Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP

Posted by: Kris Keilhack on 1/27/2012 4:50:46 PM EST

Culminating many months of silence from the former Palm CEO, All Things D is reporting that Jon Rubinstein is leaving Hewlett Packard, effectively shutting the book on one of the last vestiges of the old Palm guard at the company. This news comes just two days after HP's announcement of their WebOS open-source timeline.

The All Things D article goes on to state that Rubinstein has "no immediate plans" and the departure comes on the heels of his fulfillment of a 12-24 month commitment to stay onboard with HP in the aftermath of the Palm acquisition in 2010.

The article concludes with report that Rubinstein's departure is no great surprise, as he had not been seen on HP grounds after last summer's groundbreaking decision by ex-CEO Leo Apotheker to discontinue HP's WebOS hardware products.

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