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1 3/7/2005 Sony Appoints Foreigner as New CEO
Sony Corp. has just named Howard Stringer as its chairman pending shareholder approval. This move marks the first time a foreigner will head a major Japanese electronics firm.
2 2/22/2005 Sony Says No More Clie Handhelds
Eight months after exiting the US and European PDA markets, a Sony representative has confirmed there will be no new forthcoming Clie models in Japan. The company has effectively ended all Clie…
3 1/21/2005 Sony Out to Correct Mistakes?
In a recent interview with the AP, Sony's chief of Video admits the company has missed the boat in many areas and has been limited by its own managements fears. He explains that the company is now out…
4 11/12/2004 US Sony Clie Developer Support to End
Following the announcement of their withdraw from the US Handheld market, Sony is getting ready to end all Clie developer support. At the end of the year Sony will completely end their US Clie…
5 10/19/2004 Sony Clie VZ90 Available for US Import
A company called Dynamism is now accepting orders for the Sony Clie VZ90 from Japan for shipment to customers in the US. The VZ90 is Sony's latest Clie Palm OS handheld that features a landscape OLED…
6 9/14/2004 Sony Clie VZ90 Handheld Announced for Japan
Sony Japan has released a new Clie for the Japanese market only. The Clie PEG-VZ90 is a Palm OS multimedia Clie handheld, that features a large OLED screen, slider hidden buttons, plentiful memory and…
7 7/19/2004 Sony Reduces Memory Stick Prices
Sony Electronics has lowered the suggested retail price of a number of its Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo flash media cards.
8 7/12/2004 Sony Closes New Clie Developer Support
Shortly after Sony announced they were going to suspend their conventional PDA business, they have now closed off the Clie Developer Support Site registration to new members.
9 6/1/2004 Sony to Suspend Clie Handheld Line
Sony has divulged that they will not be releasing any new Clie Handhelds products in the coming fall. Sony will be suspending new Clie product development for the US while they reassess the direction…
10 4/13/2004 Sony Releases Additional Clie Updates
Sony has released updates and patches for the TH55, TJ37 and TJ27 handhelds. The system updates address Wi-Fi connection issues and a memory stick power drain bug.
11 4/8/2004 Sony Clie TH55 Organizer Update v1.01  
12 2/10/2004 Sony Releases Three New Clie Handhelds  
13 2/9/2004 Sony OLED Displays Coming Soon  
14 2/5/2004 New Clies Released in Hong Kong  
15 2/3/2004 Sony Japan Unveils the Clie TH55 and TJ37  
16 1/22/2004 Sony Shows New Software Concept at CES  
17 12/30/2003 New Clie to Use an OLED Display  
18 12/16/2003 Sony Recalls Select Clie TJ-35 Models  
19 12/12/2003 Sony Warns About Removing Clie Batteries  
20 11/11/2003 Sony Discounts High End Handhelds  
21 11/3/2003 Sony Cuts UX Prices, UX80 Rumor  
22 10/7/2003 Sony Clie NX80 and NX73 Price Drop  
23 10/1/2003 Sony Announces the Clie TJ35 and TJ25  
24 9/29/2003 Sony Lowers the SJ22, Replacement Imminent  
25 9/25/2003 Sony Creates a Digital TV Tuner Module  
26 9/23/2003 Clie Video Recorder Available Soon  
27 9/17/2003 New Entry Level Clie Shown in Japan  
28 9/12/2003 Sony Announces MemoryStick Video Recorder  
29 9/9/2003 Sony Clie UX-50 Begins Shipping  
30 8/11/2003 Sony's NX70V Cut to $400  
31 8/6/2003 Samsung to Manufacture Memory Sticks  
32 8/5/2003 Sony Creates a Clie Car Cradle  
33 8/4/2003 Sony Clie Price Cuts  
34 7/18/2003 Sony Clie PEG-UX50 and UX40 Announced  
35 7/17/2003 Sony Japan Unveils the Clie PEG-UX50  
36 7/15/2003 Sony to Unveil New Clie on Friday?  
37 7/9/2003 Sony Updates Clie Software  
38 6/16/2003 Sony Releases the NX80V and NX73V  
39 5/28/2003 Sony Shows New PDA Concept, Lowers Prices  
40 5/27/2003 Sony Japan Debuts Two New Clies  

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