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In his latest review, Rob takes a look at the StylusPlus from The Stylus+ is a multi-function utility that acts as a Pen, Pencil and a Stylus. If you find yourself switching back and forth from Paper to Palm or you want to lighten the load on your pocket protector this Stylus+ is worth a look.
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Best $19 ever spent

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2000 3:03:17 PM #
With the cost of add-ons for a handheld unitS, this is a small amount to pay. Besides, this is one upgrade that can move on when you get the next toy....:)

Just wish they would add a reset tip!!!!

RE: Best $19 ever spent
Jeff Kirvin @ 4/28/2000 4:02:36 PM #
In regards to a reset tip, the pencil lead works great for this.


dstrauss @ 4/26/2000 6:20:23 PM #
This pen is the ultimate in convenience; works right from the first try; and is not bulky like other multipens. The ink cartridges do tend to run out quickly if used regularly, because they are only half-size. A very little inconvenience for a terrific product.

The best multi-pen, period.

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2000 11:44:55 PM #
At first, their shipping cost scared me away. However, I really couldn't find any other company offer the same kind of flexibility and price that offer. So I went ahead to order mine. When I received it, this pen really surprise me. The construction is very solid. The rattle noise is minimum when you shake the pen. I tested the Rotring Quad Data Pen in OfficeDepot, and it is very noisy, plus its price tag is more than double of stylus+. The metal shaft is very expensive looking, and the plastic grip is very useful yet won't make the pen cheap. If you want a multi-pen, look no further.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2000 1:21:16 PM #
The best multi-function stylus out there. I needed something with at least a pencil, pen and stylus. There aren't too many options out there with that minimum configuration. So when I discovered this one for such a cheap price I had to investigate. Now, I'm hooked. It's comfortable to write with and ios solidly made. As someone sid earlier - Look no further!


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