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ZDNet also has an article on HandSpring's plans to make the Visor available at a select group of retail stores by the end of the quarter. They also mention some sketchy details about the next generation Visor... "HandSpring is experimenting with thinner, lighter designs, and color screens. The trick will be shaping the design around Springboard, making sure that it is still easily accessible to users."
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Chris Utley @ 2/14/2000 12:46:22 AM #
I think HandSpring should be called HandHype. They are already talking about next gen devices when they can't ship the existing gen. Not to mention I understand there are plenty of problems with these devices yet to be resolved.

HandSpring needs to fix what they have before they go releasing more VaporVisors.

RE: HandHype
trtennan @ 2/15/2000 4:07:07 PM #
I was really excited to recieve my Visor Deluxe, and willing to spend the 6 weeks that I had to wait because the company was backed up in order to receive it, and the 20 hours of time I had to spend on hold in order to talk to a PERSON and order it. I had no problem getting it up and running, and found tons of applications to use with it on websites all over. However, about three weeks into my ownership, my visor stopped responding to stylus input, and none of the techniques recommended by the Handspring website support would work. After a weekend of trying every option, I called to talk about the problem (another 2 hours on hold) and was issued a replacement. That was a month ago. I have received two different replacement numbers and have yet to receive my new product. Every time I call to see what the problem is, I am told that "the computers are down. Please try again in an hour and we should be able to help you." Nothing has been done to help my by customer support, ordering and sales, or managers. I have sent numerous e-mails requesting information to the website, and none have been responded to. I would NEVER recommend that anyone buy this product, because despite it's technological superiority over many of the Palm Pilots and its extreme economic advantage, if you have a problem, you are screwed, and it's $280 down the drain. I would say that the extra $300 I would have paid for the PALM VII would have been worth the 40 hours I have spent on hold with this damn company and the 2.5 months I have gone without the product.

I agree with HandHype. If this company focussed on its current customers rather than releasing more vapor about upcoming products, they might get better business. I would never recommend that a person buy this product as is, simply because of the customer service.

Writing on my vaporware Visor ....

Mike Fetbrod @ 2/15/2000 1:52:37 AM #
I ordered my Visor Deluxe in October '99 after my Palm III was stolen ... got it early December ... perfect condition ... no real problems. Worst glitch - after hotsyncing to serial port in my office I usually need to soft-reset the unit before syncing to a USB cradle at home. I have NEVER had to hard-reset and restore.

Visor needs support

mike @ 2/15/2000 11:36:03 AM #
i use my visor regularly. But handspring is too bad on followup. It is a vaporware company if you neep parts. Shipping is forever. And it is not compatible w. Basic palm hardware due to pin design.


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