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Do you remember the mother of all Sim games SimCity? Well now you can play it on your Palm! As if a Palm wasn't addicting enough, now there's that awesome game from your childhood available to suck up an already busy adult schedule. Read on for the full review, we even have a secret cheat code for you.
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This is News?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2000 3:32:03 PM #
I've had SimCity on my PalmPilot for months now, since it came out when, October? Next thing you know there'll be announcing Tiger Woods golf for the Palm. That's been out too? Oh.
RE: This is News?
U R A Jerk @ 3/1/2000 3:43:54 PM #
News to me, you jerk. Good review Mr. Zach, well done.
RE: This is News? @ 3/1/2000 11:39:14 PM #
Yes, but this article failed to mention that soon the Color version will be released, and that looks promising.
RE: This is News?
Oh Dear @ 3/2/2000 10:17:35 AM #
Sorry if I sounded a little harsh. I'm just not used to old software touted as new. Plus I love cheese. And yogurt.
RE: This is News?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2000 6:22:39 PM #
What is the code ? What do you enter ? where do u enter it ? they outta use quotes when they say the code ......
RE: This is News?
Ryan @ 5/2/2000 7:05:59 PM #
Just enter "funds" in the graffiti area for the extra cash cheat.


kalampo @ 3/21/2000 7:35:26 AM #
Anyone know whether EA gonna comes out with
FIFA for PALM ? This one sure rules !!


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