Sena Cases Begins Offering Leather Clié Cases

Sena Cases recently launched a webstore offering leather cases for most Sony handhelds. These are made of cowhide and handcrafted one by one. All of the cases come with two Memory Stick slots and a card slot with a window, which can be used for a credit card, ID, business card, or the acrylic slide-in mirror that comes with the case. They also have a belt clip that can be removed.

Cases for the S320, S360, N710C, and N760C are $35. Ones for the T415 and T615C are $40. Sena Cases is currently taking preorders for T665C and NR series cases at $35. These will be available September 1, after which they will be $40.

Cases for T415 and T615C allow to handheld to be HotSynced in the cradle without removing the case. These models also have a magnetic closure while the models for S series and N series have a snap closure.

For each model, Sena Cases offers at least two color options. Cases are designed to have one primary color that is on most of the exterior and the frame and one secondary color that is partly on the cover and the interior of the case.

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Nice, but...

Wollombi @ 8/2/2002 11:43:53 AM #
Hmmm...looks really nice. I could do with a couple more credit card type pockets, and without the magnetic closure, though. Ever since I got a Piel Frama case for the Handera 330 I own, I've like snap closures better. Plus my T615 is thin enough that if I could fit my license, credit card, etc. into the case, it could double as a wallet as well.

I like being able to sync in the case, though. I wonder if they would do a custom job...


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Looks good!

mrfrodo1 @ 8/2/2002 3:16:09 PM #
These cases look pretty nice...anyone have any personal experience with the company or any of their cases?

Looks good but...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/2/2002 4:21:08 PM #
My first attempt to purchase a case failed... unknown errors on the website... sent an e-mail... hopefully this can be corrected.

Sena case for an m500?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/2/2002 4:48:34 PM #
After taking a look at the Sena cases for the Clie PDAs, I thought they looked nice and was wondering if there is a Clie that is a similar size to a palm m500. I like the universal belt clip and couldn't find anything else that had the clip. If anyone out there has a Clie, let me know if you think it is similar in size to an m500, thanks,


Coupon for 15% off

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/2/2002 5:09:10 PM #
I got this coupon from cliesource site and used it for ordering a NR70 case. The coupon code is

and it expires on 8/5.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/3/2002 9:39:16 PM #
Those hairy models really turn me off. =P


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