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One of the most useful features of PrintBoy Documents is its ability to print files in WordSmith format, including bold, italics, underlines, multiple font sizes, etc. However, when WordSmith released their latest version, they changed the format enough that PrintBoy Documents could no longer print its rich text files. Bachmann Software & Services has introduced an updated version of PrintBoy Documents that translates the rich-text formatting (RTF) of WordSmith directly to any printer. PrintBoy Documents, which typically retails for $20, is available for a limited time at $15. -Kevin Doel

neohand and Weissmann Travel Reports have added 36 new cities in the Weissmann City Profiles series of electronic guides. These new additions to the 91 existing Weissmann City Profiles currently available bring the total to 118 cities around the world. Written without commercial sponsorship and designed specifically for the business traveler, each city profile is $13. -Dave Horwich

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They mean any HP printer

fireman54 @ 4/19/2001 12:59:44 PM #
I have tried the demo with my Epson printer. I am using an Extended Systems IrDA printer adapter. What i get is plain text output. All formatting is stripped from the document. So, don't believe a word they say about printing formatted documents. As for using the adapter, I use MSWord and print using the IrDA on my notebook and the output is just fine. Looks like PrintBoy is just that. Not fully developed. I will wait until PrintBoy grows up and becomes PrintMan.



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