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The mVox MV900 is a new Bluetooth speakerphone accessory being carried by Palm. The company just announced that Palm has certified the wireless portable speakerphone for use with the Treo 650 and 700w smartphones.
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More free advice for Palm & their "partners"

hkklife @ 2/10/2006 5:22:25 PM # Q
Palm desperately needs to convince add-on manufacturers to adopt the Athena connector for charging. Right now we have a handful of Palm PDAs, two Treos, and the Palm BT headset. That's it. Moto seems to be standardizing on the mini-USB connector for everything so now is really time for Palm to push their own connector as wel. The fact that for the first time ever Palm has a connector that's fairly secure, small, and ona variety of their offerings makes this push all the more imperative.

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RE: More free advice for Palm & their
gfunkmagic @ 2/10/2006 7:00:28 PM # Q
What kind of multiconnector accessories do you want to see?


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RE: More free advice for Palm & their
joad @ 2/11/2006 9:19:49 PM # Q
Palm needs to convince THEMSELF to stick with this new Athena connector. The Zire 72 comes with a mini-usb and separate charger, and I've seen others. Just silly.

The "universal connector" had it's issues, but at least it was fairly universal among their devices (even licensed to Garmin). The Athena is supposed to address the missing "video out" issue we've all been wildly clamoring for. Fine.

I notice that the Athena is sometimes even worse than the Universal Connector at staying in the device. This is Palm's 5th or 6th attempt at a connector, and it's surprisingly lame unless they've heard feedback that we prefer weakly attaching cables. Any slight movement and the Athena twists sideway, upward,downward or out of my Treo 650. Handspring's one was actually pretty good, if a little fragile. I know - no video out...

And what's up with TWO friggin' cables to route right up to the device, Palm? One was plenty - put the wall wart cable into the bottom of the cord.

Anyone who has manufactured add-ons for Palm devices over the years must be a compulsive gambler at heart. By the time you come up with a good idea, design, test, configure, quality control, package, ship, put onto shelves.... Palm has yet another incompatible connector in the pipeline. Clearance bins and landfills are heap full of the results of this sort of failure to plan ahead by Palm.

And even the Athena connector isn't universal. Don't believe me? Go buy a (now non-included) cradle for your Treo 650 and try syncing your lifedrive or other device in it. Or vice-versa. At FIFTY bucks a pop, this is hardly encouraging anyone to do anything with a Palm device except to avoid upgrading as much as possible. (Palm probably sees it as a big profit center, in a short-sighted kind of way).

RE: More free advice for Palm & their
hkklife @ 2/12/2006 9:00:23 AM # Q
Well, the Zire 72 was shipped in spring '04. The first Athena-based products (T5/Treo 650) didn't ship until fall '04.

Palm's been PRETTY good about shipping new stuff w/ the Athena connector...only the Z22 has deviated from it. Of course, they've only shipped SEVEN new products since the release of that connector standard (with 6 of them using it) so time will tell.

Did Garmin actually USE the UC? I thought Palm was reluctant to license it to anyone back in the day. I remember Tapwave tried & failed to get the UC on the Zodiac (that critical lack of accessories helped expedite its demise IMO).

Video out spec of the Athena is useless until they ship a handheld with video out capabilities! Athena is weak, yes, but it's at least smalle than the UC was. Palm should take a hint from Motorola. Moto successfully transitioned from the CE Bus on their '01-'04 phones to the mini USB plug on the RAZR. That single port handles stereo headphones, headsets w/ mics, chargers, and PC sync duties. It's great as long as you don't want to charge while you are talking on your headset.

OF COURSE Palm sees new cradles/styli/cables as a big profit center. Yeah, make a few $ selling those accessories once or twice to a customer then p!ss 'em off and lose ANY future handheld buying revenues from that customer again. With retail space devoted to PDAs & accessories shrinking daily Palm had better tighten the belt and get out a focued lineup with as many interchangable components as possible.

If nothing else going with a single mini USB port for trickle charging & syncing over USB or fast charging via a mini USB AC adapter would simplify things for n00bs as well as lower Palm's manufacturing costs slightly by onlyu having to build one connector into their Zire-style handhelds. Or just make the Athena connector standard across the board and live with it!

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RE: More free advice for Palm & their
just_little_me @ 2/13/2006 6:01:32 PM # Q
Garmin did NOT use the UC - I believe they planned to at some stage, but in the end they didnt follow through.


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Poor man's Treo

cervezas @ 2/10/2006 5:22:56 PM # Q
Can't afford a Treo? Just get one of these (or a Bluetooth headset) and pair it with your office mate's Treo the next time he steps out for a moment. Add voice dial numbers during unsuspecting moments as needed, then give his number out to your friends. Presto! You've got a Treo, too, and with a free wireless contract, to boot!

Seriously, though, this is a nice device for those who use their mobiles in place of deskphones and want to keep their hands free without looking like they'd been assimilated by the Borg collective. If the reviews are good (ambient noise cancellation?) I'll probably pick one up.

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RE: Poor man's Treo
moofie @ 2/10/2006 5:39:27 PM # Q
Doesn't the Treo have a built in speakerphone?

I guess "to each their own" is the watchword, but I loathe speakerphones with the loathing of a thousand loathes, and I'm completely unconcerned about the fashionableness of my headset.

(which is a plantronics discovery 640 and is totally rad.)

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