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Thanks to Jason Au for sending in the log to Palm's online chat. Click the Read Story button for the full transcript. You can also download it here in Palm DOC format. They talk about everything from the IPO to the new color Palm.

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<#Palm> chatlet=Auditorium Questions=ASKPalm
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<Palm> Welcome to Palm, Inc.'s
<Palm> first online, live event.
<Palm> .
<Palm> John and Andrea,
<Palm> .
<Palm> from our product marketing team,
<Palm> can't wait to hear from you.
<Palm> .
<Palm> They are here with
<Palm> Jim and Calvin
<Palm> from the Palm, Inc.
<Palm> service and support area.
<Palm> .
<Palm> Get ready to ask them about
<Palm> our new products, launched just this morning.
<Palm> Including our cool color handheld!
<Palm> .
<Palm> Welcome, Andrea, and
<Palm> Welcome, John.
<Palm> .
<Palm> Andrea: Hi, nice to be here!
<Palm> John: It's an exciting day for us - glad you could
join us!
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> Johnson says: What was the most
challenging thing about bringing these products to life?
<Palm> Andrea: For me, the most challenging part is trying
to stay with the schedule.
<Palm> These are complex projects,
<Palm> and bringing all the parts together is very
<Palm> John: There's a lot of complexity hidden down
inside very simple-to-use devices.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> PammyP says: Why do people get so
enthusiastic about your products?
<Palm> Andrea: They're easy and fun to use, and they give
people time back in their lives.
<Palm> They really do add control back into your life.
<Palm> John: One of the things that people in this day, in
<Palm> feel that they always have to balance between
home and work.
<Palm> Palm is the first product that actually straddles the
line between
<Palm> peoples' home and work lives.
<Palm> So that's one of the key elements.
<Palm> Instead of a calendar for work, and because it's a
small size,
<Palm> you can have a bit more control.
<Palm> And it's always with you.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> Guest-Sandar says: How does your product
work with digital cameras... and what other things can I add
on to my device?
<Palm> Andrea: Kodak recently announced a new camera
<Palm> that snaps onto your Palm Handheld,
<Palm> either the Palm III, V, or VII family products.
<Palm> Simply snap the camera on,
<Palm> the Palm handheld display.
<Palm> You can snap a picture, load it to your desktop -
<Palm> a hot-sync process.
<Palm> With the PalmIIIc handheld,
<Palm> there's an application called Album To Go.
<Palm> It will let you drag your files into the application,
<Palm> then with the hot-sync process into your handheld.
<Palm> With Album To Go, you can look at JPEGs
<Palm> and look at slide shows on your Palm IIIc
<Palm> A wide variety of add-on peripherals are already
available for Palm handhelds.
<Palm> These include devices for JPS, keyboards,
modems (wired and unwired),
<Palm> a voice recorder, and others.
<Palm> Over 500 companies are developing peripherals
for Palm handhelds.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> Jimmy-NP says: I've heard you can get GPS
through your device... How does that work?
<Palm> Andrea: Rand McNally today announced their
Street Finder Deluxe 2000
<Palm> a mapping navigation software solution.
<Palm> The software allows users to download color
maps and directions.
<Palm> Rand McNally also intends to introduce a GPS
clip-on device
<Palm> for the Palm IIIc product this summer.
<Palm> This is for the Palm IIIc and Palm V products.
<Palm> The device for the rest of the Palm III family is
already available.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-kathy824 says: How much memory
does my Palm Professional have?  If I want to put my business
inventory on my Palm, will it take up so much space that I
won't have room for my expense acct, phone numbers, date
book, etc.?
<Palm> Andrea: I think the Palm Professional has 1 mb of
<Palm> The new products introduced today, the Palm IIIc
and Palm IIIxe have 8 mb of memory.
<Palm> Whether your application will fit on your Palm
Professional will depend on the size of the application.
<Palm> Some third parties such as TRG offer memory
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-jason says: Won't the color kill the
battery life?
<Palm> John: We've been able to optiimize the Palm IIIc
<Palm> as a balance between brightness of the screen,
and battery life.
<Palm> So we've now added rechargeability to the IIIc
<Palm> and it works just as you would recharge a cell
<Palm> We think that a typical user will see probably more
than 2 weeks worth of battery life.
<Palm> Every time you hot-sync Palm IIIc,
<Palm> it recharges the battery.
<Palm> Andrea: It's the best battery life of any color
handheld currently on the market.
<Palm> *
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<ASKPalm> guest-Larry says: I have Palm V  - any way to
sort to do list items (alpha) for certain lists
<Palm> John: There's an option where you can sort either
by alpha or by your preferences -
<Palm> due date and priority.
<Palm> Calvin: You cannot sort by alpha in the To Do list.
<Palm> Andrea: in the To Do list, you can sort by category
and priority.
<Palm> There is third party software that enable you to sort
by alpha.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Grits says: Give me 3 reasons I should
consider dropping my CE handheld for the new Palm IIIc.
<Palm> Andrea: It's smaller and has a better display.
<Palm> John: And it has better battery life!
<Palm> Andrea: Don't forget it's easier to use too!
<Palm> The software is just plain easier to use.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-BillyB says: Will the Palm III, or some
other model, work over a cellular data channel, to send data
back to a PC, or main frame?
<Palm> Andrea: There are connections you can make with
your cell phone.
<Palm> John: There are also cellular modems available
from third parties as well.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-RICK-in-MASS says: Another question:
Is their a cradle for the PalmV that has a USB connection?
<Palm> Jim: We have a USB Palm Connect kit
<Palm> as a USB solution.
<Palm> It adapts to your serial cradle,
<Palm> and it's available from Palm.
<Palm> You can get it from our mini-retailers.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Na says:  I've heard conflicting stories
about whose brainchild the palm pilot was.  Can you tell me
who came up with this idea...before the rights were sold to
<Palm> Sorry, that's MANY retailers :-)
<Palm> Andrea: Jeff Hawkins was the founder and daddy
of Palm Computing.
<Palm> Palm Computing was acquired by US Robitics
<Palm> then by 3COM in July 1997.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-mallen says: WHat are the major
improvements the palm IIIxe has over the IIIx?
<Palm> Andrea: Palm IIIc has double the memory of the
Palm IIIx.
<Palm> The advanced features of the new Palm OS
<Palm> and  a snappy dark slate case.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Joost says: Is there a way to set
DEFAULT appointment times to less than 1 hr. (on the order of 15
<Palm> Andrea: No.
<Palm> But third party applications may offer a solution.
<Palm> *
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<ASKPalm> guest-ironwire says: what is the limit to the
palmm111's access to the internet?
<ASKPalm> guest-David-NJ says: I know you have just
released the Palm IIIc, so it's early, but what's next?
<Palm> Andrea: guest-ironwire, the Palm III family
products all include a TCP/IP set,
<Palm> so we are internet ready.
<Palm> With a modem, and third-party add-on software,
<Palm> you can browse the internet.
<Palm> Andrea: David-NJ, because of the upcoming IPO,
we can't comment on upcoming products.
<Palm> We can't comment on business projections either.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-ObsidianWlf says: What's the sound
system like on the IIIc?
<Palm> Andrea: The Palm IIIc handheld has the same
speaker design as previous models.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-juke says: i have a many
alarms can I set with a plam3e
<Palm> Andrea: On the date book, you can set an alarm
with every event.
<Palm> *
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<ASKPalm> Laney says: I love my Palm Pilot, why should I
change to one of your new products?
<Palm> Andrea: There are so many new applications
becoming available for Palm Products.
<Palm> Over 43,000 developers have already signed up to
create applications for the Palm OS>
<Palm> 5 thousand applications already exist.
<Palm> To take advantage of the many great new
<Palm> you may want to upgrade to the greater memory
available on the new Palm III handheld products.
[SwayanCCC1]  +o SwayanCCC1
<Palm> Plus, newer models offer great new display
<Palm> that improves the viewing angle and readability on
the handheld.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-kathy824 says: Is there a system in
place to help Palm users upgrade economically?
<Palm> Andrea: Palm offers Palm OS software upgrades
on its website
<Palm> at
<Palm> The downloads allow users to download the latest
enhancements of the Palm OS>
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Ed says: With the new IIIc will the
battery life be much shorter? Before it needs a recharge that is.
<Palm> Andrea: On the Palm IIIc, normal users should get
about two weeks on a single charge.
<Palm> Each time you perform a hot sync operation and
place your unit in the cradle,
<Palm> you're recharging the Palm IIIc handheld.
<Palm> This makes the recharging process almost
seamless to most users.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-PStibbons says: any reason why IIIxe
uses AAA not NiMH or LiIon
<Palm> Andrea: Some customers prefer to use AAA rather
than use rechargeable batteries,
<Palm> and we like to offer our customers options.
<Palm> There may be third party kits that allow you to put
rechargeable batteries into a Palm III.
<Palm> We recommend alkaline batteries for the Palm
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Nashville says: I've noticed that Palm
has changed in the past year regarding the color of it's cases.
The IIIc and xe are in black and the IIIse is clear. Is this an
indication that Palm is going to continue to vary it's line up of
case colors. Also, are there any plans to go a' la iMac and
offer more colors?
<Palm> Andrea: Beginning with the current launch,
<Palm> Palm decided to update the look of its handhelds
<Palm> and move to the new dark slate color.
<Palm> For color options, we do offer the Palm Color
Shades -
<Palm> translucent flip covers -
<Palm> to go with the Palm IIIe case.
<Palm> You get a lime, aqua, and navy translucent flip
<Palm> to go with your clear unit.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-splatbang says: In your opinion, what
has been/will be the "killer app" for the Palm?
<Palm> Andrea: We think the main applications on the
Palm, the address book, the date book, To Do list, and
<Palm> have been the killer apps to date.
<Palm> Palm products are so flexible and there are so
many great applications available
<Palm> that each user will find their own "killer app".
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-wiz says : I don't have Excel. Will Palm
spreadsheets work with Quattro Pro
<Palm> Calvin: There are third party spread sheet
<Palm> and you'd have to check with the companies.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> Garindan says: What do you consider to be
the most underutilized fetures of the Palm product?
<Palm> John: People still aren't taking advantage of the
almost 5000 applications that are already available
<Palm> by adding them to their device.
<Palm> Second, not as many people are taking advantage
of many hardware add-ons.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-biff says: Is the screen on the Palm IIIc
still 160x160 pixels or is the resolution higher now?
<Palm> Andrea: The resolution on the Palm IIIc is still 160
x 160.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-linda says: does anyone know why my
desktop and palm would stop communicating, its been fine
until the other day now i keep getting error message 101D
<Palm> Calvin: Tech support issues can be too lengthy for
this forum,
<ASKPalm> guest-tdamore says: Is there a way to only
sync my outbox on my palm V to my outbox on outlook ?
<Palm> We recommend you call our tech support line at
<Palm> Calvin: guest-tdamore, the provided Outlook
synchronization process
<Palm> only synchronizes Outlooks' Inbox, the inbox on the
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-Mamo says: Where is the Palm website
for stuff?
<Palm> Calvin: We have a list of resources on our website
<Palm> Select Web Resources from the Navigation Bar.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-pikachu says: I have a small business
operating primarily on a Palm III.  Give me 3 reasons I
should consider dropping my Palm III and tell me which handheld
I should get.
<Palm> Andrea: You must be a small business owner! :-)
<Palm> If your business requires wireless access, then I'd
recommend the Palm VII.
<Palm> If you're looking for the ultimate in portability and
memory, I'd recomment the Palm Vx.
<Palm> If readability and color applications are important,
I'd go with the Palm IIIc
<Palm> and of course, I'd recommend my own product, the
Palm IIIxe handheld
<Palm> if you're looking for great value.
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> guest-dme613 says: What do you think is the
best accessory for the palm 5 (the most useful?) In your
<Palm> Andrea: The most useful would be the Palm
<Palm> but the most fun is the Kodak camera :-)
<Palm> John: I think the hard case is the best!
<Palm> (Everyone has their own favorite)
<Palm> *
<ASKPalm> Palm says: Unfortunately, we've come to the
end of our time.  Thank you Andrea and John.  Any last
comments before we close?
<Palm> Andrea: This has been really exciting,
<Palm> and so much fun to get your feedback and see
your enthusiasm.
<Palm> Calvin: Thanks for your support of our products.
<Palm> We are dedicated to bringing you the most
innovative and fun products on the market.
<Palm> John: Thank you!
<Palm> *
<Palm> .
<Palm> Thank you for chatting with us.
<Palm> .
<Palm> Please visit
<Palm> for the full scoop on our exciting new products.
<Palm> .
<Palm> Check back soon for the details
<Palm> on our next on-line event.
<Palm> .
<Palm> This has been a production of Palm Inc.
<Palm> and Talk City, Inc.
<Palm> Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.
[SwayanCCC1]  +s

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