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Palm Gameboy EMU: Gambit Maven, the developer working on the Palm Gameboy emulator project, recently released a long awaited email update on his progress with the gameboy emulator. It's new name is Gambit and it currently runs Tetris! Visit this article for the full update. If you want some background information on the project see this PalmInfocenter: exclusive story that broke the news about the Emulator. Now with exclusive screenshots!!!

UPDATE 6/26/00: Gambit is nearing release see this article for more details.

UPDATE 7/7/00: Liberty was released today. Read our review.

UPDATE 8/23/00: Version 1.1 of Liberty is now available.
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Palm Gamboy - IR support

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/1999 11:31:20 PM #
Will the Gameboy emulator support the IR port? This would be so handy to transfer a pic from the Gameboy camera into the Palm, from there it could be emailed sent to other Palms and hotsynced to the PC.
RE: Palm Gamboy - IR support
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:35:06 AM #
Not anytime soon. Speed issues
RE: Palm Gamboy - IR support
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 3:41:59 PM #
Not to mention multi-player functionality
ahh...4-person F1-race championship during boring meetings
RE: Palm Gamboy - IR support
Guillaume Ross @ 9/28/1999 4:29:10 PM #
Can you just tell HOW you would make 4 Palms communicate together, by IR? It's...kinda...hard!
Hmm,a beta test?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/9/1999 1:30:20 AM #
Ok-hi guys.My name is kevin.Yeah,maven here knows me pretty well cos I have been doing beta testing for this emualtor.I am not trying to boast.there are still a couple of bugs to be ironed out.Unfortunately,you cant play zelda on it yet.just relax.i know maven said he would have a beta in march and even during these whole 7months,i kept in touch with him once a week.he told how busy he was with his job and he had his first baby.would you spend time with your family or your computer??think about that!family is way more important.btw,only 4 people have the,and three other guys.i will not mention names nor will i leave email addresses.i have had enough people bugging me to give them my copy in the promise that they wouldnt give it out.sorry,no can do.right now,maven is having some discusiions about the visor and um...ill leave you to think about what and what might not come sure you guys might want to contact me to see if im real,i can provide loads of palm screenshots,but no emu-thats the deal i had with maven.right now,he cant release the emu yet because nintendo is getting on everyone about emus.imagine,the palm is a portable device and it can play gb games.that would give gameboy a run for its money.all the issues have to be settled first.just's my email before i forget( email me if you need to know anything about the emu(not that you cant ask maven,but dont bother him,let him work on the emu)please dont bug me for anything cos you wont get it:P
ok?if you need to know something,maybe you can letme know?

regards to all,

Gambit is a Hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/17/2000 2:10:59 PM #
I've seen the emulator and it's a joke. A message below says it's ok, but slow. The author claims they got it from a warez group. This is obviously an attempt to stir up hype. I downloaded gambit and will tell you that it's so slow it appears it's locked up. Given 5 minutes time, the intro screen has only scrolled about an inch. My guess is the author is emulating the sound processes even though it doesn't play sound. Can't think of any other reason for this. And for posting that message to get hopes up? I'll leave that to the public to decide. Everyone, ask yourselves why a demo hasn't been released or you can't find it anywhere, even on most warez sites? Because it would be embarassing to release a demo and no one gives 2 s**ts about busted software to carry it.

You suck. :P

RE: Gambit is a Hoax
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/28/2000 1:43:27 PM #
I figured out your problem. You're running the OTHER GB emulator out there. It comes with the scrolling 'world' over stars. Yes, it's WAY to slow to ever work. The warez Gambit plays Tetris - and it's PLAYABLE. Especially if you run one of the overclocking utilities.

Show us some screen shots!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:14:09 AM #
At least the programmer of the Wolfenstein 3D project
for the Palm released some screen shots to show its not
RE: Screen shots are up now
@tomic212 @ 8/30/1999 1:05:44 AM #
The Screens are up now. I got them a short while after I posted the news.
RE: Show us some screen shots!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 2:45:46 AM #
i can't see any screen shot


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:17:30 AM #
Can't wait to try a beta :). Will there be any sound support? Just curious, I'd turn it off anyway.
RE: Sound?
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:35:45 AM #
No sound until we get faster Palms (soon, we hope?)
RE: Sound?
Aaron Ardiri @ 8/30/1999 10:47:03 AM #
how about overclocking the palm when running the emulator? i have some code to do this :>

// az

RE: Sound?
EuroThrash5000 @ 1/17/2000 4:47:09 PM #
Screw faster palms, what about Handsprings? Arent they faster? More memory? They'd be perfect!
RE: Sound?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 2:04:53 AM #
I obtained a leaked beta, and I run it on my handspring visor deluxe... It flies... Easily as fast as the real gameboy if not faster... With or without overclocking utils, its still fast.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:29:54 AM #
PalmBoy is much better than Gambit.
RE: Name
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:44:48 AM #
3Com said he couldn't name it PalmBoy because of copyright infringment. You can't have "Palm" in the name.
RE: Name
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 6:27:29 AM #
How about GamePilot?
RE: Name
Aaron Ardiri @ 8/30/1999 10:41:36 AM #
how about:

PälmBöy :>

use the 'accented' characters from the scandanavian languages.. in many english speaking countries they actually look like the normal 'a' and 'o' :>

has 3com protected the use of 'Pälm'? :>
(which of course is not a real word)

// az

RE: Name
Niklas @ 8/31/1999 8:40:05 AM #
You couldn't imagine how silly PälmBöy sounds in Swedish. Imagine inspector Closeu from the PinkPanther movies and then ad some swedish to that and youre getting close to what i sounds like.
RE: Name
Niklas @ 8/31/1999 8:43:58 AM #
Oh, now I see you can imagine it. Du kommer ju från Sverige... :)

I have two words...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:47:15 AM #
Worms and Nemesis. If you only are going to get 2 games to work, look no further.
RE: I have two words...
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:36:41 AM #
I don't have either of those ROMs. I'll look into it.
RE: I have two words...
Xak ( @ 7/4/2000 10:47:58 AM #

But anyway Worms on the GameBoy sucks... Why would you want it emulated on the Palm?

N.B. All ROMs should work, when the final version of Gambit (or any other emulator) is released. Possibly we could get someone to write a .gb|.pdb converter? For purely educational purposes, of course.

unclear points

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 12:56:26 AM #
I have some questions....
1. Will Gambit run on older palm units (palm III, palm prof.)?
2. Will Gambit be freeware?
3. How many Kilobytes is gambit now?
4. After the rom is converted, does it change in size?
RE: unclear points
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:37:19 AM #
1. Should
2. you have to buy the ROMs of course
3. under 30k for the emulator + ROM (32k on Tetris) Also requires ~64k working RAM
4. Not really (a few bytes)
RE: unclear points
Aaron Ardiri @ 8/30/1999 10:43:40 AM #
you never answered question #2 :>

the really surprising point here is whether Nintendo is going to have something to say about the emulator.

// az

RE: unclear points
kappy @ 8/30/1999 1:31:28 PM #
1. Will you be able to carry more than one rom and select from a list ( I have 8megs so storage is not a problem )?
2. I have quite a few roms and a orignal gameboy, have you tried any other games?
I think it can be done maven, assembly is not easy and if you have gotten this far sound and large roms are possible.
I was confused if gambit was only being designed for the newer palm processors, I figured I would use Eco-hack for speed enhancement.
I don't want to press you, but can you give a rough estimate on a beta release?
keep up the good work, you are pushing the palm farther than anyone thought.
Hi...Aaron Ardiri

You Guys are LATE

Maxx @ 8/30/1999 1:27:34 AM #
Nice interview with Maven. I'm a tad skeptical about this whole deal. In the interview he has stated that he will release the beta when Tetris is fully playable, and has said that this will take "a week or so". That was March 31st 1999 (at time of publishing, god only knows when you actually interviewed the guy).

Today is August 30th.

Do the math.

RE: You Guys are LATE
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:39:35 AM #
No problem. I understand, but then again, I have a full-time job, and a new baby (our first!) As I said in the e-mail, I didn't touch the project for almost 6 months, despite my best intentions. Better late than never? -- which reminds me of a joke... oh well, I'll tell you later :-)
RE: You Guys are LATE
Aaron Ardiri @ 8/30/1999 10:49:06 AM #
Maven: need some help?

i wrote ports of LodeRunner and Game&Watch classics (Donkie Kong Jr, Parashoot, Octopus and Fire!).

i own a GameBoy, have have numerous roms
(legal, which i have transfered myself) :>

// az

RE: You Guys are LATE
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/1999 5:32:04 PM #
If Aaron would help he would probably convince Maven to make it shareware, as he seems to be a greedy little fucker, since all of his games are shareware...
RE: You Guys are LATE
Guillaume Ross @ 9/28/1999 4:06:42 PM #
Hey man!
You call someone a fucker because he charges a couple of bucks for excellent games? Beside, would you work months on a project, when you have a full-time job, and then give it away? I really think Gambit should be shareware. I'd buy it for 20$ after testing it to see if it works well.
RE: You Guys are LATE
Aaron Ardiri @ 9/29/1999 11:35:37 PM #
Guillaume Ross: thankyou.. some people just have
some real nerve!

if i help Maven - i would have no intentions to make the software shareware, thats his choice.. in order to make it shareware he needs to ensure that more than one ROM is supported :>

as for your "comment" on charging (Mr Anonymous - thats even more lame) - what is $5? did you care to realize that my latest game, Phire! was released as postcard ware?

Two other ports existed, so.. to prevent any conflict with sales.. i released mine for free - but you just had to send me a postcard.. what is so greedy about that? the Phire! implementation is probably close to the original than Fire! or Fire Escape will ever be..

The better program.. but FREE? you do the math.

Then figure out who is greedy.

// az

RE: You Guys are LATE
dirk @ 1/24/2000 12:39:08 AM #
march 31 ?
Are you sure it was not 1 day later :-(

Some points to ponder

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 7:49:12 AM #
Yesterday the update article said he was talking to a company that can't be named (but wasn't Palm Computing). Now that part is gone. Hmmmm...
If it is hard enough to get it to run at full GB speed with only tetris, how in the world will it be able to run the other games that actually do something? The Palm isn't a desktop computer with megs of memory and lots of HD space. It is very limited in terms of memory and available space. If you ask me, the speed of the processor isn't the problem, it's the memory available. There are GB emulators for winCE machines because at least they have a decent amount of memory, but the Palm .pdb format has a record size limit of 64k, so any rom images that are usually 300k or more will have to be split up into 64k chunks. Good luck trying to program the emulator to jump all over between the different records. As the original article stated, the general rule is you need at least 3x the original processor speed. Because of the tight memory conditions on the Palm, even 4x won't be enough. But hey, it can run tetris! :)

RE: Some points to ponder
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 8:26:36 AM #
Give the guy a chance! At least he's actually trying something!
RE: Some points to ponder
Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:42:32 AM #
Believe it or not, the equivalent of "Record size" in the Gameboy (the ROM page size) is only 32kb, so I'd actually split larger ROMs into 32kb records anyway. No problem there.
I haven't written the paging code yet, but the time shouldn't be any greater than in the real Gameboy.
After doing this emulator, I must say I'm REAL skeptical about the 3x rule. Of course, you can't get a GB emulator for the PC that runs on less than a 33MHz 386, and that's for a hihgly-optimized one. (So that works out to 8x?)
Memory doesn't matter too much, unless you are talking the larger ROMs.

Thanks for the input

Maven @ 8/30/1999 8:46:41 AM #
I want to thank all of you for your comments... but I gotta ask- Why so anonymous? Just curious. :-)

Anyway, I'm not going to hold the negative comments against you. I'd be just as skeptical as some of you are.

I'll be glad to continue to answer any questions here that I can.

Have a great day!

RE: Thanks for the input @ 8/30/1999 1:27:48 PM #

Appreciate the fine work that you're doing with this. I think the general sentiment is that the community in general is fairly skeptical of the possibility of this really happening. How close is Tetris to running at full speed? What kind of time frame are we talking about before a beta is released? ...

If you ever need a tester.. =)


RE: Thanks for the input
FreddyS @ 8/31/1999 6:42:15 AM #
Impressive. Couple of comments....

1 how to get the code from gameboy in 'other system', assuming other system to do the conversion to pdb.

2 thought of clocking the palm? Since speed seems to be an issue, why not clock it, I believe that speeds of up to 23 MHz (maybe even higher) have been achieved, I did get 21 MHz on my test palm (never my live palm, I love the data on it too much :-))

3 looking at the threads here on this page, there are believers and non believers. I think you are one step ahead of the lot. stay there. Given the fact that there are limitations on the portability (ram, mem, code blocking, paging etc.) the end result mey be that some games will work and others will not. But that is not a problem, in the end you win from us all. You did it, and learned the assembly.

Stay easy


RE: Thanks for the input @ 10/28/1999 7:41:54 PM #
I'm new to all of this. But I'm sick of Minesweep. Where do I start? I use my Palm IIIx
everything. I'm ready to have some fun with it.


Gambi! en español?

Palm2048 @ 8/30/1999 12:05:33 PM #
Hi I am a fan of Palms and have a page dedicated mainly to review apps and games in spanish ,I like to see gambit en español (in spanish).. by the way I can help with trasnlation work if tou want...

and plz try tu run the rtype clone for game boy is my favorite game ever ..

keep the work..

RE: Gambi! en español?
morph @ 2/25/2000 12:12:11 PM #
hey, podrías decirme cual es el URL de tu web??, estoy buscando páginas en español pero la verdad es que hay poca cosa...


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 2:09:19 PM #
what can you get my microwave oven to do?

j rumba

RE: emulators
maven @ 9/1/1999 10:43:06 PM #
This has got to be my favorite message here I laughed out loud... Seriously though, what kind of processor DO you have in your microwave?? ;-)
RE: emulators
Guillaume Ross @ 9/28/1999 4:14:29 PM #
Hey, did you see those Net microwaves?
I need to get one....why? Because it's unusual! As unusual as playing Gameboy on a PalmIII!
Keep up the work Maven, you are going to make it!
RE: emulators
kanji @ 1/6/2000 6:50:05 AM #
I would like to know how to do to play gameboy in my palm IIIx
RE: emulators
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/16/2001 10:52:55 PM #
you can cook CD's in your microwave oven. Is very cool.
Only 2 o 3 seconds.
CD-R are the best.

Palm controls

Neil @ 8/30/1999 4:20:51 PM #
Dude, lets be honest here. There's no chance I'll be coming back to this site to check your response. Anyway, my big problem with the Palm and games is that the buttons on my Palm III really suck, they're recessed into the panel, which is great because they don't get pressed accidentally when I put it in my pocket, but it sucks for game play, it's so diffucult to get a positive contact when you're playing, it's hard to tell, from tactile feedback, whether you've successfully pressed to send a command, or whether there's CPU delay or what, so for playing action games, Palm kinda sucks. Also, the display doesn't really do good for moving objects, the LCD doesn't cycle fast enough for good animation, so everything that moves is all blurry and leaves trails. I wish it was different, but I just don't see Palm as being a good platform for this, it wsn't designed for games afterall.
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/16/2000 1:10:04 PM #

Maybe you're missing the point here. The point isn't to find the most sutable platform to emulate the gameboy--It's the thrill and challenge of porting something cool over to a platform we love and admire.


Fast emulation ? imho, never...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 4:23:29 PM #
I wrote a GB emulator (never released) in 680x0 asm language, 2 years ago (Mac). My goal was to make all the engine fit in the 68040 instruction cache (4Kb). I succeded, except for the sound, of course, which I never correctly implemented... The speed was about 30/40 fps on a 68040 at about 30MHz (Mac LC630), with the Mac screen already set to 2bpp. So, it is imho IMPOSSIBLE to even reach, let's say, 10 fps, with a 68000-like processor at 16MHz (that's what's in my Pilot):-( The 2 main problems being the lack of a decent code cache, as well as the lack of scaling support in the processor (if you know 680x0 programming, you know what I mean).
I've been programming during the last 10 years in asm for all the 680x0 family, DSP56001, Atari's Jaguar custom chips, PowerPC, VMLabs's ProjectX, ... So, I really know what I'm speaking about. Sorry for the bad news:-(
Now, if 3Com ever releases a Pilot with a faster processor, that's another story...
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
@tomic212 @ 8/30/1999 5:25:15 PM #
Well I'm sure you know what your talking about but If we assumed that things were impossible who would attempt to do anything! I'm fairly conifdent
from talking with Maven & judging by the screen shot's that at least we'll be able to play Tetris and that would be cool with me :-> Just wait and see!
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 6:01:37 PM #
The PalmV and IIIx has a 75MHz Motorola FireBall.

That should have no problem with a 4.5M MHz gamboy chip. 8)

RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 10:12:25 PM #
75mhz FireBall? No, sorry. The V and IIIx have the DragonBall EZ, just a level up from the DragonBall in the other models. 75mhz, no way; the V and IIIx are only 9% faster than the III.

sorry to burst your bubble! =)

RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/1999 10:30:15 PM #

Old Roman Proverb:

The one who says it cannot be done should never
interrupt the one doing it.

You perhaps are right. Wait and see though.

RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
LinuxHacker @ 8/30/1999 11:21:00 PM #
I imagine the "emulation" is not true and works like
ultrahle in a pre-processing sort of mode...

could be mistaken

one of the gb emulators was ported directly (true emulation engine)
a while back and was too slow...

but there is no reason why preprocessed "emulation" is not possible or FAST

RE: Fast emulation ? maybe one solution...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 8:35:49 AM #
The *ONLY* way to reach decent speed would be to write a dynarec engine... the game would slow down a lot, when it has to recompile a block, but would probably be fast enough when executing recompiled code... however, this would require a lot of memory!
HLE ? there is no real ROM in the GB (forget the 256 bytes boot ROM), so, no system calls to replace.. Except if you look through the code, trying to recognize some instruction sequences, which will dependent on the compiler/libraries..., I can't see where HLE could be possible, because there is no HL.
Anyway, with a dynarec, ... that would be a funny project... if only I had some time... Hum, I really like the idea...:-)
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 1:22:55 PM #
Along the lines of an earlier post, what if you ran the gameboy rom image through a pre-processor on a PC (where you have much less limitations then the pilot) and then uploaded the converted file. I'm asuming that might help it be faster.
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 1:22:55 PM #
Along the lines of an earlier post, what if you ran the gameboy rom image through a pre-processor on a PC (where you have much less limitations then the pilot) and then uploaded the converted file. I'm asuming that might help it be faster.
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
Raphael @ 8/31/1999 5:54:03 PM #
If your run the gameboy game through a static recompiler, you will have (at least) 3 problems:
1 - You don't know what is Z80 code and what is program datas, so you must keep both recompiled code AND original cartridge on the Pilot. Any data access will use the original code (that's how dynarecs are written).
3 - As you may know, the Z80 is a 8/16-bit processor. This means that big games must switch the current ROM bank. This switching can occur anywhere, even in the middle of a routine. Handling this on a recompiler may cause you some headache (although it IS possible to handle such thing).
2 - The 68000 recompiled code will be much much bigger than the original Z80 code (at least 4 or 5 times bigger). So, a game like Tetris, which takes a 32Kb would be converted to a 160/192Kb file... For games like Zelda (512Kb), I let you do the maths... And anyway, this wouldn't be a Gameboy emulator running on a Pilot, but a game recompiler running under xxx (replace by Windows/Linux/MacOS, or anything or want), which generate a Pilot executable file.
I'm still convinced that emulating a Gameboy with accuracy and a refresh higher than 10 fps, on a 68000@16MHz, is impossible, except maybe using a dynarec. really! Believe me!
I am really curious to know the emulator speed on a game as simple as Tetris... I bet it's not above 5fps (on a 68000@16MHz, remember!). I don't want you to think I'm *the bad guy*, always telling you *tss tss, it's impossible*. But THIS thing, no, really no.
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
Maven @ 9/1/1999 10:46:12 PM #
I'm really enjoying this thread, and to be honest, it's an ego boost when a person who has been programming asm 'for 10 years' and even attempted a GB emulator says it *can't* be done. Well, maybe it won't play all the GB games, maybe it will. I can tell you right now I'm getting 20 fps on Tetris, and it's looking good. A more intensive action game may slow things down too much, but we'll see. I can't wait to surprise a few people here! I would like to spend a lot of space discussing optimization and 'shortcuts' and maybe I'll do an atricle discussing the points raised here sometime. For now, I can tell you, I am using some cool tricks here and there, but mostly, I think I wrote a HECK of a fast Z-80 emulator... I've look at the source for all the freely available ones, and they don't come close. If nothing else, that would be my biggest accomplishment. Anyway, I'll definitely continue this discussion with those of you who are interested. P.S. To the guy who says the Palm is a lousy platform for games, I can tell you you are right about the key locations (esp. on some models), but I think yoiu are wrong elsewhere. The Palm has a better screen than the Gameboy, and people play games on it, don't they? Maybe someone will come out with a attachable gamepad for the Palms?
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
Kapstah @ 9/26/1999 6:25:12 PM #
Maven, this is an excellent idea, and I really am looking forward to playing Zelda on my palm VII, but have you considered making each rom into a seperate .prc file which could run independent. I have a TI-89 graphing calculator, and there is a demo of Zelda which has a couple levels and it seems to run pretty fast...& the calculator only has 6MHZ processor. But please continue with the hardwork...maybe some more people will jump on and help with developement
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
Gary @ 10/23/1999 5:31:52 PM #
How about employing optional overclocking into the emulator?
RE: Fast emulation ? imho, never...
saxmatt @ 3/3/2000 11:56:33 PM #
just for info, my vilor gets speeds of up to 60 mH;.
handspring has come out with a game pad for the visor.
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/20/2001 9:28:08 PM #
handspring (which is a lot better than 3com) makes an attachable game pad for their visor. it cost about $30 helps game play alot, but will not work for the edge, or the prism to bad. called "visor game face". buy a visor! -wade

JuIio @ 8/30/1999 6:37:42 PM #
I don't have a PalmPilot, but I must say taht from a technical standpoint, I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

I'll bet you 10 bucks....

foomfoom @ 8/30/1999 6:49:59 PM #
that this emulator is going commercial. No....wait....make it 20


dante @ 8/31/1999 1:21:19 AM #
Wonderfull stuff guys.

Can't wait to beta-test. =)

Why not just get ram chips for gameboy?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 1:48:57 AM #
I am a little confused here. The Gameboy already does
color; it has great games and it has speed. Why can't
someone write some programs for it to run Palm like
programs and keep the data on cards that are inter-
changeable with the games? It would mean three gameboys
in the house instead of two (for the kids...)

RE: Why not just get ram chips for gameboy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 2:06:19 AM #
Well, it doesn't REALLY have speed... 8Mhz (tops, typically 4Mhz) on a 8-bit CPU. Also, limited memory... but I like where you're going with this... Maybe Handspring will surprise us :-)

Gambit !

P-r0t @ 8/31/1999 10:13:02 AM #
I'm a avid user of the Palm III, use it every day on
my way to work on the bus. I can't wait for this
great peice of software to come out, it'll make my
travels a hell of alot better to deal with

Thank you !


Re/ Gambit:

doug @ 8/31/1999 10:43:25 AM #
Sounds like a great little bit of code! I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for the hard work!


Where to get the Gameboy game programs

JavaBeans @ 8/31/1999 10:55:31 AM #
What a wonderful idea!

I just wonder where we could get the Gameboy game programs. I have a number of the game packets. But how I can 'transfer' them onto my PalmPilot?

The Gambit Project!

Falcon13 @ 8/31/1999 12:12:09 PM #
Now that is the best idea for the PalmPilots in awhile.
I was a big user of the Gameboy in college and I am not suprised that it is still with us. I know many parents and employers will find Gambit to be a headache because it will become so addictive. Also, you have to consider the fact that this the entertainment quality of the PalmPilot to the next level. I hope this project will be ready before X-mas because I am ready for a beta test of Gambit.

Name for GAMBIT --> how about PBoy

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/1999 9:26:51 AM #

GAMBIT is a strange name...

how about PBoy
P for PalmPilot / Palm
Boy for GameBOY

RE: Name for GAMBIT --> how about PBoy
M Hebley @ 10/10/1999 7:58:44 PM #
How about PlayBoy. No, wait... that's already taken.


Game boy emulator

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/1999 7:24:37 AM #
What a brilliant idea. I am a new user to Palm V, I look forward to installing it.


RE: Game boy emulator
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/31/2000 10:11:17 PM #


IAN WONG @ 9/3/1999 11:55:42 PM #
quicky @ 4/2/2000 6:16:59 PM #
FizzY @ 5/2/2000 8:35:29 AM #
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 1:39:26 AM #
Whats up?

A serious set of Q's from a non-pilot-user...

Eddy Hitler @ 9/4/1999 7:23:10 PM #
OK, just got chucked in here from a slashdot link (heheh) and have gotten quite interested in this...
Forgive me for any ignorance here, the closest I've ever really gotten to a Palm is my little Three-kilobyte name/phone no. organiser, but I do aspire to one.. :)
The below stuff is to do with topics I've seen discussed above - my browser's running far too slowly for me to waste time replying individually... :)

Q: To me at least, the Palm looks to only have four (mayyybe five) buttons on it -- how can it do A/B/Start/Select plus D-pad and an emulator-menu button? Does some of it get taken over by that funky onscreen keyboard?

Thought: Speed shouldn't really be a problem with the right code. I've seen Sinclair Spectrum emulators (british computer, similar architecture to GB but larger screen, in colour, about 80% speed and one-channel sound) running on various slow machines at or near 100% speed... Does about 70% on a good day on a 12mhz 286 PC (1.1mb) I recently retired, and allegedly 80-90% on an Atari ST --- running a 68000 at EIGHT megahertz, with 1mb memory [heheh, intel chips are just so much slower per mhz... :) ]. Take that and stick it somewhere.... :D So gameboy performance should be hopefully similar. I heard of a windows 95 emulator that was slow and jerky running Tetris on a P90, but it was long ago, alpha versions of both the emu and the OS.

Challenge: A palm-like environment on the GB. The screen resolutions are similar aren't they (maybe?)? Plus with a bank-switching chip and some cheap 30pin simms shoehorned into a slightly oversize cartridge along with a well programmed ROM you could quite easily have 4mb to play with and a decent WIMP-style OS. I've already seen a commerically produced package that includes a mini-keyboard that plugs into the serial port, a little stand for the GB and a cartridge with a few K's of RAM, turning it effectively into a flashier version of my £4.99 organiser. Now with the arrival of the colour gameboy something a bit more advanced could be possible. I'm thinking maybe a word processor? :) Using that "cleartype" LCD edge-smoothing software technology it could be quite usable. Any takers? I've been doodling some little designs in idle moments over the past few months but I just don't have access to the right kind of knowledge or equipment. TV out on either the GB or Palm would be interesting as well.

(I hope this doesn't come out too long once word-wrapped. It hasn't even started to scroll down in this input box.)
Thankyou for your time.

DAMMIT -- this place suffers from the segfault non-previewing HTML layout problem.
Eddy Hitler @ 9/4/1999 7:56:22 PM #
As in, you put in what you think are sufficient line-breaks to make it all look neat, but of course as it's all in HTML and you are not warned of that fact, it all goes




I would cut'n'paste'n'edit'n'repost my original message but I really can't be bothered. See if you can spot where the line breaks were originally supposed to be....

Hell, I hope my attempts at layout worked THIS time!

RE: A serious set of Q's from a non-pilot-user...
@tomic212 @ 9/5/1999 10:56:00 AM #
I'll make a preview option someday soon :)
but I have a million other things planned.
As for some of your Q's the Palm has 4 buttons and
an up/down lever Maven discusses his button layout in the interview. The pull up keyboard won't be availible if he's using greyscale which
he is. And Lastly I do feel confident that the emu speed will be descent.

Release the beta already!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/6/1999 2:28:19 PM #
If it is working as good as you say, why don't you just release the beta version so people could see for themselves that you could at least get tetris to run at 20 fps as you say? It would seem that would be a sure way to gain support for your project.

Gameboy Game Cartridges

dstrauss @ 9/13/1999 12:50:20 PM #
My kids all had Gameboys several years ago, so we have a lot of cartridges aroudn (plus the old Gameboys). How do you get the games off the cartridges for use with something like Gambit?
RE: Gameboy Game Cartridges
Maven @ 9/16/1999 10:01:36 AM #
You have to get a cartridge copier... a hardware device that reads your GB cartridges and saves them to a file on you PC. Or, you find an someone who has already done that.
RE: Gameboy Game Cartridges
ANONYMOUS @ 12/1/1999 7:45:41 PM #
Well you dont well you can but you dont.
You Shearch for the rom of the game and then you need gabit the emulator that is not released @ the time so.....

PS: Make sure you have the cartridges before you download the rom or you well be doing a illegal act.

Updates @ 9/17/1999 5:27:45 PM #

Why don't you have an update page that people can take a look at to keep track of your progress on this very exciting development. I think it would lend a lot of credibility to the project and would give users a better idea of how much longer it will take to finish the code. I'd be happy to help in any such effort.

A frequently updated progress page for Gambit would rock!

Nekki @ 9/18/1999 11:36:35 AM #
I just feel that perhaps a daily or frequently progress page
for the gambit would really rock! I think ya doin a great job
Maven! keep up the good work! I really can't wait for the
first release of the emulator Gambit! perhaps we can
have a logo design contest for the emu??


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/1999 8:53:43 AM #
Yeeessss!!! This is waaay cool, gimmee gimmee gimmee. It has to be the best thing I've ever heard about for Palm OS - Charge what you like - I WILL BUY IT !!!!!

Gameboy PDA Combos...

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/1999 8:52:58 AM #
Well, what Maven is doing with this sounds pretty cool
to me, and I look forward to seeing what he comes up
with (though when I read that he's thinking about just
releasing it so that it works with Tetris, that was
kinda disheartening... you ARE going to see this thing
through to completion, aren't you Maven?)

As some alternatives to Maven's work, I give you the

- Handspring's Visor: Essentially, a really cool Palm
device with a cartridge interface (the Springboard)
for practically any hardware device you can dream up.
I'd like to see some enterprising individual create
a GameBoy adapter... you plug the adapater into the
Springboard slot, and then a GameBoy cartridge into
the adapter. The adapter might have some additional
processing power built into it, to give the Visor a
boost. It would be pretty slick if Nintendo saw the
potential in this, but unfortunately, I think it
might hurt the development of the second product I
give you...

- GameBoy Advance: The next generation of GameBoys,
coming out in about a year. This thing is a 32-bit,
color, gaming platform, with all the functionality
(address book, calendar, modem and Internet apps)
of a PDA. It supposedly will be in the sub-$100
price range to boot. I'm REALLY looking forward to
this one.

Will buy when it's out

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/1999 2:13:42 PM #
I'll buy the emulator as soon as it's out.

Cart Interface?

Wek @ 11/5/1999 4:43:07 PM #

Would it be feasible to create an adapter that clips on the Palm serial port, and allows a Gameboy cart to be plugged in the other side? This would allow a user to download a ROM image from the cart to play: You could take carts with you on the road, and not have to worry about having a pdb pre-loaded for every game you'd want to play.

I'm a HW engineer, and would be interested in looking into developing it, if you think it could be supported.

RE: Cart Interface?
Maven @ 11/8/1999 12:22:12 PM #
It could be supported, but I think the expense of developing a serial connection to a GB ROM would be high. If course, I'd love to be proved wrong!
RE: Cart Interface?
Ophir Prusak @ 11/18/1999 5:30:38 AM #
GB rom to serial connection adapters exist.
Of course you would have to write the software to read it, and I these are made to work on the PC so I am not sure if it could work on a Pilot.

In any case check out :


Their homepage is :" CLASS=NEWS>

Its now november...

Necro @ 11/20/1999 3:37:55 PM #
Well, its now november...and no real comments on progress, etc. Hopefulyl the emu will be released sometime soon - either as a beta or somehting - and we can try it. Personally, I just want it for RPG's, so speed could be at half and still be fine. Maven, let us know whats up with the project, since MANY MANY of us are interested still.

TI 8x emulation?

J. Vásquez @ 11/21/1999 10:49:32 PM #
I know this sounds like asking for alot, but why not also consider emulation for the TI-8x line of calculators? These run on a Zilog Z80 chip also (with the exception of the TI-89, since it runs a Motorola 68k), and have loads of games already made from them. While this is a long shot, it would be nice to play all those cool TI-83 and TI-86 games on a Palm or Visor.

Take a look at" CLASS=NEWS> for information regarding these calcs.

Like I said, this might be asking for alot. Since there are some differences between the GB and a TI-86 (both in hardware and code), it would be nice to play all those games.
And while we are asking for seemingly impossible things, why not also emulate the TI-89/TI-92+ also...

RE: TI 8x emulation?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2002 1:36:31 PM #
Is the a calulator for the handspring that emulations the ti 8x.


Phillip Lewis @ 11/30/1999 1:35:59 PM #
This sounds great, will it have support of gameboy color games(most of the GBC games are backwards compatible)? Would something like this work your avergrage graphing calculator? I cant wait for its release.

Phillip Lewis

RE: Palmboy
roy @ 1/13/2000 9:14:46 AM #
how can i get a palmboy?


I.M. Anonymous @ 12/3/1999 12:25:07 PM #
i saw messages on another board that said the author had talked to Nintendo and they'd not approved the emulator, so i'm wondering if this is still in the works?

i'd love to be playing with this toy or beta-testing it, but even knowing it *isn't* going to be released would be useful information, IMHO.


Bud @ 1/11/2000 4:18:21 PM #
Anyone? Bueller?
RE: Hello?
Maven @ 1/11/2000 6:41:53 PM #
I just wrecked the Ferrari - oops! :-)


RE: Hello?
Nonoche @ 1/12/2000 3:04:09 PM #
Erm... not wanting to stress you, Maven, but... any news about Gambit? ;¬)
RE: Hello?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/12/2000 9:43:55 PM #
Gambit!?!! Oh No!!!!! GAMBIT!!!!! I forgot all about it!!!!! Just kidding... no, you aren't stressing me at all. I'm having lots of fun (seriously) working with a couple of major Gameboy Publishers. I'll let you know the news as soon as I can - you'll read it here on Palm Infocenter - promise.

RE: Hello?
Bud @ 1/13/2000 4:01:17 PM #
Assuming that last Anon reply was you, Maven, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your news!

Gambit on alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot

Netwolf @ 1/14/2000 9:57:20 PM #
Gambit was posted on the alt.binares.warez.palmpilot newsgroup today (14 Jan 2000) with tetris. I downloaded it for “educational” purposes and here’s my review.

Gambit was played successfully on the first try on my 8meg handspring visor, and did not crash the system – and was stable throughout the entire gameplay.

I was impressed on how easy it was to play - Very clever using the "calculator" for start and "find" for select. The up-down was of course up and down, and left right was the phone/to do list. A&B was the calendar and notepad. This provided an acceptable gamepad to play from and was not at all awkward. Exiting was a bit tricky – I had to hit the menu key first, and then applications to exit.

No sound. Graphics were exactly the same as the original gameboy - but looked even better on the larger palm screen. The bricks of course had some “ghosting” – but this is due to the palm screen, and not a fault of the emulator.

Tetris ran a bit slower than original gameboy, but playable. This will be the biggest issue to work on if other games are to be playable. This should be the primary issue instead of emulating any sort of sound.

No menu system installed - so you can only play tetris for now. I'm sure that a suitable front end will be developed.

All in all a great emulator – with speed being the only downfall.

I applaud Maven for a wonderful emulator and hope he continues the great work, but warn that commercial roms should never be posted with emulators. I’m sure this was a leak from one of the beta testers, and not Maven himself. There are a lot of great emulator programmers out there that find themselves in legal trouble when they release them (just ask the Bleem crew for playstation or the UltraHLE team for Nintendo 64).

A question to Maven: Are you planning to release the source code as many other emulator authors have done?

RE: Gambit on alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2000 11:15:10 PM #
How about posting a site with the file for us people who dont get that newsgroup. I hope the project is still in the works.
RE: Gambit on alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot
luridparadigm @ 1/30/2000 11:23:55 PM #
on the alt.binraies.warez.palmpilot server do they delete messages after a week?
RE: Gambit on alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/7/2000 4:22:48 PM #
How do you get on this news group??? Please send it to me someone! I will email you my
email adress only if you somehow either tell me or if you write your email doewn:(.
The above is bulls**t posted by the author.
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/17/2000 2:17:26 PM #
I've seen the emulator and it's a joke. The message posted above says it's ok, but slow. The author claims they got it from a warez group. This is obviously an attempt to stir up hype. First, examine how well a "warez" review this is. Second, read this: I downloaded gambit and will tell you that it's so slow it appears it's locked up. Given 5 minutes time, the intro screen has only scrolled about an inch. My guess is the author is emulating the sound processes even though it doesn't play sound. Can't think of any other reason for this. And for posting that message to get hopes up? I'll leave that to the public to decide. Everyone, ask yourselves why a demo hasn't been released or you can't find it anywhere, even on most warez sites? Because it would be embarassing to release a demo and no one gives 2 s**ts about busted software to carry it.

You suck. :P


zz @ 1/15/2000 5:12:56 AM #

Transfer .gb to .pdb

Pango @ 1/15/2000 10:27:34 PM #
How do you go about converting a .gb file to a .pdb file, anyway?
RE: Transfer .gb to .pdb
Maven @ 1/16/2000 1:53:42 PM #
You write a converter program that runs on your PC. There's no way I'm releasing that with the warez folks out there. Of course, it's not that difficult to write.
RE: Transfer .gb to .pdb
Bud @ 1/18/2000 1:24:22 PM #
Do you think a hardware cart interface to the Palm Serial Port that:
1) allows downloading of ROM images to pbds directly into the Palm from the cart and
2) Only allows a ROM image pdb to played if the original cart is plugged in

would help concerns over legal issues of copying and distributing pirated ROM images?

RE: Transfer .gb to .pdb
Maven @ 1/18/2000 3:21:36 PM #
The answer is most definately YES. This would make the emulator 100% legal. Anyone want to build one?
RE: Transfer .gb to .pdb
weknews @ 1/19/2000 3:28:45 PM #

I'd be interested in looking into this. I'm a professional hardware engineer and always looking for something fun when work is slow. Plus I'd like to see Gambit available, and the less legal hurdles the more likely I see that happening!

I'm not crazy about posting my email, as I'm sure you aren't either, so I've created a deja account. I'd appreciate a chance to get in touch with you (and will need some SW help w/ simple serial apps during development).
You can email me at ><
and I will reply from my regular email.


Visor Compatibility

compgen2000 @ 1/25/2000 11:48:46 PM #
Will Gambit run on my Visor?
RE: Visor Compatibility
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/26/2000 9:21:24 AM #
Runs on mine

Where can I download this ?

Stanley @ 2/2/2000 6:52:19 AM #
Can u help me ,where?


Smev @ 2/8/2000 6:23:28 PM #
hey everyone, come join my palm IRC channel. Its #palm on efnet. Thx

Gambit dead?

Smev @ 2/10/2000 10:22:38 PM #
is Gambit dead? I haven't seen much action on the board, well the alpha was great (too bad it got out)
RE: Gambit dead? - Not yet...
Maven @ 2/11/2000 10:44:25 PM #
Did you get my e-mail? It's still kicking... just working with some publishers to convert their games to the Palm. I'll let you know.
RE: Gambit dead?
Smev @ 2/12/2000 3:56:02 PM #
I got it. When and if you release it, you should make it open source because then other devs can add on to it. Have you looked at Doomling? If thats possible, then pretty much anything on the Palm is (even redboxing is). Come chill on IRC with me sometime.
RE: Gambit dead?
MAROK @ 2/15/2000 4:10:37 AM #
hy maven

do you have an homepage, wehre i can download the latest version and roms of GAMBIT ?

please post answere here


RE: Gambit dead?
Some Guy @ 2/28/2000 3:19:18 AM #
Ya know, that's the one thing that makes it REAL hard to swallow that this is legit. No homepage with updates, no dev news (I.E. -- I've used xxx z80 core emulation, these quarky things about the gameboys video hardware giving me troubles, etc..)

I've been waiting a while. Have not seen jack squat.


RE: Gambit dead?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2000 10:51:23 AM #
The emu got out on the warez seen, so it IS real.
RE: Gambit dead?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/9/2000 4:44:25 AM #
Well Gambit must be dead, either that or Maven doesn't believe in advertising.

Its been close to a month since his last post so, either he's busy making money
at a REAL job or things simply didn't pan out. Gambit is DEAD! long live Gambit!!!

RE: Gambit dead?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/9/2000 4:44:25 AM #
Well Gambit must be dead, either that or Maven doesn't believe in advertising.

Its been close to a month since his last post so, either he's busy making money
at a REAL job or things simply didn't pan out. Gambit is DEAD! long live Gambit!!!

Where is Gambit ?
The Cleaner @ 3/10/2000 11:53:30 AM #
For almost a year I'm waiting for de first release of Gambit, but I can with till X'mas 2050 I think. Why is the so called beta release nowhere to get? Maven promisses a dream to come true, but all he does is talk about a feritale
RE: Gambit dead?
Try reading... @ 3/15/2000 5:08:08 PM #
Maybe you complainers should take the time to actually read all the previous notes...

You'll find the answers to all your questions.

Cool Stuff

Logger @ 3/20/2000 11:48:45 AM #
I´m very happy to hear of emulating the gamebay :-)) on the palm (Palm Vx too?). I think this ´ll be great stuff. Thanks a lot and go on with best wishes.


I.M. Anonymous @ 4/2/2000 6:33:16 PM #
Wonderful. Gambit is dead. I have been waiting for a year to see this thing. I knew it couldn't be real....

Official word?

weknews @ 4/3/2000 11:25:11 AM #
What's the official word on this? Has Maven announced it's 6ft under?

What I heard...

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2000 11:00:51 PM #
Keep an eye on" CLASS=NEWS> - and don't tell anyone I told you (there's nothing there yet, but I have sources who tell me to be watching first part of May)!!
RE: What I heard...
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/6/2000 7:04:07 PM #
Dude, how do you figure this is anything about the emu or palm at all? It looks like a company......I dont think maven is gonna start a company called gambit-studios.....
RE: What I heard...
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/7/2000 1:26:08 PM #
He's right a WHOIS Query reveals that Maven himself registed and is the owner of the domain.
See for yourself:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>
RE: What I heard...
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/10/2000 9:43:50 PM #
thanks for maven's adress. He must love ya posting it like that.
RE: What I heard...
Wesson @ 4/11/2000 2:43:55 PM #
COOL-AID!!! this thing will rock, and if him registering a site for it is any indication, it's gonna happen. one question I have that noone's really talked about though: the app to convert .gb to palm, will it be for mac too? I figure this shouldn't be too hard, what with it being a fairly simple app and the fact that this entire project involves porting. The transfer software is already there, just the actual file converter. Also, the problem with making a hardware cartridge adaptor is that Nintendo isn't gonna like it one bit. i mean think about it: you have a hugely successful product which is still moving forward, and somebody wants to make an adaptor so every Palm user out there can play GB games, you're not gonna let 'em do it, cause it invades on you're market. And if Nintendo's plans to make a GB w/ palm-like abilities, that would hinder their efforts further to legally allow this to transpire. Sorry, i'd really like a cartridge adaptor too, but there's just no way nintendo is gonna let it happen.
RE: What I heard...
Wee @ 4/12/2000 11:07:53 AM #
Cart adapter:
I think it would be advantageous for Nintendo to have a cart adapter for the Palm. First off, it can help prevent piracy if it requires the cart to start the game. Secondly, most home/portable game console manufacturers make their money off game sales. The actual console profit margins are slim to none.


I.M. Anonymous @ 4/16/2000 7:36:21 PM #
I played around with the Gameboy emulator today and can safely say it is very slow. Unplayable in my opinion. Other than that it looks pretty good
RE: Gambit
Jonathan Huang @ 4/26/2000 10:43:31 AM #
Yes, it appears to hang at the tetris screen. Other wise it looks great! running 0.9
RE: Gambit
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2000 7:49:35 AM #
It plays just fine on one of my units (though that title screen stays up a LONG time). My newer Palms seem to be slower (?!?) Must be something with the OS version.
RE: Gambit
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2000 5:45:32 AM #
I hope Gambit surfaces soon, I'll pay $20 no question!
What about Pokemon? The ROMs are available on the web all over the place, and there appears no reason why Gambit couldn't handle this IMHO, after all, its not dependent upon fast reactions or rapid user input.
The main problem would seem to be me justifying exactly why I would want to play Pokemon

Best of luck!


FizzY @ 5/2/2000 8:45:34 AM #
Hmmmm the big question, is this a hoax? Well lets look at it. The story has been running for like 1-2 Years now. What have we got to show for it? Some screen shots of tetris - who knows what platfrom they were copied from. The author says he will use the menu button and the warez d00d says he has, however doomling (not vapor ware) couldnt use these buttons as scanning for them takes too long. Hmmmm. Warez d00d's have the game do they? Why don't any of the major pda warez groups carry the software? this is a hoax. But why hoax it? Hmmm, (this site) is a small unkown company. however, there exclusive links with the fantastic developer has made them get a lot of hits. I'd never heard of the site before i saw this supposed gameboy link. The warez d00d was supposed to make you go ohhhhh it is real. Then how come its not mirrored, none of the chans know about it, none of the groups know about it, and the warez d00d did such a intelligent review? Hmmm what about the webpage? How much does it cost to register a domain? less that 50$ - not much for a major company. Why haven't any other palm site written about it? I think we may have a case for fraud here? Any legal people know about this kinda thing? I say you own up to it being a fake, before you get in serious trouble. BTW, palminfocenter sucks, its never up to date, and uses dodgy old-news stories, mainly linking to external sites! Remove your bookmarks, its a fake,
RE: heh
Sigh @ 5/2/2000 12:58:12 PM #
I'm beginning to agree with you about it being vaporware. Still, I don't necessarily believe it's been promulgated by palminfocenter. So what's a better Palm info/news site, FizzY?

This sucks. Bite my ass, "Maven"

RE: heh
FizzY @ 5/4/2000 12:03:57 PM #
Better sites would be or - these dont host vaporware!
RE: heh
kevin @ 5/5/2000 8:15:11 PM #
heh..why dont u try going thru the legal procedures when making an emu..not easy..geez..i have personally tested it:) i didnt get it from warez dudes...he sent it to me...guys..have patience..rushing him and you will only get a lame product...i tried rushing him and he says wait wait...the beta works fine on ym palm though..try uisng tornadov...


RE: heh
FizzY @ 5/7/2000 10:50:20 AM #
The legal procedures for making an emulator? Ha Ha Ha!
There are none! It isn't illegal to make an emulator
see the bleem court case, it is only illegal to make
the roms without permission. If it isnt vapor, send
it to and i will personally denounce it,
somehow i doubt i will get it tho!
Love always,
your in scepticism,

to be, or not to be :P

Aaron Ardiri @ 5/7/2000 9:05:03 AM #
hi guys..

nice to see everyone talking about this still :). i would like to make one thing clear. This thing is not vapourware. It does exist, and the 0.9 version distributed on the warez scene is NOT the latest version - which was limited to running only tetris. Keep assured that Maven is working on this product, going through legal issues and making sure that the emulator is something that you will want to use.

I have been in contact with Maven regarding 'Gambit' - and dont be surprised when you see the final release. More is going on behind the scenes than you think :)

Who knows, maybe even a color version is in progress :P *grin*

Aaron Ardiri

RE: to be, or not to be :P
weknews @ 5/9/2000 4:13:27 PM #
When I posted about developing a hardware add-on cart reader, he seemed quite excited but never emailed me! What's the deal? He even said this would mitigate most of the legal issues.

I would really be interested in doing this! I develop much more complicated hardware for a living.

Hell yes!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2000 9:05:33 PM #
It's about ****ing time! Can't wait to see the beta :).

I'm Sick And Tired

BrianX124 @ 6/3/2000 9:09:21 PM #
I'm Sick and tired of people complaining, i've never posted on this site but I have read everything. And Maven is a hard working programmer. He is trying to provide a fun program for a Palm. It was his choice to even start the Gambit project in the first place. All i'm trying to say here is Maven is really cool for starting this prog and i'm starting to get a little pissed off at you who like to whin about his work. Just leave him alone and let him do his work! Who agrees with me? Just let him do his work and stop complaining your sorry asses off.
RE: I'm Sick And Tired
Jocko @ 6/6/2000 12:20:34 PM #
Remember, everybody's complaining because they think it would be really cool and they want it NOW! It was probably not the best idea to hype it so long before it would be available. This is often a big mistake in industry: if you annouce something pretty cool/useful and then keep delaying the release, it can backfire on you.
We appreciate that he is working on it, but would like him to finish working on it ASAP! :)
Hopefully a little bugging may help that release date move along....

So, chill out BrianX124. You aren't doing Maven any favors by adding more negativity to the association of this product, blasting people who are already frustrated by the continuing unavailability of Gambit.
One wants people to be excited and anticipating a product, not frustrated, torqued off, and feeling like they are owed something impossibly grand when it finally comes out because they've waited so long.

Hey Maven. Say somthin

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/29/2000 4:07:51 AM #
Hi Maven.... The last news we got from you was....

"Whoops, Wrecked the Ferrari"

I'm starting to take the sides of all the people saying its vapor ware. Just say somethin man. Like news or somthing. Keep us informed.

RE: Hey Maven. Say somthin
Maven @ 6/29/2000 9:55:10 AM #
Just check out" class=news>http://www.gambitstudios.comfor the latest word! It's coming, July 4th!!!

Palm Pilot GameboyEmu

andrew @ 6/30/2000 10:08:36 AM #
Has anybody seen a copy running, and how close is any one to developping one?
RE: Palm Pilot Gameboy Emu @ 6/30/2000 11:52:04 AM #
Gambit will be released July 4. Look here for all the details.

RE: Palm Pilot GameboyEmu
Zen:-) @ 7/1/2000 1:55:31 PM #
Also, just browsing I found something called Zen. What's this ???:-" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW> I found something called Zen. What's this ???:-)
RE: Palm Pilot GameboyEmu
Maven @ 7/2/2000 1:18:49 PM #
The REAL Maven this time
Maven @ 7/2/2000 3:09:24 PM #
I'm not sure who that was, but it wasn't me in the post above! What's up with stealing peoples handles? Just for the record, I've checked out 'Zen'. It's pretty interesting, and much faster than the other demo released (though it's still 40% slower than our emu). It doesn't support sprites (which will slow it down a lot when they add them) and there are no controls. The quality of emulation seems to be real good though, those points aside. I wish the author luck in his continuing development.

Gameboy Emu

nick @ 7/4/2000 8:05:22 AM #
Well its been the Fourth of July for sometime in dear old blighty - No show yet. Are we talking jape of the decade or is Maven still in beddy byes

Maven, you alive mate?

Xak @ 7/4/2000 10:42:16 AM #
Just wondering... it's now almost halfway into the 4th of july, and still nothing on" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

REALLY looking forward to it, though!

RE: Maven, you alive mate?
dylan @ 7/4/2000 11:50:27 AM #
I have discovered this page that looks a bit more promising" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>
there is a log in on it! But I don't think Maven is out of bed yet, after all the states are 5 to 7 hours behind, probably still having breakfast :) yum

Gameboy emulator

nick @ 7/4/2000 11:41:55 AM #
A link has magically appeared on the website and guess what ......... more delays.

I am all behind someone trying to make this work but saying that the delay is for final testing of what is just a game emulator which can be re-released without any problem later if there are any problems does not inspire confidence.

This is obviously a hoax.

RE: Gameboy emulator
Dylan @ 7/4/2000 12:10:39 PM #
Well the screen shots from the palm looking convincing enough." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>
also since we all know how development in general can always take more time than expected, you can't expect a release date for a free product, I mean look at Daikitana (well maybe not a good comparison but you get the point)
RE: Gameboy emulator
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/4/2000 4:10:29 PM #
I can't tell you when it will be ready, bu I can tell you it's not a hoax.

RE: Gameboy emulator - NOT A HOAX!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 1:59:43 AM #
No way in hell it's a hoax. I found a leaked beta out there.. It doesn't allow button input (left and right only), but it still emulates Tetris. This isn't a hoax, I'm just hoping a working version gets released eventually...

Gameboy games

Dylan @ 7/4/2000 11:55:25 AM #
So what are we most looking forwards to playing on our Plams? My best game so far is Zap!2000, and on my game boy emu on my PC apart from tetris and pokemon (like Zelda) not tried much else yet. I think because of the configuration of the palm pilot only games with left right action or slow ones are going to be good to play.

Latest Word

Maven @ 7/5/2000 12:27:15 AM #
The emulator will be out very soon... Our goal was to have it and the website ready on July 4th, but I've been overtaxed. I've slept 2.5 hours this week, and spent over 100 hours last week working on the emulator. That counts for 2 1/2 full-time jobs! (Which, by the way, I've left, and am now working on Gambit Studios full-time). I think you'll all be VERY pleased with the result! I thank you for being so very patient for so long while this was just a occasional hobby, and I ask that you remain patient for a few more days yet. Thanks for your great support and encouragement! Especially you nay-sayers... I had to prove you wrong :-)
SLEEP deprevation
Aaron Ardiri @ 7/5/2000 8:39:55 AM #

I am getting sick of people complaining about when a release will be available and such.. Maven and myself have been working overtime this week.. i was moving house and coding on the bus when taking stuff back and forth.

Sure there are other gameboy emulators out there, but maven and i have joined forces to bring the BEST of the BEST to you. you will not be dissapointed with the results! if you know my games, expect the same quality!

sleep is for loosers :))

i wish my fiancee would think the same :P

// az

Few Questions

BrianX124 @ 7/5/2000 12:58:05 AM #
Hello Maven, or anyone that knows a lot about the emulator. I got a few questions for you.

1. Will Gambit be freeware?
2. Will Gambit studios continue to make more software?
3. Will Gambit Studios ever expand to having other programmers?
4. Will GS ever make applications for any other OS's?
Thats it! Thanks for your time!


(If Gambit Studios is ever going to ask for other programmers for no pay, please contact me at

Special Request @ 7/5/2000 8:51:37 AM #

Could I beg a favor from you guys? There are now 172 comments to this story and this page takes about 30 seconds to download and open on my cable modem. I shudder to think how long it takes to open for people with regular modems. Could you post any future comments to this story here:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Incidentally, Ryan is hard at work developing an actual threaded message board for the site so problems like this shouldn't re-occur.


Whoops Posted 2

BrianX124 @ 7/5/2000 12:14:44 PM #
Sorry bout posting 2 of the same (sortof the same) messages. I thought the first one wasnt sent. Thanks for answering my questions maven.



I.M. Anonymous @ 8/8/2000 5:19:39 PM #
isn´t your gameboy emulator illegal?
RE: illegal
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2000 1:06:57 PM #
yes but if the rom image is delete in 24 hours your fine

RE: illegal
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/3/2001 2:45:45 PM #
Really it is not illegal if you own the game on cart

very slow

comment @ 8/9/2000 3:45:40 AM #
I have tested Liberty version 1.0e with overclock utility afterburner. The liberty gameboy emulator is a cool piece of work, but it is very slow. Too slow to play gameboy stuff. I hope there will be any progress in the new versions, but I am afraid the speedproblem can not be solved!

other options

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/3/2001 2:21:07 PM #
Here are some other platforms to consider

1: Handspring Visor Deluxe.(storage would be no problem)
2: Palm IIIc. (color support)
3: Palm VII.

These all use the Palm OS.
someone correct me if i am wrong but aren't the CPUs in these faster then the Palm III?

I am really looking forward to the release of Gambit.

I need to knwo if a Palm Pilot (personal) 1mb of memory

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/22/2001 7:26:51 AM #
Can use the emulator of gameboy?, please answer me at thanks

Does it support gbc roms?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/10/2002 2:43:09 PM #
cuz ive got a 16 bit color system that runs gb roms just as fast as the gb itself.
RE: Does it support gbc roms?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/13/2002 7:07:54 PM #
Games which run *only* on the GameBoy Color will not run in Liberty, due to the limited speed of the Palm processor, even overclocked.


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