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OfficeMax is offering Gift Cards of various amounts with a handheld purchase. The m100 is just $75 after a $25 Gift Card. They also offer a $40 Gift Card with a m500 or a Visor Edge. Offer good through December 1. -Mike Cane

Costco is selling the Palm IIIc for $200. That's lower than the refurbished IIIc on Palm's Web page. Costco membership necessary to get this price. -Anon

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Cheap Pilots

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2001 11:22:29 AM #
The Palm Vx is being sold for $140 at


Palm IIIc

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2001 1:21:43 PM #
CompUSA was selling the IIIc for $149. But my local store, I think, has already sold out. They might still be available at

Good gifts

Coyote67 @ 11/29/2001 2:59:52 PM #
These m100s in addition to refurbed visor deluxes for $99 are turning out to be great gifts. Wonder if prices will go down as christmas comes closer and closer.

When you find yourself in the company of a halfling and an ill-tempered Dragon, remember, you do not have to outrun the just have to outrun the halfling.

What about other PUGs?

NoBrain123 @ 11/29/2001 7:09:55 PM #
The Stanford PUG was not said to be having a meeting on the 6th of November, and it had the same guy from Palm come to show the same products. Can I post when they are happening? Also, if you go to this meeting, you are gonna be happy. You get hella free stuff. In fact, I won a $40 Entertainment Card for the Palm m505, which I own. Sweetness...

RE: Re:Serious Sam
partman @ 12/2/2001 12:40:28 PM #
Ok i'll bite. Could you please send a cracked version of Serious Sam for Palm to Thanx



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