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Palm Inc. said today that it has more than 50% of the Japanese handheld market. Craig Will, representative director at Palm, was referring to a study by BCN, a news service run by Computer News Inc. Mr. Will also predicted that Palm's share of the Japanese market will only increase. "We've built the foundation for further growth.''

@Stake has pointed that anyone with developer tools can access data on Palm handhelds that have been locked with a password. Most savvy users have been aware for a long time that the security built into the OS is easily circumvented in several ways but this might still be news to many new users.

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Printboy Docs good ONLY for HP

fireman54 @ 3/3/2001 10:28:09 AM #
Yes, it will print a Wordsmith DOC, however, none of the text formatting is retained if you don't have an HP printer. You get straight text printed. And to make it worse, printing begins right at the edge of the paper. There is no way to set up a margin, so that you can, at least, make the plain text look somewhat professional. Hopefully, Blue Nomad will work with Stevens Creek's to get PalmPrint to do the job. At least with PalmPrint, you CAN set margins, as well as, orientation. Much more configurable printer setup. So, if you don't have an HP printer, don't bother with PrintBoy until it grows up and becomes PrintMan!

Let's give @stake a medal! NOT!

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/5/2001 3:31:59 PM #
Hmmm... @stake - the people who brought you "people can see your private files because your password is just XOR encoded" (without pointing out that any Database Editor for the Palm (eg Insider) can do this for you) now bring you "stuff we heard at PalmSource 2000"

Anyone at one of the early KeyNotes speeches at PalmSource 2000 last year was told about the Debug security problem if they didn't already know about it...

...what's next from @stake... a helpful discovery like "hackers could remove you memory chip and access it directly to get at your 'private' files" ??? They'd be of more use to Palm users to tell them that records marked 'private' aren't at all secure, and so shouldn't be used for PIN numbers or passwords.


wired or wireless

Batiscafo @ 3/7/2001 4:46:46 PM #
when the palm password security problem would happen ? 1. wired to avantgo, www, http...?..2. wireless to www, avantgo, etc. ? 3. infrared sync ? 4. somebody must take your palm to do it ?.


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