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RhinoSkin appears to be at the drawing board again. This time instead of Aluminum, Titanium and Cordura Rhino has turned to some soft and supple leather. The new RhinoSkin Executive Leather Case is their first leather case and was designed to fit many different PDA's.
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PDA Cases

JimPA @ 7/31/2000 7:56:00 PM #
Nothing like a leather case to give a nice classic look when you pull that PDA out of your pocket.

My only concern with cases with the card slot like pictured with the new RhinoSkin case is that business cards or credit cards in the slots will mar the PDA screen with time. I and a couple of friend have experienced this with our Palms.

Ugly case

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2000 8:57:22 AM #
This thing is damn ugly. Who would by it?
RE: Ugly case
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2000 9:38:21 AM #
I agree it is damm ugly, not too mention as a woman there is a dearth of cases in colors in leather. Coach, Levengers and a few others finally realize that;. Women spend more on accesoories i have no problems with paying upwards of 100.00 for a palm case that I like but this.. I wouldn'r be caught dead with
RE: Ugly case
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/10/2000 7:57:48 PM #
Then you might also want to take a look at the Ondata leather case at It comes in several sharp colors (along with black and "burnished" brown), and is the best-looking leather case I've found so far,

Leather Rhinboskin case

John @ 8/13/2000 9:39:05 PM #
Are we to assume this case does NOT have a belt clip. Down here in Florida we don't wear that many jackets. John

Metal hardshell case is the way to go!

Shannon L. Brown @ 8/14/2000 6:04:25 AM #
I've tried almost every case on the market for my Palm organizers (plastic factory hardshell case, leather, etc) but found that metal is better for protection and syle appeal. I once owned a Rhinoskin metal case, but returned it after I cut myself on the sharp edges.

I recently purchased an InnoPocket Metal Deluxe Case/Plus from Galen Worldwide. It is stronger, and in my opinon, better designed than the bulk looking Rhinocase. The best part is, their current promotional price is only $49.95 ($30 cheaper than Rhinoskin)! Their service is exceptinal and shipping was lighting fast. I highly recommend the InnoPocket case and Galen Worldwide. For more information about this product, go to" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>



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