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Kinoma Player is a new hi-res digital media player for Palm handhelds. It supports playback of video, animation, and still images along with digital audio. Movies can be stored in RAM, as well as on external memory cards. It can also play content encoded in the gMovie format. Kinoma Player is free while Kinoma Producer, which is needed to encode content into the proper digital format, is $30.
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Supports Mac!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 9:02:23 AM #
Yup folks, this one runs and allows you to build very nice movies on Mac OS 9 and X!

Now, the 'producer' looks way too much like the gMedia builder. And gMedia said they were not going to build a high rez version... Hmmm... I'm thinking they had a contract that they didn't want to tie up their high rez version into. Either way, it works and movies are looking very clean and smooth... from my Mac to my NR70

Thanks folks.

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 9:46:11 AM #
Reading the Kinoma website it appears that at least three of their team are former Generic Media folks - either ex-employees or contractors that worked for gMedia. Either way, this app rocks! Let's hope Sony starts bundling this in ROM on new Clie's.
Smart move on their part!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 12:08:35 PM #
This was a smart decision, IMHO. Graphics design, cinematography, music-video industry... all of these folks are Mac-heavy. Recognizing the pairing of Macs with graphics/video might really benefit them in the long run. Regardless, they just scored one more sale... me!

No T415 Audio

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 9:43:14 AM #
Still without the workaround by genericMedia there is no audio... any other ways to get audio to work?
RE: No T415 Audio
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 10:15:30 AM #
Buy the MP3 adapter, and plug in headphones.
RE: No T415 Audio
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 10:20:21 AM #
Audio works fine on my NR70V. Considerably louder than gmovie (even when gmovie chooses to actually play the audio) though I've no idea why that should be.
RE: No T415 Audio
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 6:12:32 PM #
It also works fine for my T615, too.

I believe the media has to be encoded for the T415 in order for you to hear it thru the speaker since Sony makes changes to their audio encoding technology from machine to machine.

RE: No T415 Audio
cykalan @ 6/7/2002 10:53:45 PM #
just give your T415 a soft reset and it would be fine.
Kinoma Player and Producer has full support towards the yamaha chip in the T series.

Read your manuals before you ask!!
RE: No T415 Audio
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 3:06:55 AM #
My T415 does sound fine on the demos. Also ok on the trial Kinoma producer.

One Wish

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 10:42:49 AM #
How about landscape movie playing on the NR? That would be fantastic as its almost a perfect widescreen aspect ratio.
RE: One Wish
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 10:55:23 AM #
can the video chip in NR handle such intense graphical task?

we don't even see landscape mode of spreadsheet app yet, let alone asking for video in landscape mode.

RE: One Wish
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 11:03:17 AM #
Their site (in the gallery area) says:
"Note: We are in the process of preparing wide screen sample content for playback on the Sony CLIÉ NR series. Please check back in a few days."
RE: One Wish
big_raji @ 6/7/2002 11:06:24 AM #
If they're preparing sample content right now, couldn't we prepare our own with the producer trial and try it out right now?

I don't have an NR, but I'd be very interested if someone out there with an NR could download the player and producer trial, and try and make a landscape 320x480 movie.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

RE: One Wish
Ed @ 6/7/2002 11:14:51 AM #
Your wish is fullfilled. Maybe I wasn't clear in the article when I said "The player also supports collapsing the virtual Graffiti area on the NR series. Video can be encoded to be 320 by 480 and fill the whole screen." This means it can play movies in landscape mode.

While there are no hi-res+ samples on Kinoma's site, people can make their own with Kinoma Producer. If someone will send me one they have made, I'll post it here.

News Editor

RE: One Wish
Bmann @ 6/7/2002 11:48:55 AM #
They have posted more detialed instuctions about producing a 320x480 movie in the producer FAQ and as expected, they recommend only a 8 or 10 frames per second setting for full screen. Let face it, the NR70x screen is huge and filling it with video will push the limits and this may be why they haven't posted one yet. Still, at 320x240 or 320x320 (cropped), these are better than gMovie.

I experimented with the trial version last night and had trouble encoding my AVI files. I found a patch in the FAQ today and hope it fixes that. I'm going to get the full version because I have some music videos of my band and other local band that would be perfect for showing. I can't wait to see these, because they looked pretty good in gMovie and impressed everyone, but at 320x320 - oh yea

Oh, Genie Ed
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 3:24:09 PM #
Wow, thanks Ed! Now with my second wish I want a button that'll teleport me anywhere I want to go. Then you can use my third wish to free yourself from the lamp.
RE: One Wish
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 5:48:46 AM #
"Video can be encoded to be 320 by 480 and fill the whole screen." This means it can play movies in landscape mode."

Encode in 320 x 480 and fill the whole screen is not equal to play movies in landscape mode!
does anybody really try play movies in landscape?


480x320 in landscape works !!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/9/2002 2:57:29 PM #
go to and get some of the landscape movies in the forum.

i got me the kinoma producer today and only can say:

grab a widescreen movietrailer from - rotate it 90 degrees (did this in QT-Pro) so that it is 480 tall - choose custom size in the advance settings of k.-producer - drag with mouse to fit / place -- 12 fps / 720 kbps // clie audio mono or stereo: 47.000 kbps -- and there you go:

fluid crisp graphics and very good sound with the earphones!!!

due to the small but very hires screen of the nr70v it looks sharper than on my g4 powerbook !!!

show this to ppc users and the will drop their jaw!!!

sorry for my grammar

alex cologne/germany

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/9/2002 3:17:56 PM #

the links to the 480x320 ws-movies are starting at page 5 or so ...


Frame rates/Playback quality

ssummer @ 6/7/2002 10:48:04 AM #
Does it support higher frame rates than gmedia? If so, has anyone tried it and can tell us what the speed is like (preferably on a 33MHz Palm)?

RE: Frame rates/Playback quality
big_raji @ 6/7/2002 10:55:16 AM #
I tried it out on my n610c, and it was very decent.

I was surprised with how well it played directly from memory stick.

I was even more surprised that it seemed to play 320x320 movies much better than gmovie @160x160, although it's not 100% perfect... it's SLIGHTLY choppy at certain points... I'd rate it as 95%-97% speed on playback.

Obviously, I don't have audio on my clie n610c, so can't comment on it.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

RE: Frame rates/Playback quality
cykalan @ 6/7/2002 10:57:39 PM #
i can play movie with 720kbps video and 66 kbps audio smoothly on my N760 overclocked to 66 Mhz ;) without any lag.

It is using a new Cinepak Codec in Kinoma, which I believe is the reason why the decoding is much smoother.

Read your manuals before you ask!!

RE: Frame rates/Playback quality
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 9:30:51 AM #
I can play movies encoded for 66Mhz T650 on my 33Mhz (non overclocked - just to test) T625
RE: Frame rates/Playback quality
jackie_bebe @ 6/8/2002 12:04:48 PM #
n760 overclocked at 66mhz? that's a hoot.

No Difference in Quality

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 11:08:55 AM #
I compared Kinoma with the Gmovie player on my Clie N710 and I saw no difference in quality of the movies. Why should I switch from Gmovie to Kinoma?
RE: No Difference in Quality
Ed @ 6/7/2002 11:21:45 AM #
If you played a 160 by 160 movie on your N710C, then there wasn't much of a difference. However, try a 320 by 320 movie. gMovie can't play video at this resolution.

As far as I can tell, there isn''t a benefit to this app if you are using a 160 by 160 handheld. It seems to be just about identical to gMovie at standard resolution. But Kinoma is great for people who own Sony handhelds.

I wonder if this app is OS 5 compatible? Hopefully it is, as Palm Inc.'s next generation of handhelds will also have 320 by 320 screens. Plus, playback should be improved by the faster processors.

News Editor

RE: No Difference in Quality
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 11:27:12 AM #
On my 760C I saw a BIG difference when I played the demo files they have available. The car one is pretty nice.

I saw no diference when I played my gMovie files with Kinoma though. Then again it's not like Kinoma can add frames back in that were removed when the gmovie was made, or up the resolution so I don't see this as a good test.
The sound play back was just as good as gMovie.

My one concern is that the demo movies available didn't have sound. I only downloaded a few of them for testing so maybe I missed one.
I'd like a hi-res movie with sound that's over 15 seconds long (the max length the demo will allow you to create) so that I can get an idea of what file sizes will be. As it is a 30second clip with no sound is 1.4M

RE: No Difference in Quality
Ed @ 6/7/2002 11:45:45 AM #
If you want to check sound quality (or see if you are having a problem with sound), both "Wildlife Waystation 2" and "Waffles" have audio.

Not surprisingly, sound quality isn't great on handhelds with the standard speaker. "Waffles" sounds just awful while "Wildlife Waystation 2" sounds OK on an m505.

News Editor

RE: No Difference in Quality
Bmann @ 6/7/2002 11:59:32 AM #
The Boxster R clip has sound.

The first set of clips I downloaded were the standard and they were low res and no sound and I was saying 'bunk', but after I downloaded the HiRes they had sound and killer images.

RE: No Difference in Quality
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 12:38:59 PM #
Very odd!

I downloaded the hi-res Boxter R and both of the Wildlife demos. Only one of the Wildlife demos has sound and it's BAD (sounds clicky and like a bad midi file). But my gmovies with sound play great. Sound quality is wonderful.

For Boxter R, and other demo movies the volume display doesn't even show up (to me denoting that it doesn't think there is sound as part of the file)

I have a Sony clie 760C


RE: No Difference in Quality
Edward Green @ 6/7/2002 2:12:33 PM #
I get no sound whatsoever with new movies, but do with G-Movies.

That's on a N770c.

I have sent their support an email about it.

Still a great product, and 1.5Mb / 30 secs at 320x240 is not bad at all.

Hmm, when is that 256Mb memory stick out?

Edward Green

RE: No Difference in Quality
Altema @ 6/7/2002 2:38:05 PM #
I get sound on all of the clips I tried (P-51, Boster R, Waystation 1, Total Control).

The Kinoma player seems to have slightly better resolution (even in 160 x 160 mode) IF you compare the same clip coded by the two different converters.

TealMovie clips appear brighter, but the 16 bit color of Kinoma is better. I think TealMovie gives you more control over the encoding process, but since I can't get to the advanced options of Kinoma in the demo version...

The kicker for me is the fast forward and rewind, plus the draggable progress bar. If you leave a movie somewhere in the middle, you can get back to the same spot just by dragging the progress bar.

RE: No Difference in Quality
Edward Green @ 6/7/2002 2:55:30 PM #
Well I have tried all those clips, and no sound at all.


Sounds like a rather major bug if some Clie's wont play audio!

Edward Green

RE: No Difference in Quality
Altema @ 6/7/2002 6:07:51 PM #
Edward, I forgot to mention they were running on an M515... sorry about that. It appears that the problem is on certain Clie models, so you should probably contact the Kinoma support team.

RE: No Difference in Quality
cykalan @ 6/7/2002 11:00:26 PM #
when you encode (in advanced mode), you should not only choose the resolution - if you really want a extremely crisp playback, push the video bitrate up to 720 kbps and 30 fps. That would give you a surpise. But remember overclock your CLIE to 66Mhz ;)

Read your manuals before you ask!!
RE: No Difference in Quality
Edward Green @ 6/8/2002 11:36:22 AM #
Appologies to Kinoma. It seems the example Clips are all encoded in Adpcm rather than Clie Audio format. So they play audio on devices that support the Yamaha chip.

I have encoded some clips in Clie Audio Format and am suitable impressed enough to register it, using my MGI Photosuite Registration for the $10 discount.

Top product.

Edward Green

A reply from Kinoma

rsuplido @ 6/7/2002 11:31:39 AM #
Just wanted to share this email that Kinoma just sent:

----- Original Message -----
From: Kinoma Support
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: Kinoma Player

Reggie –

Thanks for your note. We’re very happy to hear that the ClieSource community has such enthusiasm for our new Kinoma Player and Kinoma Producer products. We’ve worked really hard to take full advantage of all the cool features that Sony has built into the CLIÉ.

Regarding your questions about widescreen movies:

We’re working with a partner to prepare some widescreen movie samples. Those should be available next week.

We’ve also just updated our FAQ page for Kinoma Producer to include instructions on how to create your own widescreen movies. As noted on that page, the process isn’t as straightforward as we’d like and that’s something that we are actively working on improving.

If members of the ClieSource community create any widescreen movies that they would like to make available through our on-line gallery of sample content, they can contact us at for more details.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


-- Kinoma Support

-----Original Message-----
From: Reggie Suplido []
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 8:36 PM
Subject: Kinoma Player

A lot of enthusiasm has been shown by our members in ClieSource regarding your new product. A lot are looking for 480x320 movie samples. We hope you can email us hi-res+ samples and ClieSource would be glad to be a download mirror site.

We would also like to ask for instructions on creating 480x320 videos. We hope you can give us more information so we can relay them to our members.

The ClieSource Kinoma discussion can be found here:

Kind regards.

Reggie Suplido


Relationship of Kinoma with gMovie

rsuplido @ 6/7/2002 11:37:07 AM #
A lot have been comparing the Kinoma and gMovie. Here's an excerpt from Kinoma on what the relationship is between Kinoma nd gMovie.

Taken from:


What is the relationship between Kinoma Producer and Generic Media's gMovie Maker?

Kinoma Producer and gMovie Maker share a common heritage. Some months ago, Generic Media made a decision not to pursue further development of the gMovie technology. Kinoma has acquired the rights to move that technology forward and Kinoma Player and Kinoma Producer are the result. In that short time many significant improvements have been made to create Kinoma Producer. Those include:

- Addition of Cinepak Mobile encoding

- High resolution video encoding

- Full screen encoding

- Data rate limiting of video encoding for Cinepak Mobile

- Support for Mac OS X

- Support for HotSync output direct to external storage

- Custom layout authoring capability

- Encoding of image sequences for support of PowerPoint slideshows and personal still images

- Audio only playback

- Chapter track authoring

- Yamaha ADPCM audio encoding for Sony CLI T and NR Series

- Over a dozen new handheld device encoding presets



Clie T-series

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 12:02:40 PM #
I downloaded the player and tried it on my T615--and it's outstanding. On the samples I tried, the resolution improvement was immediately apparent, and I was able to get sound on the internal T615 speaker. [The Porsche, airplane, and Richard III video samples all have sound; the Richard III sound volume is very low, however.]

I haven't been able to encode my own movies at a similar quality yet, however. I'm debating whether to get the full version of the encoder or not...

RE: Clie T-series
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 12:43:05 PM #
I think it is wise to get a registered version. Nothing really competes with it, and gMovie has stopped making enhancements.

file repositories...

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 3:52:49 PM #
...Where are all the good file repositories for gMovies and Teal Movies?


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 7:00:46 AM #
Can someone comment on the sound quality when used with Clies that have built in speakers/headphones.


No PPC trolls yet!

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 10:11:46 AM #
surprising there are no PPC troll posting yet.

They must be green with envy, while we play videos at 320x480 they are stuck at 240x320.


What's the limit for the trial version?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2002 11:25:16 AM #
What's the limit for the trial version of the Kinoma Producer?
RE: What's the limit for the trial version?
norm2002 @ 6/9/2002 4:10:43 AM #
15 secs

RE: What's the limit for the trial version?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/9/2002 11:20:07 AM #
So, do you mean its unlimited use but can convert 15 sec long video only?

HiRes+ Clip for download

Bmann @ 6/8/2002 12:05:14 PM #
Here is a good Spiderman full screen (HiRes+) clip.

Ed: Please move my (Bmann) HiRes Video post back to the Sony forum. I understand why it was moved to the software section because it's not only for sony, but sony is they only palm with a HiRes and HiRes+ screen, so I don't see how it will benefit regular palm users.Mabey another tread could be started in the software section or something?




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