Quickies: Price Reductions for Clié, Visor, and TapPad

Circuit City has reduced the price of the black & white version of the Sony Clié by $50, down to $350. This price is available on their Web site and at retail stores. They admit thay have limited supplies so if you are thinking about getting one for Christmas, you should act now. -Ed

Handspring is now offering the Visor with a cradle for only $149, the same price as for the Visor Solo without one. This is the most basic Visor with 2 MB of RAM. They have some other specials, too.

TapPad is available for only $13 (normally $20) through Sunday December 3. TapPad is a thin, transparent overlay that attaches to the Graffiti area of almost any Palm device and adds tappable buttons that enhance and simplify text entry. -John Brochu

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Tappad is pretty slick

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/30/2000 11:40:14 AM #
I bought Tappad a while back and really like it. I would consider it a great buy at $13.00. My only gripe is that I have a Palm Vx and have been waiting for the new overlays to show up in my mailbox for 3 months now. Although I have to admit that the standard overlay works just fine. It just needs to fit a "little" better.



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