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A source has sent in details and some images for what might be a new color Visor, to be called the Prism II. According to the source, its 16-bit screen will have a 240 by 320 resolution with a virtual Graffiti area.

It will have a 33 MHz processor with 16 MB RAM. It will be the first Visor ever to have flash ROM, meaning the OS is upgradeable. It will come with OS 4.01H.

No price for the Prism II was given and the source only said it would be announced "soon".

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Smells like a fake to me...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 12:23:12 PM #
Since the image is obviously phoney (I mean,'s the top 2/3 of a Prism and the bottom 1/3 of a graphite Deluxe or Platinum, with the power switch and stylus reversed!), the entire "news" item is in question. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this one.

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
Ed @ 8/26/2001 12:37:11 PM #
Please notice that is is clearly labeled "Rumor", not "News".

News Editor
I hope Handspring sues you for posting this nonsense.
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:58:35 PM #
After all the problems Palm went through with their sales being killed off by m505 rumors, the last thing a PDA maker needs is more unsubstantiated rumors about upcoming models to create market uncertainty and have potential customers delay their purchases.

Your actions are incredibly irresponsible and I would suggest you pull this story before more gullible individuals pick up on the story and start posting it to other Palm sites. As you know all too well, within a few hours, your little joke will start being discussed as fact by hundreds of gullible Palm enthusiasts around the globe.

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 2:32:21 PM #
Or you are working for handspring, palm or any of the others, or your position is absolutely stupid: creating rumors in web sites that affect pda sales should not affect you in negatively: if they do not sell because people is waiting for newer and more powerful models to ship, either they will put all efforts in creating these new models or they will drop prices. Believe me, THEY DO READ THIS SITES.

but maybe you prefer paying high prices for low-end models, well, i shall respect that...

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:21:49 PM #
Hey, the Palm m505's screen is duller then dishwater. Palm advertises it as "brilliant 65,000 colors". Even m505 fans wouldn't refer to the screen colors and contrast as "brilliant". I don't think rumors hurt sales...

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:14:38 AM #
So... explain to me the basis for a lawsuit? Free speech is protected, at least in the USA, except in some VERY RARE cases:

Purient Interest (true pornography, if anyone could define what that is)
Intent to cause a riot/violent reaction.

The story is clearly posted as a rumor; it doesn't look at all like porn to me (maybe your tastes run in a different vein...), and I don't think anyone can reasonably expected to take up arms over it....

Now, one could instead question how posting rumors hurts the integrity of a news source. I'm not interested in hearing rumors myself, and it makes me take all "news" stories from that source with a big grain of salt. I understand the rush to get the scoop, but it's not worth it in the long run.

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:30:05 AM #
It's a blatant fake.

Unfortunately, it's pretty much what I'm looking for if I'm going to buy another PDA at this point. Nothing on the market at the moment gets me excited.

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:19:17 PM #
This story was an error in judgement.

RE: Smells like a fake to me...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/3/2001 10:01:35 AM #
Hey guys, guess what? Handspring just lowered the price of the Prism by $100. Sounds like a new product is indeed coming down. I just hope it's better than the Palm m505.

The concept is intresting, though, let's see if they deliver

Davy @ 8/26/2001 12:27:52 PM #

Stylus outside case

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 12:24:29 PM #
If you look closely, the tip of the stylus isn't in the silo. If this is real, i expect that the tip could either poke people or easily get caught on stuff. Also, does the stylus have a metal tip? that can't be good for the screen! I also find it hard to beleive that HS would go for a 240x320 screen, it seems like 160x215 or 320x430 would be more likely. I also have a hard time beleiving that HS would include flash ROM.

RE: Stylus outside case
Cheetah @ 8/26/2001 1:05:36 PM #
The sylyus is on the outside of the case in the Edge also.

To compete favorably against the 505 and the Sony 710/610, Handspring would have to have a device such as this, however, this looks like a fake to me.

RE: Stylus outside case
Ia3n @ 8/26/2001 1:44:51 PM #
160x215 or 320x430? Those are much less likely. I would say that 320x320 is the most likely followed by 320x240.

RE: Stylus on the LEFT?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 4:18:26 PM #
Why in the world would they put the stylus on the left, where it would inconvenience the vast majority of users? Answer: they wouldn't. That alone should tell you this is a faked photo.

RE: Stylus on the LEFT?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:10:31 AM #
What you say is true. It is in a company's interest to make money, and for the arguably 10-15% of the population in the U.S. (possibly the world, cultural discrimination is more intense in some places), a retooling in a device like this is not worth it.

BUT! Gosh, for us 10-15% who are left-handed, wouldn't that be great? We don't like being inconvenienced, either, but most of the time we have no choice.

Now, how could they accomodate users of both hands on handheld devices? Is there a way to make the stylus accessible to both, such as is done with ambidextrous computer mice? Perhaps a silo which could be attached to either side, decided by the user? A challenge for the designers, but worth a try!

And while I'm ranting about it, how about a system preference for the scroll bars? The hacks are good, but don't work with all programs.

Just my 2 cents, since the topic (barely) came up! :-)

RE: Stylus outside case
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 11:53:52 AM #
I think the Palm V and Vx did this. They had a stylus slot on each side of the unit and that was also where the cases attached so you could have the stylus on the right with the case opening to the left, or the stylus on the left with the case opening to the right. They changed the design with the m50x line due to reduced space inside the machine so that you can only put the stylus on the right.

For real!
Hed @ 8/27/2001 5:02:19 PM #
I would love it if southpaws like me could have scrollbars on the left. I was thinking about this last night... it should be an OS level option. It normally doesn't bug me, but I was thinking about how last night I cover up everything I read while scrolling.

RE: Stylus outside case
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 6:02:41 PM #
Would having the rail for the case on the right, if this is true, make it so you couldn't use any of the cases out there?

m100 had stylus on the left
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:20:25 PM #


RE: Stylus outside case
ahecht @ 8/28/2001 2:44:21 AM #
get lefthack from quartus, it will put the scrollbars on the left.

about the image

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 12:35:54 PM #
It occurs to me that it could be a 3D image, or something like that... but I really feel this shoud be their next movement, I mean, what comes next? If I were a handspring engineer I would have designed something similar...
personaly, i prefer the edge's look, this one seems a little too "galactic"... but who really cares the outside look if it's thin, it's lightweight and it's powerful?

ha ha ha

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:00:15 PM #
**** you ed
"On the other hand, the image looks like it might have been created with PhotoShop. "

Meaning: "haha ****ers. i tricked you."

Too fake to take seriously

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:02:14 PM #
The image is so fake, you can't take it seriously. Anything close to release has got to have been rendered in a CAD/3D app and this pic was not--unless the person who did it didn't know what they were doing.

RE: Too fake to take seriously
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:21:44 PM #
No-one was fooled - the fake was made by Ed himself. He was trying to create some controversey as someone else pointed out here yesterday. (Ed deleted the message.) If Palminfocenter does get sued, they deserve everything they have coming.

It's a shame to see them stooping to this level to try and invent "news"


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:12:32 PM #
have you noticed there's no battery icon in the screen?

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:21:35 PM #
That's because it is powered by the user's imagination! :-)

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 4:10:34 PM #
Not only that:

1) Where is the am/pm on the time display?

2) Why aren't the icons in alphabetical order?

3) Why is there a typo in "Address" ("Adress")?

4) Why is the "S" in "HotSync" not capitalized like it should be?

5) More capitalization errors in "To do list" (the "D" and "L" should be capitalized)

Plus, in the new side view, the whole button area looks "flattened", the way it would if you manipulated a photo of something.

This thing is just about as bogus as it could be.

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:24:32 PM #
Plus the icons are too large for a 240 pixel wide display. They are from a 160x160 display.

My Reasoning
Ed @ 8/26/2001 7:55:33 PM #
The first picture I got was questionable but I thought there was a chance. Only after the article had been posted did I get the second, side, view that looks really off. At that point I decided the rumor was almost certainly fake but if I pulled this article, I thought it would set off a lot of questions about why. There would be people saying we took it down because Handspring told us to and that meant that the photos were real. Then there would be people asking asking us to repost the article and photos so they could see them. I thought it would just make the situation even more confused.

To whomever pointed out the problems in the screen shot, thanks. I really should have done that myself.

Like someone said, at least this way you get to judge for yourself whether the photos are real and you don't have to depend entirely on my judgement.

News Editor

Is that going to be what you tell the lawyers tomorrow?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 8:40:45 PM #
Hope you come up with a better explanation in the next 12 hours. How about explaining your site's logo on the fake image?

You'll probably be better off if you admit it was an ill-conceived joke, apologize, and pull this thread. NOW. The more you flail about trying to cover this up, the worse things will get. Remember - EVERYTHING here is now being recorded. Think about that. And if you think you'll be able to avoid accountability by saying you didn't know any better, you're sadly mistaken. You might want to give Ryan a call so he'll be prepared for whatever happens this week.

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 10:13:10 PM #
Sieg Heil! Let's all make an effort to cross-post this puppy wherever and whenever possible!

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 11:35:05 AM #
Also, there is no soft graffiti button to push with your stylus like on the HandEra 330.

RE: battery
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:14:04 PM #
Ok, to whoever make the comment "Is that what you're..." Give it a rest. There is absolutely no liability for posting potential rumors, especially when stated as such. The only thing that Handspring can accuse this site for doing, is its job. That is to give information to the public. That is what the press does. It goes after leads of new items. Sometimes the items are right, and sometimes the items are wrong. But the credibility of the news source is what is wagered whenever a news source publishes it's leadd. There by explaining why the editor labeled this story
a rumor.

original launcher is 160 x 160 duh
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:22:39 PM #
even on the CLIE's 320 x 320, the icons are in 160 x 160 resolution. Granted the picture is fake, but let's stop coming up with fake reasons why.


prism II

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:20:04 PM #
how imaginative...


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:34:38 PM #
Just imagine what Prism III would have. Somebody quick wipe out that Photoshop. Try to blend Edge aluminium chasis, M505 side pannel and handera soft screen and Sony's Hi-res.

of course don't forget the obligatory 33Mhz Dragon ball and 8Mb memory.

(and the year is 2003 for this yet another giant leap in PDA technology)

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 6:54:46 PM #
Make that 16MB of memory.

Rainbow colored Handera 330

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:41:46 PM #
But if enough of us want it to be true ... Just, tap your heals together three times and repaet after me ...

Palm Infocenter?

Ia3n @ 8/26/2001 1:48:58 PM #
Why does it say Palm Infocenter in the Graffiti area?

RE: Palm Infocenter?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 1:55:19 PM #
because ed obviously faked the whole thing. he's so funny.

RE: Palm Infocenter?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 2:19:35 AM #
cause he wants credit for the rumor, duh! not like he made it, just the fact that he wants others to see that it came from palminfocenter

RE: Palm Infocenter?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:04:29 AM #
that makes people more suspicious of the picture

RE: Palm Infocenter?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 8:29:52 AM #
Are you suspicious of this picture because it has PalmStation on It?

Is this fake because it has on it?

This one was from PDABuzz before the Edge came out:

point is that the site name is part of the render
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:25:20 PM #
your examples have the website name printed on top. They aren't part of the 3D render, or the unit itself, like Palminfocenter.


RE: Palm Infocenter?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/5/2001 12:26:06 AM #
ciaran: Do you have any background in photo-editing? Didn't think so. The PalmInfoCenter name is clearly overlayed on the 3D rendered pic. Check the side-view image, it doesn't contain the text.

maybe still in development stage

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 2:41:27 PM #
It also could be that this prism2 is still under development, and that's wht the pictures appear to be so "3D-ish"...

Ed, where does all this come from?! Any hint?


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 2:44:38 PM #
I am wrong or hawkins, presenting the edge, said the "new" stupid minispringboard slot will not be repeated and was just a compromise for the thin edge?

well, anyway it's nice to hear a new handspring rumor, as for now we have almost enough material for a scifi novel :D

ps: and I think someone at handspring may read the article or the discussion, these fakes are what visor users want to be their next visor.

Hello Handspring folks, are you there? color-screen-slim-form-factor-240x320-screen-flashable-os-16Mb-ram, this is the visor everyone is dreaming about, even with the horrible design of this image, and even with the horrible names "rumored" last week :)

mmh, no, well, at least do not name it columbia, I can pass over ace, neo, twist or snap, but please not columbia :)

RE: minispringboardslot?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 10:37:02 PM #
To add to that, we want retractible graffiti/keyboard like the HandEra 330.


Virtual Grafitti Area

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 3:10:09 PM #
Ok, first of all, enough with the virtual grafitti area. Its not that great of an invention for the Palm.

Prism II is a ridiculous name for a upgrade. In fact, unless they have sold all of the Prisms that they have, this would be a stupid decision.

This sounds like a Handera freak is sitting at home re-creating popular Palm OS units to create rumors. Just like the Clie N760C with the virtual grafitti area.


RE: Virtual Grafitti Area
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 7:55:47 AM #
Sounds like that one jealous CLIE owner is running out of dumb things to day. Take your attacks on HandEra home to your mommy. Sorry that your CLIE toy doesn't have as many useful features or expansion options as the HandEra 330 and you're getting tired of your new toy. I'd never buy another Palm with a fixed graffiti area now that HandEra has shown how useful a virtual graffiti area can be.

RE: Virtual Grafitti Area
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:37:22 AM #
The Hand Era Sucks!

It stupid nonstandard aspect ratio makes programing for it a pain. The clie's resolution allows for pixel doubling that works like a charm, also it includes a hardware video acelerator.

Yours trully,
(developer of a well known and loved Palm OS app.)

RE: Virtual Grafitti Area
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:59:07 AM #
No duh, pixel doubling works like a charm. It doesn't get much simpler than that. For calls to the normal API, double everything, add a new API for 320x320. Hats off to the genius who came up with that. If Palm, Sony, whoever is going to keep playing with tiny square screens, they may as well throw in the towel. The Palm OS and its' applications will be worthless for any interesting hardware platform.

If your "well known and loved Palm OS app." can't handle different aspect ratios, watch out for Palm OS 5. You're probably really going to love that. I hope no one ever has to work with you developing a GUI for some other platform. Think outside the square box man.

Rumors Poll

Ed @ 8/26/2001 12:05:11 PM #
Almost every rumor I post gets comments from readers demanding that we never run another rumor and others saying that rumors are mostly what they come to PIC to read. It is very hard to judge how many people are on each side of this debate just from their comments so I've posted a poll in the Forum. Please put in your vote:

News Editor

The Handspring lawyers will have the last laugh this time
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 4:41:10 PM #
You guys have just gone too far this time. Adios, CHUMP.

RE: Rumors Poll
sford @ 8/26/2001 5:12:13 PM #
Hey Ed,

Great idea about the poll. I for one prob'ly would prefer not to see rumors, cuz I make decisions based on upcoming items and I don't want to end up building on a false foundation.

As for the flame comments this post is getting, don't sweat it: you were only doing what you thought the public wanted.

RE: Rumors Poll
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 5:27:15 PM #
Run EVERYTHING. Let US decide to take something seriously or not. If you believe there is any credibility on the Internet aside from your own judgement, you're kidding yourself! Even misinformation is information. If Handspring or any other entity (including self-styled "L'il Hitlers") start babbling about laywers or The Clampdown, the buying public will deal with them as appropriate. The customer is always right.

Maybe the company shills should think less about rounding up the laywers and more about rounding up R & D to decipher what the public is really wanting by the spread of these rumors. You have to admit, a lot of the rumors lately would be dream machines, and not beyond the tech available today. They are mostly combo machines... virtual graffiti from handera, screen from Clie, springboard slot from handspring, flash upgrade from everyone BUT handspring, etc.

Features, flexibility, upgradability. What's the mystery?

RE: Rumors Poll
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 8:38:29 PM #
Personally I like the rumors. It's just good clean fun. As long as they are clearly labled as such, I don't see the problem.
I mean come on, if you get a hard-on everytime someone posts a rumor of a new device which proves to be false,
your blue balls are you problem. Get out of the house more often.

RE: Rumors Poll
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 8:29:32 PM #
Actually, this is a good advertising for Handspring. It gets people attention. Hey, we promote Handspring product for free !

Adios, Chump comment above is funny!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/7/2001 4:58:24 PM #
I realy liked the "adios, chumps" comment at the top! What a loser....


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 3:43:38 PM #
Handspring already said that the external adapter for the Edge's SB was a mistake, so why would they do it again?

RE: Fake!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 5:17:52 PM #
According to Colligan, the mistake was not releasing a color Edge, not with the Springboard adapter. There isn't any other way to create a device that thin and maintain backwards compatibility with existing Springboard modules.

RE: Fake!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:41:46 PM #
Why would you need it so thin? Isn't the convienence of thin outweighed by the inconvienence of having to pop in the springboard whenever you use it?

I use a flashplus all the time for medical apps and leave it in all the time and in my bodyglove case.

Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 4:20:21 PM #
I have contacted Handspring and they are aware of your little "joke". The manager I spoke to has copied your website pages and their legal team will likely be discussing this with you on Monday. Do you have a good lawyer? Did you know it is illegal to knowingly publish lies about a company? Now you do.

Welcome to the real world, Ed.

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 5:37:25 PM #
a**hole. If you don't like it then stop coming to palm infocenter!
RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
Deslock @ 8/26/2001 6:49:43 PM #

I think there is nothing wrong with printing rumors if:

1. there is a chance they might be true and...

2. you put in a disclaimer and classify them as a very-unlikely/unlikely/likely/very-likely with details as to why.

As you do this already, I don't think you've done anything wrong.

My only request is that you disallow anonymous posts so there will (hopefully) be less garbage messages on your board (as is happening in this thread). Your site is my favorite for Palm news but your forums are often too cluttered to bother reading, IMHO.

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:15:52 PM #
I think the "I'm tellin handspring!" crybaby must of just plunked down $399.00 for a Prism! "The Real World..." gimme a break! The handspring lawyers will be fighting off lawsuits from stockholders before long... much too busy to pull off PR boners like coming down hard on Internet discussion groups!

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 11:21:10 PM #

There is no harn in a healthy rumor going around about technology that may or may not be just around the corner. As paying customers for these products, we should be able to discuss things like this freely, without harrassment... especially from the manufacture themselves.

If this guy seriously has some inside word with Handspring (which I seriously doubt he does) and everything is as he claims, what possible reason would I have to continue supporting Handspring?

So, do us a favor and just shut your hole already!!!

If anything, you're making things much worse for Handspring than anyone else.

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:20:42 AM #
Yeah, you rang up Handspring and spoke to a manager!! Why would a manager tell a small time brainless **** like you that they were going to get their lawyers monday, like they'd tell you that.

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
sub_tex @ 8/27/2001 12:54:07 PM #
off topic here, but a quick question about the "Get over it!!" post - how did you get centered bold in this post? does this board use UBB or html coding?

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 4:09:03 PM #
Re: How to make "get over it" bold

To answer your question, the board does support limited html, but I believe it doesn't allow you to create links.

Incidently, I think the board also converts line breaks as well. (Which is why my post looks a bit taller than it should be.)


RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 4:14:15 PM #
For a newspaper, website etc. to be successfully sued for libel, the plaintiff must prove that: (A) They were aware that they were publishing false information, and (B) They had malicious intent in publishing said false information. This is an almost impossible burden of proof, hence the dearth of successful celebrity lawsuits against tabloids.

RE: Ed, you had better delete that bogus Handspring article
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 11:43:00 PM #
Plus, and most important to our legal eagle pushing the libel suit, it has to ACTUALLY HARM somebody!


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 5:02:03 PM #
You naysayers continue to amaze.

No one would be so bold as to concoct these photos if they weren't true. People are simply too nice to do such things. I believe this, just as I believe everything I see posted on the internet or read in my e-mail. If it travelled over a fiber optic cable, it MUST be true!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:26:46 PM #
Actually, it should really be I WANT to believe. Which is the point! this is what consumers would like to see, even if we have to concoct images and specs ourselves! Why are we ahead of Handspring R + D? (Then they did give us the "Edge"...

RE: I want to BELIEVE...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:05:03 PM #
I think you missed some sarcasm. Just because it makes it on the internet doesn't make it true, whether you'd like for it to be or not.

Let me guess--you forwarded all those Microsoft e-mails to your friends, and now you're pissed off while you wait for that check from Bill Gates. Get a life!


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 5:45:16 PM #
look at the bottom of these iamges..

That looks 100% like Palm V and m500 series.

Handspring did not and never design their PDA in that way, even they change their style now, there is NO WAY that it looks so similiar to those Palms in the market !!

Shame on you-palminfocenter

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:40:08 PM #
how could you let yourselves be fooled by a crappy photoshopper-and post it as though it had any hope of containing even a morsel of truth-i'm shocked at this floccinaucinihilipilification of perfecly good bad rumors!

RE: Shame on you-palminfocenter
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 8:54:25 PM #
They weren't fooled by anyone - they faked the picture themselves in an obvious attempt to stir up some controversy around Handspring. Not a good idea. Now that Handspring is aware what happened, Ed is screwed.

This childish prank won't look too good on your resume, Ed.

RE: Shame on you-palminfocenter
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 10:17:40 PM #
There is a controversy around HandSpring? My god, this is Slander, me lad! Perhaps none of us should buy any Handsprings... what's the controversy?! Fraud, International Sabotage... MURDER?! The possibility of HandSpring releasing an updated color Palm OS handheld, or a fabricated story stating this could rock the very core of modern society! zzzzzzzz...

Its not called the Prism II,it's called the "BIZARRO PRISM"!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 7:53:37 PM #

Perhaps, but the pic...

Fuzzball @ 8/26/2001 10:42:14 PM #
It's a nice rumor. The pic though...that's one ugly PDA. I don't see it looking like that. Perhaps an alpha or beta model, but not production.

Why is everyone mad at Ed? (ok, not everyone)

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 11:08:04 PM #
He writes:
The details on this device seem reasonable and this might fit the rumors that Handspring is going to release a new model to replace the Platinum. The Palm m500 and Handspring's own Edge have shown that most purchasers are no longer interested in high-end monochrome devices.

On the other hand, the image looks like it might have been created with PhotoShop or a 3D CAD program.

Frankly, I'd say the odds of this rumor being real are low, just based on what the images look like. -Ed

and that the "odds of this rumor being real are low"
and someone runs to handspring..... it's just info believe it or not

RE: Why is everyone mad at Ed? (ok, not everyone)
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 11:26:16 PM #
I think only one authority freak is mad at him. We all love Ed! Besides the rumor is now at SPUG, BrightHand, PDABuzz... everyone enjoys a good rumor! The only thing Handspring has got going of interest are rumors at this point!

RE: Why is everyone mad at Ed? (ok, not everyone)
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 4:52:43 AM #

If it is NOT news, then release your source. If you start releasing sources for the rumors, then the less credible ones will cease. Especially if you post their e-mail address for questions.

I think that there is a valid point to be made for not releasing your sources for rumor based news. Pre-released news, based on fact, I can understand the whole 'a good journalist never releases their sources' bit. I dont understand it for rumors.

RE: Why is everyone mad at Ed? (ok, not everyone)
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:43:37 AM #
"Release your souce" - !!! Jeez, where do people this dumb come from?

RE: Why is everyone mad at Ed? (ok, not everyone)
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 10:22:58 PM #
Based on the poll Ed posted, looks like there's just a couple of people who are pissed about this but all 3 of them have posted 10 messages each trying to make it look like many people agree with them.

On the poll, out of 196 votes, 3 have voted against all rumors. Thats 1.5%.

A strange outlook

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/26/2001 11:17:48 PM #
I believe this is not real. It looks like a Prism plus a Deluxe. The design is stupid, too. If the stylus is put on the left, how can right-handed people pick it?

RE: A strange outlook
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 12:19:33 AM #
Besides, with the stylus hanging on the outside, it wouldn't matter which side the light was on.

right-handed people
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 4:46:51 AM #
you ugly moron i'm a left handed and i use a prism, "how can that be possible?"... the same as though you were righthanded using this fake-prism2

RE: A strange outlook
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:26:23 PM #
Right, because us left-handed people could never use a PDA with a stylus on the left side. Give me a break!!

I supose you think all left-handed people use the mouse on the left also.

Handspring must produce something like this

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:22:38 AM #
It may be a rumor. It may be a fake picture created by evil overlord.

But think, the concept is MUCH better than anything Handspring ever produced. If only they'd have enough guts to listen to customers and to develop such a unit...

I have Handera which is as superior as a PalmOS-based PDA could ever be. Their only drawback is a cheap plastic case :-(

a statement from AriB Technologies

AriB @ 8/27/2001 4:27:29 AM #
As CEO of AriB Technologies I can assure you we have nothing to fear. All Handspring can do is spin out phony rumors while we are actually coming out with killer Palm Powered devices next month! Forget that Clie you've been looking at and just wait for the GT mPEG 330 with 400 mhz Xscale CPU, PalmOS 5, 64 megs of RAM, 32 bit color hi-res, jog-wheel , integrated always on wireless and Bluetooth and more.

RE: a statement from AriB Technologies
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 8:24:20 AM #
Yeah, I think I remember seeing that press release on PRNewswire the other day... ;)


Drummer4Life05 @ 8/27/2001 9:06:33 AM #


What Everything on the Internet ISN'T True??

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:33:01 AM #
I can't believe it! You mean to tell me that someone can actually put false information on the internet? I thought that the internet was the Golden Scrolls of the information age. Oh, what am I going to do now!?

Well, obviously there are some rummors out there. But some of us do enjoy reading them. Whether it's to see what the public is desiring, or just for a good laugh, I think that rumors are just as important as the "sneak peeks". After all the auto industry has been showing "concept cars" years before the production models hit the street.

I'd suggest that you do NOT stop printing rummors, but rather put them in a seperate section called (this is quite original, but you can use it) "Rummors".

Jut my $0.02

Any one notice this

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:13:06 PM #
After taking a close look at the first pic, I noticed that "Address" is spelled wrong.

RE: Any one notice this
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:15:08 PM #
I also noticed that the apps are not in alpha order.

RE: Any one notice this
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:43:04 PM #

Soft graffiti sent me off. It is just too good to be true.

Wouldn't buy it even if it was real!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 2:41:58 PM #
Would YOU buy a machine that came out to market with the (previously posted) flaws? All your Prism are belong to us... is more likely!

"Not only that:

1) Where is the am/pm on the time display?

2) Why aren't the icons in alphabetical order?

3) Why is there a typo in "Address" ("Adress")?

4) Why is the "S" in "HotSync" not capitalized like it should be?

5) More capitalization errors in "To do list" (the "D" and "L" should be capitalized)

Plus, in the new side view, the whole button area looks "flattened", the way it would if you manipulated a photo of something.

This thing is just about as bogus as it could be."

RE: Wouldn't buy it even if it was real!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 4:10:39 PM #
You know, the AM/PM missing is not a flaw, it is a localization-prefs-setting!
(The AM/PM system is quite frankly inferior to the superioir 24hour time system!)
The "Adress" also. Just another language!
And why the heck would anyone want the icons by alphabetic order?
I prefer being able to drag them to where I like them!

Give Ed a break

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:15:09 PM #
You people are so uptight, Ed is just simply doing his job.. and your complaining that he's posting rumors? Oh how offensive... it's not he's posting ****sexual pornography or anything. Geez, this editorial service is FREE! Your not paying for it, in my opinion, Ed can post whatever the hell he pleases, and he has been doing a fantastic job ever since this site was created. If you don't like what you see, you can leave.. no one is forcing you to read!

Fake Prism ll

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:51:08 PM #
No offence but it looks like those pictures were put together with Disney's Magic Artist

Smart move?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:51:18 PM #
Maybe, just maybe, this is indeed somewhat real, and Handspring is attempting to locate the mole who is passing out future product information by introducing specific errors into some of their product shots??? Just a thought, JBH.

New Handspring models

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 7:35:55 PM #
Righ now I work at a Best Buy in my local area and I have noticed some intresting things about some handhelds...first the sony N710c is now listed at 499.70.....nothing new right, but that .70 means that the Item is closeout and soon will go clerance and that we will no longer carry it....thats hard to beleve being that is one of our best selling Handhelds. I think that it is a sign that the new Sony handheld is comming soon. There is also this pricing with the Visr Deluxe at 149.70....and the Visor plantum at 199.70. Again I think that this is going to mean that Handspring is going to anounce there new modules soon....I was looking around in the company info and I noticed a new unnamed Handheld that Handdpring is making. Another thing the current Handspring rep refused to comment when I asked him about these modules...sticking to there policy of no info...also he kind of let it slip that there would be a color edge comming out before christmas, mening that this might be a true story just a bad picture because info is hard to come by....just a thought

Update:prism II pricing

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:01:52 PM #
i just received word from my secret source that the Visor prism II will retail for only 99.99. and it will feature always on wireless,and 802.11 and bluetooth. it will come equipped with sd, and cf and springboard support,as well as memory stick. It will have 800x800 resolution on an oled display, and play mp3s. it will have a 2 gig IBM microdrive, and a 206mhz processor. It will feature both palm os and Handsprings own new os, called lightball. Handspring will give one away free to all high school and college students according to sources close to the company. Sources also say that ED at palminfocenter will be given a stipend of 1b/yr. and will be the products' official mascot.

RE: Update:prism II pricing
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 11:06:32 AM #

Magnesium Casing

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 7:43:44 AM #
Doesn't anyone remember burning a magnesium strip in a bunsen burner flame, or dropping it into acid?

It's a bit far fetched to make a bloody PDA out of Magnesium isn't it? A tad dangerous, perhaps.

I hear Palm are considering making an m506 made out of Plutonium. Sure to be a hit !

RE: Magnesium Casing
Trevethan @ 8/28/2001 9:08:53 AM #
They also make battleships and war planes from magnesium.
A Norwegian company (MagCom) makes a magnesium covered mobile phone, and several laptop manufacturers use magnesium for their chassis.

Magnesium doesn't burn that well, partcularly when in large lumps.

Mag ribbon burns well becuase it is that, ribbon. With a very large surface area. Try setting fire to one of those magnesium fire lighting blocks with anything short of a blow torch...

Magnesium alloy, which is what a PDA case will undoubtably be made of, is even less flammable.

Add to that its very light and immensly strong and you have an excellent material for a portable device. Its major drawback would likely be the cost.

Nick Trevethan


RE: Magnesium Casing
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 11:32:43 AM #
Magnesium when used as cladding is not pure magnesium, it's an alloy. No easier to burn than steel. Great because it's very light. Most sony VAIOs have magnesium alloy parts of their cases.

visor 2?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/23/2001 9:06:03 PM #
This would make me buy a Palm OS Device again! Oct is going to make or break some handheld companies.

Monochrome devices do not add any new dementions! Sony is the only company pushing!!

Handspring must make the device color(not m505 color) virrtual graffiti, voice notes, flashable rom for keeping up with os's now that Palm 5.0 is on the horizon. Light wight not the brick the current prism is! 16 mb ram is now a minimum.

POCKET PC IS coming on strong and will have more superior choices than Palm devices!

I want to stay with Palm OS but need inovation! I will wait until end of Oct early Nov and then I will act.

Handspring please release this device now with some extra suprises and the consumer will act!

RE: visor 2?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 3:05:34 AM #
These specifications seem reasonable to me given the current technology and Handspring's experience with the edge and the recent 16 meg Pro version. If the rumor is true, I would hope a "repackaging" of the VisorPhone, as a flip cover to this device.



I.M. Anonymous @ 10/8/2001 6:55:29 PM #
I have searched the internet all day long and stilkl I can't find any picture that even descrbes what Magnesium is! It is going on a report tommorow! Will you help me please?

RE: Magnesium
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/10/2001 7:26:32 PM #
Magnesium is a form of metal.



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