C|Net on TRG and Visor delays

This article on C|Net talks about the upcoming TRG Palm clone. They also discuss the problems that HandSpring has been having getting Visors shipped. Has anyone had any luck getting info or heard anything from HandSpring on an approximate shipping date? Update: Seems as if HandSpring is listening, they posted a Shipping news page.

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Visor Shipment

Anxious @ 10/13/1999 1:36:03 AM #
I just ordered my Visor last week over the phone and the rep assured me that it would in the later part of October.
RE: Visor Shipment
Anxious @ 10/13/1999 1:38:16 AM #
Sorry, that should have read "assured me that it would SHIP in the later part of October".
RE: Visor Shipment
Waiting... @ 1/19/2000 6:06:02 PM #
Did you ever get it???

Visor Order

Visorcrazy (AKA PalmCrazy) @ 10/15/1999 4:15:48 PM #
I ordered 10 Deluxe units within minutes of the phone line going active on Sep 14. I was assured that my order would arrive within 4-6 weeks. I was also told that I'd be able to change or modify the order once the online system went live. In addition to that, I was told that the units would be $240.00/each for 10 and that I'd get an e-mail confirmation. None of this information is correct and I've never received any e-mail confirmation. Their online system was a disaster and their phone order reps are terriable. I tried to confirm my order 5 times with no success. I've finally got confirmation after waiting for well over 45 minutes on the phone. The sales rep really didn't know what she was doing.

They have my card number, but I am in doubt of their ability to complete the order by October's end. I am supposed to have the units in hand by Oct 30th and was hoping to change my color selections, but now I have to take what I get. They are like the builders in the movie Money Pit. When asked when the job would be done, they replied "Two Weeks". It was always "Two Week"

I can always send the units back ;) That is if they ever arrive.

I'm interested in trading Palm III-Vs for Palm IIIx-Vx or for Visor Deluxe



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