BENEFIT to watching Spiderman on a PPC. There is no BENEFIT with having a 400Mhz chip. There is no BENEFIT with having a stylus that ejects out of the iPaq.

They are useless fluff FEATURES that don't BENEFIT the average American consumer, either because they don't need them, don't understand them, or frankly, don't care.

The funniest part about this whole argument, is that PocketPC will be dead within half a year. Tell me that you saw that coming 12 months ago....I think not.

Microsoft just wiped out all their PPC management. They're going to make one last attempt at pushing PPC, and then it's over.

That's not to say they won't re-group with a component-based strategy, like the Stinger phones, but this whole "all-in-wonder" miracle that Microsoft is trying to pull off is simply NOT what the customer wants right now.

The world would be better off if Compaq, Casio, etc. dropped PPC all together and started fighting tooth & nail for Palm OS presence.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 11:04:08 PM #
yeah, he would love PPC to die wouldnt he, then he can stop complaining about why he cant play PocketQuake on his Palm, or why he cant play Wolfenstien, or Doom, or Snails, or Argentum!!!, or Need For Speed, or Ultima, or SNES games, or NES games, or Game Gear games, Turjah II, Genesis, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel(though i find them not to be that great, spell check is good on the other hand) or why he cant play a 320x240 DivX movie at 30fps with 16bit color, or better yet, stream it with a WiFi 802.11b card. Ms OS is bloated, so what, we can still do 100000 times more than you can. and dont say ive never used a palm, i was addicted to my visor deluxe. that is until i got my PPC. I mean, the guys a Gambit Studios are working hard on liberty, it just aint fast enough though... wonder how it would run on these new Clies... ohh yeah, cna you play monkey island? what about Quake II?? no i dont think so. And the Fujitsu Pocket Loox running at 400mhz will be out this month!!! think about the FPS!!!!
RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 11:37:17 PM #
a gameboy advance can play even more games than your ppc and a lot cheaper too. On the other hand if you're looking at real apps then Palm wins. PPC can have hardware superiority until PalmOS 5 but even still the PPC is limited because it doesn't have competition in real apps such as Office suites because developers don't want to waste their time competing with Microsoft when it puts its own apps for free. Now once PalmOS 5 is out then ARM, hires, lots of memory (and not bloated away) are standard and PPC will no longer have any hardware superiority. But PPC never had any software superiority either.
RE: innovation being held down
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:11:24 AM #
Although both Palm OS5 and PPC use Arm processors,
PPC specifies devices with at least a StrongARM 206.
Have you seen a monochrome PPC?

The fact is, although OS5 will be switching to ARM processor there is still a lot of flexibility for manufacturers. They can have entry level OS5 machines with 160x160 monochrome screens with ARM processors running at 18Mhz or create the PPC challenging PDA. This is what PPC lacks.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 12:19:13 PM #
"but the pocket pc will do everything palm will ever be able to..."

Games, yes.
Work, no.

How about giving us a demo on how you do Pocket Excel charts, or locking cells, or sheet protection, or demo all the font options in Pocket Word, or running multiple relational databases for a whole year and NEVER losing any data whatsoever. Better yet, how about creating a full blown relational database from scratch for a client base of 15,000 customers which runs faster and smoother than a $250.000.00 corporate product, and doing it on a device which runs for weeks without recharging and slips into your shirt product.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:25:19 PM #
>> yeah, he would love PPC to die wouldnt he, then he can stop complaining about why he cant play PocketQuake on his Palm, or why he cant play Wolfenstien, or Doom, or Snails, or Argentum!!! <<

Oh, my god--looks like the resident PPC troll has spoken. Did you even READ the post, or were you too busy playing dumba** games? The average user DOESN'T CARE about playing games, movies, or mp3s on their PDA. The AVERAGE user wants something simple that syncs properly, allows some flexibility of programs, doesn't require battery charges constantly, and is relatively cheap.

In short, the AVERAGE user wants a PalmOS device, regardless of the manufacturer.

The HOPELESS GEEK such as yourself crabs that the new Sony doesn't even have enough features. They seek a PocketPC. Enjoy it. Play with it. Maybe they'll invent a j**k-off CF card so you can get work out some sexual frustrations...

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:23:38 PM #
hey its me again, the guy who started this sensitive topic. let me update some of those who think they know what they are talking about.

Windows is not going to give ppc one last push. if this were true, then why would companies spend large amounts of money trying to advance their products. If windows is going to die in the handheld market and only give it one more try, why wouldn't they start now. yes I know their ppc os can crash, but its not like my palm hasn't ever crashed either. whats wonderful about the ppc is that word, excel, media player, ie, etc are all included. not only that but its a microsoft os for a microsoft os. last time I checked, that gives them an advantage in compatability with the pc windows.

MIPS (at least i thought) is something from casio or toshiba or something like that. And it will be compatible with ppc 2002.

for all those defending palm in that all those multimedia features and fast processors aren't needed in pda's, please look at where palm is heading towards. Sonys hi res + screen is hi res for a reason. if these features aren't needed, then why are the palm os PDAs moving in that direction?

As for speed goes, video plays quite nicely compared to palms pdas. the palm os IS NOT FASTER than the ppc.

I didn't say PPC is dominating the market. It is however growing.

please research for yourself, don't be blinded by biased opinions.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:18:50 PM #

PDAs are not "headed" in the direction of multimedia and playing movies....only a FEW Palm OS PDAs are.

This is logical, as there are always going to be some high-end who want to play Quake on their PDA. Most people do not, and that is a fact. If it weren't true, then people would ONLY buy PDAs that are capable of playing games.



And don't even get me going on your assinine remark regarding PocketPC being as fast as the Palm OS. CLUE UP, BUD!

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 3:25:44 AM #
It seems like big desktops OS are in the process of nudging against the PDAs. The Sharp Zaurus runs linux under Qt, which are desktop OS. And take a look at the latest XP based Sony:

At some point PDAs and small "desktop" units will collide. PDAs will probably stop heading so multifunction, and instead desktops will shrink to take the multifunction responsibilities. PDAs will shrink into much better PDAs, 1 ounce sheets with 2 week battery life that don't do much, sort of like new age palm pilots.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 4:44:12 AM #
the X-scale Jornada has been pulled out. HP will instead support the unusable ipaq. There is a monochrome PPC (ipaq - very ugly and costs $350).

When PalmOS licensees starts using ARM-based processors, users will no longer be confused by 'faster Mhz'. Right now, most new users goes for PPC because of being brainwashed by the Mhz factor. I mean look at Intel's domination - a 2.4Ghz, it looks big - but come's slower than my XP +1800. The move to ARM was inevitable due to consumer ignorance in the Mhz race.

Now, video is still a long way. I have seen these video thingys on the PPC and its pathetic. The time to convert a 30 minutes DivX film to a size that the PPC can take is so long, you have to question these PPC trolls on why they don't bother watching it then. Why bother waiting hours to convert your DVD to DivX when you can watch it on your bloody PC. I mean the PC has a 17-21" screen, dolby surround etc and you resist watching it on the PC so you can watch it on your PPC? How sad...

The only time when videos will be good is when Wireless broadband takes off (5G? - like in 10 years time), and when we can watch the World Cup live on digital palm TV.

music is another matter, that is something I really really want and I am glad Sony is making headway into this arena.

As for Quake II, give me a break. Are you one of those sad people who hanged on to their 486s so they can play Doom of Wolfeinstein 3D??? Quake II on PPC is a showcase game, nothing more, nothing less and is totally unplayable. For a 1st person shooter, you need a mouse, I repeat - you need a mouse. If you are able to connect a mouse to it, fine, you still need a BIG sceeen. Do you go watch Spiderman on your pocket TV?

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 4:56:01 AM #
I am sorry, but the guy who said that the PalmOS is not faster than a PPC, go to a real-time research. PPC might be faster (bare bones and all without those flash 3D thingy) on a 206Mhz ARM processor, but seemingly in practical realworld usage, PalmOS is faster even on a dingy 16Mhz processor. Loading is faster, you don't have to worry about open-apps. You are the sort of person who would say that Windows XP is faster than Windows 3.x. Windows XP is faster because its capable of running on a faster processor. When PalmOS starts running on ARM processors (although 100-200Mhz slower than the X-scale), it will blow your PPC away.
RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2002 5:09:02 PM #
Ok people. I use both Palm And PPC (Sony T615 and iPaq 3870) Let me know when your Palm can run AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ Have 5 Internet Explorer Windows Open. Have Your Inbox open with Automatic Send/Recieve every Minute, and Still run smoothly. I do this ALL THE TIME. Also You do not need to convert videos so they will play on a PPC you are in Palm Land. (Oh wait I cant read this E-Mail attachment it isn't converted into Palm format.) I download the news in Mpeg format and watch it on my iPaq all the time. I dont need to use my desktop to convert it. I can Download Winzip Files and open them on my PPC! And this is with a 128MB SD card in and Connected With bluetooth to my Ericsson T68i Which Runs on GPRS!! Also I can read Any attachment that people E-Mail me. Adobe Acrobat? No problem. I don't need to run a stupid Converting program on my desktop first. SHEESH!! Get the facts right people!!!

And another thing. The iPaq is NOT Huge. Why are palm people sooo Picky about 1/100 mm difference?? Jeez like I'm reeeally going to notice that. ugh. this is what front pockets are for people.

NOT to mention The fact I can Video Conference with people In my backyard Connected to my wireless network!!!!

Finally I would like to remind people that I am not Biased. Please correct me if you find ANYTHING that palm can do I said couldn't. ANYTHING!! I am very happy using my Sony Clie. There is nothing wrong with Palm OS it is just not for Power users. Sorry!

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/16/2002 5:27:09 AM #
why fight?
different machines for different purposes, and for different types of people.
try to love your own toys but not to step down others.
i have both a ppc and a palm.


RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2002 1:37:07 AM #
Why would you want to play a crap versiono of quake on your PPC? Or any other game for that matter. PPC game developers are weak compared to the big PC and console game developers. I have Turjah2 on my ipaq 3835. It sucks. I'd rather play R-Type on the Gameboy.

I am selling my ipaq. It is horrible. I switched from an m505. At first I was impressed with the multimedia capabilities, but after owning it, I realized I didn't use any of those features. If I want listen to music I use my iPod. If I want to play games on the go then I bring my Gameboy Advance or my laptop. What pisses me off about the ipaq is the damn thing keeps locking up and I have to reset it. There are even times when my PC will not recognize it when I set it on its cradle. PPC is a POS!

So my ipaq is being auctioned on ebay... and I am getting aquainted my the NR70V.

RE: innovation being held down
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 3:28:31 AM #
I agree with Andy. I use a Palm because I don't need a lot of the stuff PPC's have and a Palm makes more sense for me. My brother uses a PPC because he has different needs.

On another note, THANKS to everyone who posted on this subject. You're making my research paper on marketing palms and the challenges Palm is facing a LOT easier.

Also, if you're really interested in what the market says, do a search on a recent study by Dataquest that not only gives market share, but shows estimated share for this year.

Thanks Again,

Bad Pixel Issue

ptevesjr @ 5/6/2002 1:58:42 PM #
I bought the unit and love it! The only thing I would be careful is about the pixel issue. I bought and returned the unit twice, before I finally had a decent unit (Fryes Anaheim, Ca.). Before you drive away from the place of purchase, I would strongly suggest you open the box and check for bad pixel(s) to avoid driving back (you will have approx. 30% battery charge out of box). You will easily see it if you have a black background. I used clie paint and drew a black colored box around the screen limits and could see a bad green pixel. Also don't forget to check when unit is flipped over in other view mode, has the grafetii area might cover the bad pixel(s). Also check the stores return policy!!! ie some have bad pixel no return policy. I am just trying to look after the palm community users! Hope this help!! :)

RE: Bad Pixel Issue
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:22:56 PM #
I also had a bad pixel on my first unit. I just got my second one but have not checked it. Both of the units that I bought didn't have a charge to them for me to check. Hopefully I will not have one on this one.
RE: Bad Pixel Issue
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2002 4:34:01 PM #
I also have a bad pixel. Is this a common occurrance like with laptop screens?
RE: Bad Pixel Issue
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2002 4:35:16 AM #
I just wanted to add to the thread that after about a month-and-a-half, I've just detected a bad pixel on the bottom left of my PEG-NR70/V. It seems to be a common problem after researching the issue on the Web. Sony stated the following to me in an email:

...However, in all LCD panels there may be a small number of pixels that do not change color. This is a normal occurrence for all LCD displays from all manufacturers and should not be noticeable or objectionable under normal operation.

Each pixel has 3 transistors, each transistor can be either blue, green, red or no color at all. When a pixel transistor fails, it can fail in one of two ways: either it will refuse to accept color changes and maintain a single color, or it will simply switch off, resulting in a small black dot on the screen...

My bad pixel happens to be red.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 2:42:06 PM #
Where can i buy a NR70V in Australia?


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:31:50 PM #
Heh... forget it for the short term. They've only recently released the T615. If you want a NR70V any time soon you'll need to order it from the US.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 8:30:56 PM #
Available on the 13th June in Australia (I assume this is because it will coincide with the Consumer Electronics show, opening up at Fox Studios on that date).
If you order it before the end of today (7th June), from for AU$1349, you'll also get free delivery and a 16Mb memory stick

Just saw it at CompUSA.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 2:47:05 PM #
I went to CompUSA (1/2 hour away) at lunch just to see it. Let me just say I think i'm in love!!!!
RE: Just saw it at CompUSA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 9:45:02 AM #
I live in Chicago area. I visited CompUSA, Best Buy. They are still waiting for the first delivery. Does anybody know where can you get one in Chicago area?
RE: Just saw it at CompUSA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:26:56 AM #
Saw a 70 and a 70V in the display case @ the Best Buy on Lake-Cook & Waukegen yesterday.
RE: Just saw it at CompUSA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/30/2002 4:53:12 PM #
Check Circuit City. I bought one there 24hrs ago.
RE: Just saw it at CompUSA.
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:18:01 PM #
Do you know what they sell it for in Canada and what store that would be?

Got my moneys worth already

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 2:38:46 PM #
I was in a bar in NYC last night with a friend, and at 8:00 we asked the bartender to put The Simpsons on the TV behind the bar. He did, and unmutted the TV, but the volume wasn't high enough for us and the rest of the people at the bar to hear. So after straining to hear for about 5 minutes, and hearing those around me complaining as well, I took out my NR70, created a new remote for a Panasonic TV, and turned the volume up myself. I'm not usually so easy to please, but I'll be happy if that's the best thing my NR70 ever allows me to do. Long live The Simpsons.
RE: Got my moneys worth already
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:19:58 PM #
cool lol
RE: Got my moneys worth already
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:33:29 PM #
Seems like you could've bought a couple of TV's plus remotes for what you paid for this.
RE: Got my moneys worth already
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 1:04:56 AM #
Don't tell me you bring remote controllers to pubs. It is all abt the convenience of having it when you need it (especially when least expected). The same thing goes for the small, no so great camera. Just like you don't buy a digital camera to leave it in the car in case you have a road accident. It is more likely you carry your PDA to a pub than remote controllers.
RE: Got my moneys worth already
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 5:09:22 PM #
:) that's one of the funniest things i've heard
RE: Got my moneys worth already
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 3:37:46 AM #
It's not really a *selling point*, but it definitely has its perks. I wish I had this in high school, but at least there were the geeks back then who had the programmed TI-85's and drove the teacher crazy. It IS convenient though because there are a gazillion ways to drive people crazy in the college dorms. =P
RE: Got my moneys worth already
spy8464 @ 6/27/2002 2:07:17 PM #
Yes....this is a good thing. I was in Hooters yesterday and shut all the TVs off at once. You should have been there. I was controling 5 sets at a time. The sports fans were going crazy

Please REPLY
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2002 10:13:44 AM #
Where can i get a PEG-NR70V in england ?????
RE: Please REPLY
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2002 10:30:37 AM #

This is the ''Prime of Life'' for PalmOS PDAs

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 3:03:17 PM #
Well, looks like we finally have a mature platform. Why?

For what seemed like years, people had raged on about what the "best Palm" was. Heck, some still do. At any rate, take a look at the offerings available from PalmOS OEMs. There is just about something for everyone. And it looks like we as users are getting to the point where we accept the differences instead of hoping to get the current "greatest thing."

Yes, there will be those who crave the features of this device and buy it, just like there are those who seek the newest Cadillac or Corvette. But many others of us, while still impressed, will opt to keep what we've got and/or perhaps wait a little longer for "next year's models."

PDAs are finally getting to the automotive-esque stage of development, and I think that's a GREAT thing. Can't wait to see what OS 5, 6, and 7 bring.

Ed, My Hat Is Off To You

mashoutposse @ 5/6/2002 3:12:27 PM #
Excellent review, you really went the extra mile to explain the NR70V's entire feature set, and your opinions and sound advice are definitely welcome. On-point.

No mouse emulation..?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 3:47:45 PM #
I'm a little surprised that there is no mouse emulation which necessitates growing a third hand whilst typing two-handed on the keyboard...The presence of "jog dial" should make the implementation of mouse cursor and "touch" (click) trivial.
RE: No mouse emulation..?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:02:22 PM #
I'm not sure how you think this would work. Are you suggesting Sony replace the jog wheel with a joy stick? If not, how would you move the cursor side to side?
RE: No mouse emulation..?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:20:51 PM #
Maybe a new version of the LapTopHack?
RE: No mouse emulation..?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:26:26 PM #
>>how would you move the cursor side to side?

Cursor keys..? Also, on my Sony laptop the jog dial can be programmed

I really like the implementation of mouse control (clumsy as it is, but still...) in the new Palm foldable keyboard driver for the 500 series.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 4:45:01 PM #
Guess what my new NR70.V came with Verion 1.0. Can not display full screen. Thank you Ed for helping me figure this out
RE: photostand
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 8:08:17 PM #
I faced the same problem with my T615. I had a N610 when the new T615 came, I hotsynced immediately using my old hotsync ID. As it turned out, the back-up feature not only loaded all of my old 3rd party programs onto the new unit, but also overwrote the new version of PGPocket with the old one. (The T615s were shipped with a newer version of PGPocket to include a button for CliePaint, a program not available on previous models.)

That may sound confusing, but what I ended up doing was performing a hard reset (restoring the original files to the T615) and hotsyncing with my PC using a new ID. Try a hard reset, and I bet you'll find that the correct version of PG Pocket is present.

Hope this helps.

RE: photostand
Ed @ 5/6/2002 8:39:58 PM #
The original poster and I, though a long series of emails, eventually worked out that is what had happened. He deleted the older version and the newer one appeared. Problem solved. Something to watch out for for those of you who use the same HotSync ID when upgrading your handheld.

I ran into something like this when I went from a IIIx to an m505 using the same HotSync name. The Palm Desktop installed some system files from the IIIx that eventually cased me some IR problems. I'd suggest everyone take a look at what's in your Backup folder before copying it all onto a new handheld, especially of a new model.

News Editor

RE: photostand
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 7:56:34 PM #
I updated from the 760 and I can't even get the blue button on the botton to appear.Perhaps I have the older version of Photo stand??If I do a hard synch and delete all the files and then reinstall with the Cd do I understand that when I resynch I should have the newest version of Photostand and be able to display a bigger pic??Will all my files on my external be reinstalled with the resynch...I'm not technically oriented so sorry if my question is simplistic,thanks
RE: photostand
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 9:58:32 PM #
Ok...I did a soft reset after I deleted photostand and I'm now on 1.3 photostand and 2.2 pocket.My previous versio on the 70 prior to the reset were 1.1 on Photostand and 2.2 on pocket..Can anyone verify for me that I'm currently on the most recent versions for both?Thanks.

Now,when I go to Photostand and play my slide show I get a totally clear screen but the pictures don't take up anymore space than before and there is alot of black above and below.An improvement yes but on many of the photo's I've seen displayed it appears the pics occupy most of the screen..Do I need to adjust settings??

BTW,I downloaded Worldmate and its really cool..I went ahead and purchased get a 30 day trial,I recommend it to all.

Anyone try Liberty- or other gameboy emu?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 5:06:03 PM #
Does it finally emulate at a decent rate?
RE: Anyone try Liberty- or other gameboy emu?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:29:11 PM #
RE: Anyone try Liberty- or other gameboy emu?
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:19:05 AM #
Without overclocking hacks (which I haven't got to work), I get about 1/3 of full speed, which is ok.

With other software, like the Nebulus demo, it just runs too fast even in slow mode.

I would definitely want a case for this...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 5:11:26 PM #
I know I'm a total geek, but I carry my N760C in a Vaja case on my belt clip in the hospital. I just can't have extra stuff in my hands all the time. One drawback to the NR series is that it seems that a case could be cumbersome for this. But, no one has mentioned making cases and most people comment that they don't think they'd need one. As far as protection, I could see that being the case. But, as for convenience, a case would be mandatory for me. It's strange, but I would buy this handheld if I could find a usable case for it. That is the rate-limiting step (geek phrase -)

Ed, or anyone else, thoughts on this???

RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
big_raji @ 5/6/2002 6:50:49 PM #
Go for one of the 3rd party cases if you wear it on your belt. Targus makes a nice one, it's basically a holster. You slip your PDA out of it, and the case stays on your belt. Perfect for a clamshell PDA.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
dagger2k @ 5/6/2002 9:51:45 PM #
why not a theclip ( ). You keep it in your belt and rotate to remove.

"Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to." -- Mark Twain
RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 11:36:11 PM #
RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2002 2:55:47 PM #
wow 70$ bucks
I guess when you just paid 600$ for a pda 70bucks seems cheap?

waiting on the ups-man to deliver my nr70V,


RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 2:41:10 PM #
I agree with the original author of this post. I also carry my palm on my belt and cannot see any other way of carrying it. Can't carry it in my shirt pocket or in my pants pocket. I also am waiting for a belt case for this unit before I buy one. I broke my first palm carrying it around without a case. I also would carry it around open with the display facing out. hence, the neccesity for a protective case.
RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
PFloyd @ 6/4/2002 3:38:17 PM #
Vaja makes some beautiful cases for the Sony.

RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 9:32:19 PM #
RE: I would definitely want a case for this...
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:19:34 PM #
I would want a case for this but won't that only make it thicker and harder to carry? Although cases are useful, this product is too big and a case will only make it harder to carry.

NR70V Arrived

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 5:11:09 PM #
Got my NR70V from SonyStyle. Sweet
Charging it now. Don't seem to have any bad pixels and the camera picts are decent. The color is awesome. I have a Sony DSC-85 for digital photos, but still wanted the built in cam. Another $149 on the MS stick version if I kept my T615C. I would have regreted it later.

Well, back to my Laptop for the power user.

Kitchen sink and voice recorder?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 6:07:37 PM #
Do the NR70's have a voice recorder? I realize it would probably be little used but would be nice to have nonetheless. On the NR70V, it could allow you to take short video clips with sound, something I miss on my Visor-eye2 combo.

RE: Kitchen sink and voice recorder?
Ed @ 5/6/2002 8:25:46 PM #
The NR series has no sound recording abilities. If this is important to you, you might consider the HandEra 330.

News Editor
RE: Kitchen sink and voice recorder?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 9:36:10 PM #
Does anyone know why HandEra is the only OEM to see value in adding voice recording capabilities. Is voice recording capabilites going to be more available in Version 5. I must be in the minority but would this not be a logical addition to the platform. HandEra makes a great PDA but the form factor is to big. I wouldn't want my PDA to be any larger than a the Palm Vx. Any comments?
Samsung i300
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 11:54:51 PM #
Samsung's i300 includes pretty darned good voice recording capabilities.
RE: Kitchen sink and voice recorder?
Cheese @ 11/16/2002 5:48:21 AM #
The new SOny NX70V has voice recording capabilities

Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 7:45:02 PM #
I'm going to Japan in June and as they are cheaper there I was thinking of buying whatever is Sony's latest offering.

Can I overwrite the Japanese language Clie/Palm OS with a English language version? If so where can I download it?

RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:10:51 PM #
I think so. They have done this for versions here in Hong Kong but you loose the Sony Apps (plus have to pay a bit extra).

Still my advice would be pay the extra and buy in your home country. I doubt you will get a world-wide guarentee in Japan so if anything goes wrong . . .

RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/14/2002 5:22:35 AM #
Where can you download the OS? Why wouldn't it include the Sony APS? Arn't they on the American (English) version?
RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2002 2:59:14 PM #
there are 2 problems with flashing roms to a nr70/v

1. finding the rom maybe hard, and finding software to create a rom from an english nr70v may prove quite difficult if pose cant do it.
2. finding the software to flash the hard to make/find rom to the jap. device, I have heard of an app in development called "chromed" that at some point may be able to do both of these tasks but AFAIK at this stage it can only flash roms to clie devices

I'm sure in a few months this would be a pretty simple operation to gain 2 megs flash, and I don't think any of the flash apps(jackflash,flashpro) have supported the nr70v vet anyway...


RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2002 1:08:27 PM #
Its posible to convert a japanese Clie in Us os (in Ram) and use it without problem:
RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2002 1:08:27 PM #
Its posible to convert a japanese Clie in Us os (in Ram) and use it without problem:
RE: Re Putting English OS on Japanese Clie
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/7/2002 6:50:34 PM #
Hi I went to that site u put up, but it doesn't actually tell u what to download and how to upgrade the OS. Anyone else have any ideas??

top of screen is black

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 9:04:23 PM #
Hey Ed, it appears in your pictures that the top part of the screen is not used and is black. Is it like that all the time? I love this thing and will have one, but if the screen is like that all the time that just might prevent me from buying it.
RE: top of screen is black
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 9:20:17 PM #
that black strip is a part of the case

Suit Jacket Pocket?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 9:16:52 PM #
I have not seen one in person but it looks like this puppy is too big to comfortably wear in a side vest pocket of a suit jacket without a heavy and obtrusive effect. Am I wrong?

There is still something to be said for a small form factor.

To each is own, enjoy your NR's. I'll stick with my svelte m515.

RE: Suit Jacket Pocket?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:25:56 AM #
Should be fine in a jacket pocket. Also works well (for me) in front pants pocket. Definitely too much for a shirt pocket, though, unless you're REALLY big, and have REALLY heavy shirts :)
RE: Suit Jacket Pocket?
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:22:56 AM #
I keep mine in my shift pocket and it's not a big shirt. However, it would be more comforting if it fit in more snugly as you the feeling it would come flying out it you decided to go for a brisk walk.

Smaller than my Power Zaurus anyway :)

RE: Suit Jacket Pocket?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 2:47:30 AM #
Actually, it would likely fit better in a vest pocket because it is narrower than the m505/515.

The thickness is exactly the same as the m515 with the leather flap cover on, and it is only about 1" taller- the portion with the camera and hinge protrudes over the height of the m515.

I used to carry my m515 in the Palm hardcase and was pleasantly surprised to find that my new NR70V actually has a smaller footprint in its clamshell.

RE: Suit Jacket Pocket?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 5:46:19 AM #
The NR70 is a brick next to the m515, both in size and weight. Forget shirt pockets and jacket pockets - if CLies get any bigger, a back back will be necessary to carry them around. I'll stick with my Palm too.
The NR70V vs. other Palms for weight
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 3:53:28 PM #
I had a Palm Vx for a long time. I would carry it in my pants pocket and put my credit cards in the pocket too. The Palm was 4 oz and the credit cards 2.6 oz.

I tried the Sony 665 but worried cause out there the glass presses against your leg and the Palm screen developed some pressure effects. A color screen might go beserk.

So I like that the NR protects the screen from pressure from the leg.

The NR weighs 7 oz, the same as the Palm V with the credit cards. I put the credit cards in the other pocket.

The NR gives you the following advantages over the 665:

The wow effect. Let's face it, if you spend over 100 on a Palm, its greatest feature is that you can show your friends that you are tech-savvy. 70% of jobs that pay over $ 200K come from contacts. I am proud to be known as the guy who can wow others. Not with unending nerd talk, but with a few seconds of glory.

5 oz for the 665. for 2 oz you get: keyboard, camera, protection for the glass, bigger screen, wow effect. I carried a 665 in my pants pocket and a NR70 and there is no difference.

Shirt pocket? Not a good idea. Bend down and there it goes. Even a Palm Vx at 4 Oz will deform a shirt.

The NR70 is it. True, it is not perfect, but it has the wow, in the pants it is the same, and closed it is not presumptious in a meeting.

Folding Keyboard

robrecht @ 5/6/2002 10:28:38 PM #
Thanks for the review, Ed. I was glad to hear that you found some usefulness to the thumb keyboard. But would you rather have a folding keyboard option when typing longer texts?

Thanks, Robrecht

Cheapest Sources for Memory Sticks?

robrecht @ 5/6/2002 10:30:33 PM #

Could someone re-post the websites that offer the cheapest prices for 128 MB Memory Sticks? Any substantive rumors on when the 256 will be available?

Thanks, Robrecht

RE: Cheapest Sources for Memory Sticks?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 1:51:41 PM #
Lexar 128 MB Memory Stick: $59.99 at


POTS Modem

robrecht @ 5/6/2002 10:33:18 PM #
Any options for a POTS modem with this? Also, how about wireless cables to use a cell phone as a wireless modem? Are these available yet?

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: POTS Modem
robrecht @ 5/6/2002 10:36:45 PM #
Wireless cables? You know what I mean, cables for connecting to my wireless cell phone.

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: POTS Modem
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:54:44 PM #
NR-series has the same connector as the t-series. Try thesupplynet for your model if mobile phone:

RE: POTS Modem
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:56:37 PM #
For fixed line modem, try Psion/Mako travel modem. It uses infrared.
RE: POTS Modem
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:26:35 AM #
To use wireless phone connection you can use the MS Bluetooth card and connect to T68 phones etc.

Contrary to pictures by sony the Bluetooth MS only sticks out by abou 10mm when inserted and you only notice about half of this because of the angle you look at it. Another amazing design is that the NR70 does not touch the MS in anyway when you open and turn it :)

No way

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:45:11 PM #
I think this is a great product for the market but it came out at the wrong time. This product should have come out 6 months earlier or 6 months later. 6 months earlier would be rushing the product and pushing the envelope but there would be a huge demand for the NR-70V although it would be nearly impossible to have a handheld like this that long ago (funny I can refer to 6 months as being a long time!). 6 months later would be better because it would probably then include a strong-arm 132 mhz processor running os 5! That would be nice but since they put it out now, they are losing half their marketshare because there have been so many rumors on OS 5 and ARM processors that people are willing to wait. For people who say "Buy what you want now!" Do you really want to pay $600 for an NR-70V that will be obsolite in 4 months??? Didn't think so.
RE: No way
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2002 10:58:29 PM #
Do you think you will get a good OS5 in 4 months? You are so sure there is not delay to the release of OS5?
RE: No way
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:47:59 AM #
You could wait for OS10
RE: No way
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:34:59 AM #
Initially it seemed very strange for Sony to release the NR70 at the time it did. But the couldn't release it earlier since the SuperVZ Dragonball only began sampling from Motorola since Febuary 2002. The fact that they had a produce the following month is a feat in itself.

Even if OS5 comes out, do you expect everyone to buy new versions of OS5 software? How long will the sofware (or OS for the matter) be stable enough. ARM is a completely different processor. You people but a more powerful PDA just to run old software in emulation mode? Just think of when Apple switched from MC68K to PowerPC processors.

If you really want to wait for OS5, why not wait for OS6 where more feature will be actually added to the core OS instead of just processor and security changes?

RE: No way
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 5:44:24 AM #
So what ? OS5 just do noting special. 320x320 ? My NR70 has 320x480, Multimedia ? My NR70 has great MP3 player , ARM processor ?? I got 66mhz Dragonball and I think I can live with that for a long time.
Think of the NR as a prototype
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:39:57 AM #
They can now work all of the bugs out before the OS5 NR Version.
RE: No way
Cheese @ 11/16/2002 5:51:07 AM #
The NX70V Has a 200mhz processor AND os5

Targus stowaway

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:17:41 AM #
Hi Ed and All others -

I just got an e-mail from Targus They informed me that they are NOT planning on releasing a keyboard for the Peg NR70 series from Targus-

"Hello and thank you for writing. Unfortunately, we are not {planning on releasing a stowaway keyboard), due to limited market demand. We are sorry to disappoint you."

I don't know about you, but a working stowaway is an absolutely essential to my PDA use.

Your thoughts?

RE: Targus stowaway
easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:42:20 AM #
There are other solutions. The IR keyboard is one. There is also a PS2 keyboard adaptor I think.

Also Targus only license the Stowaway from Think Outside Inc. I have one for a m505 at work licensed to Palm Inc. Someone else may decide to license the stowaway. If the make one for for the T615 series it would be logical to also make it usageable with NRs since they share the same connector.

RE: Targus stowaway
robrecht @ 5/7/2002 9:25:26 AM #
What is the IR keyboard?

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: Targus stowaway
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 9:45:09 PM #
Actually I just read somewhere that Targus plans to have a keyboard supporting the T series available in the September time frame. Since the NR series uses the same connector it should work, unless there is a problem with the driver.

RE: Targus stowaway
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2002 10:24:11 PM #
I am also wondering what the IR Keyboard is. I was thinking about getting the NR70, but it is essential to me to have a full sized keyboard. If possible, email me the link at
RE: Targus stowaway
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 12:29:49 PM #
I guess that an IR Keyboard is an InfraRed Keyboard.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:05:58 AM #
Can anyone advise as to whether CIC's Jot runs on the NR-70. Ed mentioned that MiddleCaps crashes the Virtual Graffiti and I imagine that Jot might also.



RE: Jot?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 8:42:55 AM #
I have had jot running fine with no crashes for a day now.
RE: Jot?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 12:28:03 PM #
Thank you: I really wasn't looking forward to learning Graffiti!


RE: Jot?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 4:51:29 PM #
I had to remove jot because it crashed the system every time I pressed the down arrow to colapse the virtual graffiti.

Keyboard, full screen usage etc,

easypeasy @ 5/7/2002 4:57:19 AM #
The keyboard is actually a thumbboard where you type with your thumbs rather than touch type (this is almost impossible) but it is still very useful.

The power pack is same as T-series, can use an adaptor to use as charger on the road. This is interchangable with T series. There are various other
peripheral than can be shared with the T series, this
can only be a good thing.

Although the built-in PIM apps dont initialy used for full screen. The memo pad can be extended to use the full screen using some software as hrFontMapper.

CrsMeDoc and tiny Sheet canuse landscape Hires+ mode, you can count Acid Image as well as you can rotate the image using a full screen.

Note worth metional about the battery alarms it that you wont get much use out of the machine one you get your first battery warning. Would have been good to have time based battery meters where you would get a warning about 5 minuted to the end like in some IBM Thinkpads...

RE: Keyboard, full screen usage etc,
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 8:23:44 AM #
> CrsMeDoc and tiny Sheet can use landscape Hires+ mode, you can
> count Acid Image as well as you can rotate the image using a full screen.

I upgraded to the latest version of TinySheet yesterday and I can't find anywhere where it has support for landscape mode. How do you switch to it?

RE: Keyboard, full screen usage etc,
robrecht @ 5/7/2002 9:29:01 AM #
To quote Iambic:

"At this time, TinySheet is not able to be seen in
landscape on the new Sony device, however it is a feature we are looking into adding in a future release."

Thanks, Robrecht


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 8:43:44 AM #
Ed, Just a note for everyone, but I eliminated almost all my Crashes with the NR70V by using SwitchDash instead of the built in HiRes support program and then turning off alot of programs in it. (the camera capture program crashed everytime after a pic was taken if HiRes Assist was on.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 11:06:45 AM #
hmm, that is wierd. My NR70V does not crash even I use the hires assist. I took a lot of pictures with the camera.

Battery life/brightness...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:36:47 AM #
For what it's worth, I keep my T615-C on minimal brightness most of the time, not 50% brightness. I suspect that the same will apply for my use of the NR70V if I get it.
RE: Battery life/brightness...
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:22:08 PM #
If you dim the backlight, will the battery life improve?

My Two Cents...

evaoni @ 5/7/2002 11:30:49 AM #
Great review. I have an N760 and i love it. Apparently there are things on the NR70V that are nice, but I find the key things such as the battery life and keyboard really hurt it. I have a stowaway keyboard, and it's great. I use it every day at school. I might just end up upgrading my ram to 16mb instead of getting a NR70(v). Or maybe I'll wait it out...

Michael Reyes
RE: My Two Cents...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 4:35:53 PM #
How do you plan to upgrade your ram?
RE: My Two Cents...
evaoni @ 5/8/2002 11:51:13 PM #
well, I was gonna go through I think I might pick up a NR70. I'm gonna check it out at best buy soon...

Michael Reyes

Which is faster: OS4Emulator on OS5 v NR70V

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 11:53:21 AM #
Like lots of people I have lots of software written for OS4, I would really benefit from a much faster machine, the PEG NR70V seems to offer it. The last thing I want to do is buy an ARM machine and find that the emulator is so slow that I ned to go out and buy new apps specially written for OS5.

So the question is which is faster an ARM based machine running OS4 software via an emulator or the 66Mhz Motorola processor. I know its a difficult question to answer as the macines aren't around but a theoretical discussion would help me decide.

PS Thanks for another great RV Ed.

RE: Which is faster: OS4Emulator on OS5 v NR70V
Ed @ 5/7/2002 12:05:38 PM #
One of the most frequently asked questions about OS 5 is, "How fast is it?" That's a difficult question because it depends partially on how fast the processor is. There are about 12 processors currently in the Palm OS ready programs and these range from 18MHz to 1GHz.

Because most ARM-based chips are significantly faster than the Dragonball processors in current handhelds, the emulator will often be faster than current models. However, that isn't always the case. Using one processor to emulate another isn't easy and there will be some apps that actually run slower, like very code intensive ones.

BTW, a presentation at the PalmSource conference in February is the only time I've ever heard that 1 GHz chip mentioned. I know nothing else about it.

News Editor

RE: Which is faster: OS4Emulator on OS5 v NR70V
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 6:44:46 PM #
but yet you keep rehashing this marketing spin as if this chips were real product. LOL

NR70V Now Available In LI/NYC area

mashoutposse @ 5/7/2002 12:02:19 PM #
I just came back from Best Buy in Westbury, LI... they have a few NR70Vs in stock (just came home with one :). They are honoring the $569 price.

no kitchen sink?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 12:29:00 PM #
that's horrible! i was looking for one in a handheld but i guess the sony doesn't live up to its expectations.

i say bah humbug. at least the pocket pcs have a picture of a running faucet.

any possibility of a 'silent' alarm?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 1:42:24 PM #
I've got a Visor Edge, and one of the features of it's
'datebook+' that I use more than I realize is the ability
to switch from a sound alarm to a silent alarm. When
I'm in silent mode, the LED that's at the bottom right
of the Edge blinks.

This is invaluable when I'm in a meeting, or even if I'm
in a movie theater. I set so many alarms that I can't
know when one will go off. So in times when I need to
not make noise, enabling the silent alarm is critical.

Is there anything on the NR70 that allows this functionality?
If not, is there any known hack that could be added on
to make the alarm silent? This is an ability that I can't
afford to lose if I want to keep using a PDA in the same


RE: any possibility of a 'silent' alarm?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/13/2002 6:07:51 PM #
Datebook+ is just a pared-down version of DateBk4, a great datebook replacement. You can find it at

RE: any possibility of a 'silent' alarm?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 4:02:55 AM #
I dunno about the NR70, but I have a T615 and I can change the volume of the alarm or put it on silent. I can also activate the vibrating alarm. I am pretty sure that the NR70 will have similar features. not sure about the vibrating alarm, but if you find it has one, they wouldn't have made it a feature if you couldn't silence the alarm.

Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:34:27 PM #
So here's a query:

When the HandEra 330 was released, lots of folks were merciless about how "geeky" it looked. It was silver, it was big, it was bulky. You wouldn't look professional pulling it out in a meeting you'd look like a techie nerd who had to drop lots of cash on the newest toy. Sure, it had lots of useful features, but you simply wouldn't look cool, you'd like like an extra from Star Trek pulling out a tricorder.

So now Sony releases the NR-70/V. It's silver, it's big, and it's bulky. Yes, I know it's thin when it's open, but it's still bulky/heavy. It's sleeker than the 330's boxy III-series look, but it's STILL BIG. Those who defend it generally marvel at how it's smaller than they expected and how it's got tons of features for the size. Either way, I tend to think if you pull this out in a meeting, you'll look like a techie nerd who dropped hundreds of dollars on a new toy who wants to pretend he's on Star Trek.

Why do we not hear this kind of criticism on these boards? Is there something about the "Sony" name that somehow makes users impervious to "geek" labels?

RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 9:39:43 PM #
Why is no one whining that the NR70 is f-ugly and not appropriate in a business environment?

1) NR70, although similar dimensions to the 330, actually has some style and sleekness. You can't argue with asthetics. some people like it, some don't. It just seems like MOST people hate the 330 and most seem like like the NR70V

2) the 330 was marketed as the best business pda with all it's fancy functionality. Of course, the looks of the PDA conflicted with that. The NR70 is geared towards consumers and recreationalists. It is hardly appropriate or the best choice for a business environment.

Kinda obvious.. WIsh i hadn't spent the time to write this now..

RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:16:52 PM #
leave star trek out of this
RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 11:59:09 AM #
OK, I'll give you the marketing tactics - HandEra did market the 330 to business folks, then made a handheld whose looks were questionable for that purpose.

But the sleekness issue...c'mon! A curved case makes it that much better? I think not.

As for the Star Trek issue, ADMIT IT! This handheld looks like a Star Trek prop, and you know it!

RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Notorious @ 5/8/2002 4:04:38 PM #

Sure the NR70 looks like a tricorder, specially open in chamshell mode. A more-entusiastic trekkie could load those "Star Trek tricorder sounds" so when taking an elevator they could open it up, fire it and say to the handheld: "Beam us up, Scottie" :-)

I.M. Notorious

RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 2:34:02 AM #
Who says the NR70V is not fit for the business environment?

The built-in camera is THE killer app for networking! Now it is much easier to match names and faces of all the scores of people you met at the last conference/client engagement/seminar/etc.

RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 5:54:53 AM #
It's fit for games only. I don't know about you guys but I don't get much time for Tetris were I work. Multi-media stuff is OK on my home PC, but who needs it on a pda?
RE: Geeky? Trekkie? Nerdy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 4:07:19 AM #
I agree about using the digital camera for networking (which is why I'm considering upgrading from my T615), BUT there's still a HUGE problem with using it. The picture files are big... not huge, but big enough to worry about how many pics you're taking and how much memory you have left. Unfortunately, the address book is locked, so you can't have the pictures on a memory stick AND link it to the address book profiles.

That actually brings up a good question:
Is there an address book type app that allows pictures to be linked and isn't locked on the internal memory of the handheld?

needs more work

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:49:22 PM #
Palm and Sony need a decent, resolution independent windowing API before these things make sense unfortunately, that won't even be coming with OS5.

Also, the camera's resolution is so low as to be nearly useless for $100 extra, they should at least be able to give you 640x480, if not 1024x768.

The processor is just another 68k and will not run OS5 or later systems. No good.

The device itself is pretty large and heavy.

My recommendation: wait for the next version of the device.

RE: needs more work
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:46:44 PM #
If you want power, but a laptop. Decent PDA devices are years away. I too want a better PDA, smaller with better resolution and functions, but the industry wants to dump useless models on us and each one with one more bell and whistle. That's how they get their profits. Too be honest, I love my PEG-NR70V, but I also liked the T615C, even though it's OS4.1 and smaller.

Not to be sarcastic, but realistic (if you want high tech) --Beam me up T'POL.

What is the ''effective'' screen size?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 5:52:56 PM #
I noticed you mentioned the length is 4" long, that is much longer than a typical palm device even if you include graffiti area. I am curious to know what is the width and length for the "effective" screen size, that is, the portion of screen that can actually be used for display, and how it compares to M515 and S360?



I.M. Anonymous, a really busy guy (girl)

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 10:54:07 PM #
well, IM, I wanted to mention that you might want to look at getting some professional help. I have reviewed your posts on this and other topics and have noticed that your thoughts are scattered and often contradicting other options that you have just posted (sometimes by a matter of mere seconds)

Per the following

>I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 2:49:22 PM
>My recommendation: wait for the next version of the >device.

and a mere 55 minutes later

>I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 3:46:44 PM
>Too be honest, I love my PEG-NR70V

you have gone from being complete against the NR70, to admitting that you own and love the NR70.

please, seek help before it is too late.

RE: I.M. Anonymous, a really busy guy (girl)
escobar @ 5/8/2002 8:36:10 AM #

RE: I.M. Anonymous, a really busy guy (girl)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2002 3:13:48 PM #
I just registered today and I think I.M anonymous has way to much time on his hands.

you are constantly bickering back and forth with YOURSELF and it has ruined what could have been a great forum.


RE: I.M. Anonymous, a really busy guy (girl)
Vandal @ 5/18/2002 9:31:51 AM #
Maybe you need to get some help...LOL...If you'll notice, you're name came up as IM Annonymous also. Hmmm, crazy how if you don't register you're name automatically comes up as that!

RE: I.M. Anonymous, a really busy guy (girl)
Crash Override @ 6/16/2002 2:24:16 PM #
Oh you're so clever! - pissant

Main PDA: Other - means Casio SF7000 but i have aspirations for an m130

by the way, Sony bites

Pixel size...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 11:14:13 PM #
Pixels on Sony's high res screens are 1/4 the size of regular PalmOS machines... You see, you double the resolution TWICE: (160 x 2) x (160 x 2) = 320 x 320.

Now then, I just hope my will power won't fail me, so that I can stick to my T415 until PalmOS5 devices are out...


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 7:53:38 AM #
Hi Ed... pretty detailed review, just want to comment on some stuffs, not to put you down or anything, just plain comments which I thought would make your review perfect.

About the screen resolution comment I think you have to try to understand the working of Palm OS and the company making the hardware, it is not a multi tasking windowing OS, its not easy to push and pull anything other than menus, even Handeras grafitti crashes alot, to be stable, software has to be actually written for it. Sony, being a big company cannot risk having a horde of newbies whining why their machines crash everytime, so they just disabled that mode by default and leave it to the developers to support it... which I think is a very sound decision. The only thing that I think they should do, is at least include more hires+ software with the hardware... at the very least picturegear.
I dont think that is a flaw, think of it as a new feature like when first color or hires comes out... I dont think you can write... "one of flaw of this hardware... is that most programs cannot display in hires/color/16bit colors unless they are specifically written for it."

The keyboard... just because you only use it for 1 or 2 days and cant write faster than graffiti which you probably have used for a few years you should downplay it. What about new Palm users? What about seasoned portable keyboard users like the thumbpad? Those are still some of the best selling accessories for Palm, why? because I think people like keyboards.

Memory stick included? well Sony can put in a memory stick, but that will add the cost obviously... (cmon this CLIE is cheap! the camera is expensive 100 bucks, but NR70 is very cheap) look at Palm M505 price and look at the NR70. So yeah they can give you maybe a few measly dollars discount for included memory stick, but what about those who have owned clies, and vaios, etc... they already have memory stick, why do they need to pay extra for something they dont need? whats so surprising about that? They did put that you need to buy a memory stick to play MP3 on the box.

DSP is Digital Signal Processor (yeah I know very minor, I shouldnt nitpick sorry )
But I have to say... HAAA??? DSP takes alot of power? DSP takes the same amount of power as the chip and enables you to play MP3 and multi task which a feature alot of people like... The screen is the power gobbler. With that off, achieving 11 hours of playback is amazing. I think my ear will be sore listening for even 8 hours of music. Even if they use the original processor, you will still achieve only that much.
And I think you have to add that ATRAC3 can only be copied into the white secure OpenMG memory stick.

The speaker, you should differentiate sound utility and the MP3 player usage of speaker... MP3 playback volume is actually TINY, it really depends on your encoding volume, well because its a small polyphonic speaker, making the sound louder will actually crack digital sound and make it sound worse...
SoundUtility on the other hand is a polyphonic player... it plays sound which the speaker is supposed to play, notice you have to use the desktop converter to convert your sounds? That is why it can play it loud and clear.

About Movie, well worth keeping or not is personal taste, Im sure many PPC buffs would be angry if you call their oscar winning short movie clip not worth keeping.
But I do find 1 use which many people seem to agree, play MTV. Since GMovie can convert the sound to a high quality 44000 khz atrac, you can get a very good sounding MTV movie for about 20-30 megs, certainly quite feasible to store 2 or 3, and still have room for your programs and MP3s.

There is wireless modem CF slot from Sony in Japan, but is Japan only so is a line modem connecter.
It should come out in US too, soon I hope.

Well at least unlike other reviewers you dont complain about the cameras picture quality... its expensive and near useless yes... but for something that tiny, id say its damn good.

RE: comments
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 9:54:05 AM #
Could you elaborate a bit more on the wireless modem CF (?) slot? Thanks very much
RE: comments
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 9:58:51 AM #

Make your own review then...

MS Camera?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2002 4:57:53 AM #
Does anyone know if the Memorystick Camera will work with an NR70v?
RE: MS Camera?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/22/2002 2:18:03 PM #
Yes. It works quite well with the MS Cameras.

How to buy in Europe???

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2002 4:25:41 AM #
I would like to buy my Sony PEG-NR70V by mail order. Is anybody aware of a seller who delivers by courrier to Europe? ...and has PEG-NR70V in stock now?
RE: How to buy in Europe???
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 12:38:23 PM #
Try Expansys ( - UK based. Ships with FedEx all over Europe. The price is reasonable too.

Palm Hi-Res

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2002 10:09:36 PM #
Does anyone know if Palm is going to come out with a hi-res screen anytime soon?
RE: Palm Hi-Res
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 4:13:30 AM #
Okay, I don't have any REAL knowledge of Palm, but I'm writing a paper about them, so from what I gather...

One of Palm's winning features is that their battery lasts forever in comparison to other companies and the Pocket PC. According to this review, the large hi-res screen is the cause for the loss of battery life. So, it's really a strategic decision by Palm... do they want to sacrifice their winning feature for a second-rate feature next to Sony? My opinion - probably not. But hey, it could happen...

Camera Sound

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/15/2002 1:52:14 PM #
Does anyone know how to turn off the sound the NR70V camera makes when it takes a picture?
RE: Camera Sound
Vandal @ 5/18/2002 9:25:34 AM #
Look in the "options" menu of the camera utility. There, you can change the sound and the volume.

RE: Camera Sound
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 10:27:30 AM #
There is still an audible sound. Does anyone know how to turn it completely off? I am about to get into the case and disconnect the speaker. But I believe there must be better way. Thanks.

A happy nr70v owner

Memory stick and Sonic stage.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/16/2002 11:57:52 AM #
You didn't mention that you must use the Sony open mg (magic Gate) memory stick to save CD song tracks using SonicStage. A regular Memory Stick won't accept the copy protected files from Sonicstage.

RE: Memory stick and Sonic stage.
mashoutposse @ 5/16/2002 6:54:01 PM #
You can play mp3s on the regular stick. Skip out on SonicStage and use the very straightforward MS Import utility. MS Import turns your CLIE into a removeable drive on your PC - simply drag and drop mp3s into the '/Programs/MSAUDIO' folder and you're all set.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2002 12:52:19 PM #
Does anybody know of a GPS to connect to the PEG-NR70V ?


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/24/2002 12:44:54 PM #
Not sure where you can get it, but there is some info on the GPS and Bluetooth Memory Sticks here:

how to access flash memory

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/18/2002 2:06:11 AM #

Kudos for the Excellent review!

You mentioned 8MB of user-accessible ROM. FlashPro appears not to support the Clies. How can we access this?


Video Clips

Vandal @ 5/18/2002 9:14:49 AM #
Ed - gotta say, you do the best reviews. Your review of the PEG-N760C is what caused me to buy it. Other reviewers seem to just rewrite the description from the side of the box. Your reviews are much more useful- keep up the great work.

As for the video player, I agree, you can't use it for full length movies. But I have the 128 Mb Memory Stick and I am able to watch full episodes of my favorite sitcoms for only 50-80 Mb. That even leaves room for a bunch of MP-3's. So there is a use for it!

I don't have the NR70V yet, but I just sold my N760C and am looking for a decent price on the NR70V now. Your review of it makes it so I can hardly wait to get my hands on it...

RE: Video Clips
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/10/2002 12:16:09 PM #
How do you go about getting a tv program onto your Clie?

I've a particular Frasier episode on Tivo that I'd like to copy over to my wife's NR70V



RE: Video Clips
Yankeelizard @ 11/14/2003 11:30:32 PM #
Hey I want to get movies and tv on my NR70V Clie. I have a 256(128 X 2) memory stick and also a 128 memory stick.

How do you convert the files and where do you get them from.

I would appreciate the info.

My email is

My Review..

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/27/2002 10:45:59 PM #
OK, when I first saw this thing at compusa about 3 weeks ago, I fell in love with it.
Unfortunately, I already had a perfectly good Palm Vx. So justifying this purchase
was not possible.

Ironically, I ended up sitting on my Vx two days ago and cracked the screen.
Part of me was bummed (especially in this economy), but part of me was excited.

So I ran out to Circuit City and finally just bought one of these little monsters
(After contemplating in the store for 2 hours).

I went back to my hotel room and charged it up (very excitedly). Transferred my data
via the beam category function for everything from my broken palm Vx.

So what did I do with it? (Ironically I was going to a wedding) and found the camera to
be very useful. I also use it to take pictures of signs and pieces of paper I don't have the
time to transcribe via grafitti.

I realized this thing is NOT useful without a memory stick. So I went out and bought a
PURPLE Memory Stick (Not The MagicGate). Remember, you can just transfer MP3 files
directly via computer.. You don't need ATRAC.. It's a worthless feature implemented by
the MUSIC POLICE. No one will use it if you just learn to drag and drop via MSIMPORT.

This thing is FAST!!!! The USB cradle makes hot syncing AVANTGO channels actually bearable.

A couple of hints I had to learn immediately. For new owners:

The IR Beam function will not work until you soft reset the palm out of the box. So..
Don't get frustrated.. Just hit the reset button before you use it for the first time to
make it work. (I brought mine back to the store, because I thought it was broken)..

All the models had the same problem.

You MUST REINSTALL some applications through the palm desktop via hotsync or
it will crash your PC during a hotsync application if it was beamed from your old
handheld. (AvantGo, Database Applications, FreeCell).

So How do I like it? I LOVE IT!

Would I recommend buying it to replace an existing unit? no.. unless your old one is
broken or you really need the functionality or a faster processor.

The Processor on this thing is FAST and large Database searches are bearable!

The battery life is miserable, but if you can afford this thing, buy the car charger.

I like the way this thing flips shut (protecting the screen).

The size is not a big deal.. Remember.. You're adding functionality.. It is well worth the

Any questions or comments, please email me at:



RE: My Review..
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 6:52:08 AM #
I wouldn't call ATRAC3 useless. The Digital Rights Management within it is most certainly annoying as hell. However for the mobile market (i.e. headphones and power consumption) ATRAC3 produces better (personal opinion, which many sites would agree with) quality music listening experience for a (slightly) lower bitrate.
Obviously this is in comparison to the ageing MP3 standard, MP3pro et al exist but aren't supported on this device.
If the sony supplied software had the DRM cracked out of it (or third party software did the ATRAC3 without the DRM like Real Jukebox can) I would have thought most users would rather use ATRAC3 (obviously if you are using the clie to share the files to other systems not supporting ATRAC3 then it's a no brainer but I doubt that is a significant proportion).

Stowaway Keyboard

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 5:03:29 AM #
The NR70V sounds great, but I am not sure I am ready to say goodbye to my Targus. Any word on a Stowaway being made for the NR70V?
RE: Stowaway Keyboard
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 10:12:55 PM #
RE: Stowaway Keyboard
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/20/2002 4:09:46 PM #

It cost $89. Model Number: PEGA-KB11

Order it today from Sony Style.

- Happy Boston NR70 Owner

200th Post

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 6:59:48 PM #
I'm getting mine on the morrow. Part of my decision was because of this great review. More than anything else thought I wanted to be the 200th post. (is that a record or something?)


Screen protector rip-off

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2002 9:22:45 PM #
That was a GREAT review. I have had mine for a week now, but trying not to use it too much until I get a screen protector (like the WriteRites).

The WriteRite people (by Fellowes) don't have one for this Clie model yet, but one is available from the web site for $9.99 *EACH*!! And they will charge you almost $5 to ship EACH ONE!! I called their order line to see if that's the case, and unfortunately, the order take states there's no way to get around it. (Can you say rip off?!)

I begrudgingly ordered only one (they are also back-ordered by a month or so) but politely declined her offer of 3 styli for $15 (plus the privilege of paying another $5 shipping). I'll just wait until my local office supply store or Circuit City have them in stock!

Has anyone tried out their screen protectors?? How do they work? Are they just like the WriteRites or better/worse?

Thanks in advance.

Sony NR70V

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/11/2002 3:36:32 PM #
Thanks for the great review. I just bought the NR70 minus the "V" since I already have a Sony Digital camera & didn't think this one would be that useful.(maybe a mistake) Anyway, the one thing I wish Sony would start adding to their lineup is the ability to record voice on these pda's! When are they ever going to learn this is a feature more people could actually use. Still a great product and the screen is super sharp & bright, making it many times easier to read than my old Palm.

reg SMS messaging.

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/12/2002 5:33:47 AM #
Do you have any idea why Sony is not supporting SMS
messages in this series,which is a new functionality
in Palm OS4.1 ??

I-Paq or Sony??

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 1:08:04 AM #

I am fairly new to these things. I have an older sony s320 and wanted to upgrade.

I am debating between the new Sony nr70V and the I-Paq. I know one is PalmOS and one is CE but I am not sure which would better fit what I need being that they are both around the same price.

The I-Paq seems a lot more powerful and the Sony seems to just have some xtra gimmicks which make me wanna get it.

The things I will want it for are:
Reading books
Music (MP3)

I am wondering, if I wanted my handheld to sync. my e-mails and possibly some docs. maybe it would be easier if I had a CE handheld?

If anyone can offer some insight, or knows some good articles on these issues I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

RE: I-Paq or Sony??
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 4:21:49 AM #
Read all the responses to the "innovation being held down" subject. You'll hear people who love the iPaq and Pocket PC's battle with people who love Palms. Take away the biasness and you actually find out all the nitty gritty details.
RE: I-Paq or Sony??
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/4/2002 12:59:10 AM #
why not both: at the present mark down prices of both m500 series and current 3800 series PPC's, the two together are almost the price of an NR70V. I own both m505, and an iPAQ 3870. They each have their unique attributes and function well together. With the software: "PeaceMaker" the Palm communicates with the iPAQ easily.
RE: I-Paq or Sony??
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/4/2002 3:39:11 AM #
LoL M505... if anyone tells you to buy Palm M505 you know that person is either crazy, or he hates you so much that he wants you to waste some money.

Anyway, I think your situation is pretty simple, just don't get anything, you already got a S320, you are not in a hurry so just wait for a few a more months, look at those OS 5 devices and decide if you want Palm or PPC.

Great current Dell offer

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/16/2002 2:59:02 PM #
I just picked one of these up at for 10% off ($540) free shipping and no tax. Apparently they have a 10% offer on all handhelds for "home and home office" buyers until 7/1. Add to cart to get the offer. And they've got some in stock. Just letting y'all know as this is quite a steal IMHO...

quick uk cheap deal on nr70v

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/20/2002 1:02:44 PM #
dell are doing 20% off these beauties until tomorrow @ - have just ordered 2 @ £334, something like £100 cheaper than elsewhere - can't wait and am starting to download hacks already.

NR70 Case

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/23/2002 3:07:04 AM #
The NR70 looks sturdy enough with the screen facing inwards, but I'd like at least to find a nice thin leather sleeve for its protection.
Does anyone know where one is available?

How good is the speaker?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/24/2002 8:48:05 AM #
You say that the speaker is louder, and decent for sound, but HOW loud? I use my PDA as a travel alarm clock and need a PDA that makes a racket.

Also, would it be theoretically possible to create a 'digital voice' alarm? eg. in a meeting, its running late but the boss doesnt seem to realise, then all of a sudden theres a digital female voice saying, "beep beep- 1 oclock: You have an appointment", with you pretending to be suprised and apologising (but really you'd be showing off :) )

RE: How good is the speaker?
Ed @ 6/24/2002 9:18:58 AM #
It's pretty loud, for a handheld but it isn't as loud as a regular alarm clock. However, if you are already using a handheld as an alarm clock then the NR70V is proably as least as loud as your current one.

Yes, you can record a WAV file on your PC that says anything you want and convert it to use as your alarm. I think the NR series even comes with one that says "Time for next Agenda item" or something like that.

News Editor

RE: How good is the speaker?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2002 7:23:52 AM #
Well done,

About the speaker. OK it's good enough for wav's but can it handle DTMF tones as well like the TRGpro or most PPC's. I used to have a HP320lx which I could hold up to a phone and dial straight from the address book. Can the Sony do that too and which app to look for to make use of it.

hope to hear from somebody, Chip

can you upgrade the os from 4.1 to 5

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/24/2002 9:03:21 AM #
brilliant reviews from everyone.
I just want know if I will be able to update the os?I've read that the os 5 works great with the dragonball super vz, which inturn would make sense for the nr-70 be upgradable
RE: can you upgrade the os from 4.1 to 5
Ed @ 6/24/2002 9:16:31 AM #
Sorry, no. That new version of the operating system requires a completely different type of processor. No current handheld from any company will be able to run OS 5.

News Editor

Do you know where to get a Wireless bluetooth stick u.s

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 12:09:27 AM #
do you know where to get a wireless bluetooth stick in u.s? and how much does it cost?

RE: Do you know where to get a Wireless bluetooth stick u.s
moommoom @ 12/13/2002 12:12:05 PM #

is MP3 player supports skip-free?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 12:13:26 AM #
is mp3 player supports skip free?
RE: is MP3 player supports skip-free?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 1:58:13 AM #
how could you skip solid state memory ....

it would be amazing if you can skip mp3 on flash memory card :) I might actually pay you in order to see that

RE: is MP3 player supports skip-free?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/17/2002 1:09:05 AM #
RE: is MP3 player supports skip-free?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/29/2002 1:10:08 PM #
Well, it "skips" when any system sounds where's my $$$??? :-D

fragile rotating screen?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 10:14:27 PM #
i have had my clie for over a month now and i stumbled upon a little problem. A friend of mine who had absolutely no idea how to rotate the screen accidentally rotated it counter clockwise... now it cannot be used while closed. I can only use it when it is opened. Can anyone help me with this?
RE: fragile rotating screen?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 10:36:02 PM #
You should call up Sony's Support, let them fix it, your friend probably broke something
RE: fragile rotating screen?
Cheese @ 11/16/2002 6:03:12 AM #
Physical Damage. Wont be covered

NR 70 in Europe?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2002 8:35:21 AM #
Great but I do not need a camera. When will the NR70 be available in UK / Europe?
RE: NR 70 in Europe?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/16/2002 6:11:38 PM #
Not at all! At least for now.

trouble shooting

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/18/2002 3:36:34 AM #
I have no idea how to get view pictures I've taken with my clie, on the desktop pc. Plus, I haven't been able to get teh mail applications to work (I have two). I just want to be able to send and receive email, on the handheld (through hotsync). I have a new mail application that allows me to email the pictures from picture gear pocket. But I haven't been able to get that to work. Not even the original mail application has given me any satisfaction. What can I do? Can anyone help me? E-mail me at ... if you have any answeres!! Please!

Great Review

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/18/2002 7:56:51 PM #
Enjoyed the review, swayed my purchasing decision. But...

... is anyone else having problems getting the PDA to recognise a phone via IR? Mine failed until I did a soft reset, worked for a week and now consistently doesn't work. Soft and hard resets aren't helping any. The IR will still beam to other PDAs and the phone will recognise my old Palm and talk to it - just not the Sony. Very frustrating. Would appreciate any advice on the matter.

Travel charger

Timtiger @ 7/31/2002 9:52:41 PM #
I have recently upgraded from a palm M515 to a Clie NR70V and love it - but I need a travel charger and sync kit. I had a fantastic Belkin kit for the 515 that had a combo charger and sync cable that could be used to my laptop USB to sync, plug into a wall transformer to charge from mains or plug to a car cigarette lighter adaptor for mobile charging. All components supplied for a reasonable price. Sony has bits and peices at vast costs. Anyone know of a similar product to the Belkin kit as they don't seem to have it yet?


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/15/2002 11:18:51 PM #
How to go from mpeg (sony video cam) to a memstick. With a format clie nr70 can use
RE: video
Ed @ 8/16/2002 12:42:50 AM #
Sounds like you should try Kinoma Producer:

News Editor

NR70 or PALM M515

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2002 8:26:11 AM #
I'm in the mix between these two models. Can anyone help? First palm purchase ever!

Can I have an NR70 and a Treo 300 in the same computer?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2002 10:49:54 PM #
Is it dangerous?
Can I share the address book/scheduler/todo/memos?
How is it done?


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2002 4:01:49 AM #
Great review, best I've found, thanks.
I am about to get my first PDA, and am really taken by the ClieNR70V. Just two points which are not clear to me.Firstly, how easy is it to use e-mail/internet functions? I currently have a T39m.
Secondly, I've read reports of diffuculties loading/using Powerpoint. Can anyone help.

Excellent Article

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 11:40:43 PM #
Excellent article! I ordered one and it should arrive in a couple of days....Bravo!

Can I use the NR70 as a webcam?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/30/2002 3:56:01 PM #
Great review. I haven´t bought it yet, but will do!
I wonder, could I use the NR70V as a webcam together with wifi or bluetooth?


Cheese @ 11/16/2002 5:36:36 AM #
To the People who wanted wireless on thier Sony Clie its here! the NX70V Has Wireless Lan Card slot! WOW!. I am a sony tech support tech ;D Havent got a call on that model yet! but soon! ;D

Is internet works on NR70V?

jbl298k @ 12/26/2002 9:04:10 PM #
I don't know which one to buy. NR70V or NX70V.. I heard the wireless modem for NX70V will make internet works. But I don't know about NR70V. Anybody can tell me if internet works for NR70V. How far NX70'S wireless modem card thingy can reach outside? Thank you.


andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:12:10 PM #
How thick is this? Seems like a great device but is it a little too bug to fit in my pocket. That is the impression that I got.


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