LG To Acquire WebOS for Use in Smart TVs

Posted by: Kris Keilhack on 2/25/2013 11:02:15 AM EST

LG logo webos Topping a year of uncertainty and mostly silence from HP, Cnet has broken the story of LG's pending acquisition of the entire WebOS (former Palm) Global Business Unit, including patents, employees, and source code. Surprisingly, the rejuvenated WebOS will be used not to power any of LG's smartphones (where the company is a firmly entrenched Android supporter) or a new line of tablets but rather its expanding line of Smart TVs.

Rumors have swirled for the better part of the past six months of LG's interest in WebOS. Currently, LG offers a line of Android/Google TV-based Smart LED HDTVs as well as lower-end line of proprietary NetCast SmartTVs with the usual assortment of Netflix and other streaming apps baked into the sets' firmware.

After HP transitioned WebOS to an open-source OS, it failed to gain any major traction in the industry save the usual platform hobbyist and die-hard experiments. Now, with the sale of the WebOS GBU likely hindering any efforts made by another 3rd party to license WebOS for future hardware, the door appear to be firmly shut on any future WebOS-based smartphones or tablets unless they were to appear from LG as some sort of "TV companion" home tablet or second-screen Wii U-style remote control.

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