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PalmInfocenter will be temporarily offline later today for a brief period. The site will be taken offline today (3/12) at 5 pm EST and should be back online by 9 am EST the following day (3/13). We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
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Good luck!

djr @ 3/12/2004 1:16:29 PM #
Bigger, better, faster, tougher :)

For Dutch Palm-users:
RE: Good luck!
sl @ 3/13/2004 2:52:14 PM #
Except for the Discussion Forums, which appear to be all screwed up.

Anyone know when they'll be fixed??

Handspring Visor "Deluxe" > Sony Clie PEG-S360 > Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 > Sony Clie PEG-SJ33 > Palm Vx

RE: Good luck!
Admin @ 3/13/2004 4:08:58 PM #
Just got them fixed up, thank for letting me know about the problem!


RE: Good luck!
matthias @ 3/14/2004 8:09:40 PM #
The (note spelling) URL does not appear to work, either.

- Matthias



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