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Palm TX Mini MicTech Center Labs has recently released two new add-on microphone modules for the Palm TX and Tungsten T5 handhelds. Both models offer a slimmer profile, than the previously reviewed external mic module.

The Mini-Mic module (pictured) has a smaller profile and the microphone is placed facing forward, rather than on the bottom. It sells for $19.95. TCL also has an even smaller Bud-Mic add-on that allows you to keep the power cable attached at the same time for extended use. It sells for $24.95.

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Great Idea by Tech Center Labs

Timothy Rapson @ 10/31/2006 6:39:07 PM # Q
Too bad Palm didn't think of it. But, how could Palm ever be expected to know what a PDA user would want in a PDA. Users are there to be used, not satisfied.

RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
gmayhak @ 10/31/2006 8:06:47 PM # Q
Thanks for the 'Subject' but in a way they did think of it, at least they had the foresight to give developers access to the audio input. I know it's not ideal but better than on the E2.
I've always enjoyed designing accessories for Palm devices, starting with the TaleLight back in the Palm Pilot days. I know software developers also like the challenge of making the hardware do things it's not designed to do, OmniRemote for example.
Anyhow, if they gave us a perfect PDA it would probably be a disappointment to the development community.
Thanks again for your kind words!
Tech Center Labs

Tech Center Labs
RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
twrock @ 10/31/2006 8:49:24 PM # Q
The people asked, and TCL delivered:

That is a good looking unit, and the idea of leaving the power plug section open is a really good one. I'm still wondering if it would be better to mount the mic on the bottom or left edge of the connector to improve sound pickup from directions other than the front. It might look weird, but with VOIP, someone might just want to hold the TX up to their ear like a phone for a short conversation. With this adapter, this mic would be facing away from the person.

Then again, the mics I've used have picked up so well that the mounting direction is probably not very important.

What Palm should have "thought of" was that TX users would want to have an internal mic. (Hand goes to the forehead and mouth drops open as the proverbial lightbulb blinks on.) Removing features from the "next generation" PDA is just short-sighted, unless of course they want to hurry along the demise of a product that still makes them money.

Now my big question is whether to try to purchase the Palm extended warranty in this week before my original warranty expires. If so, I'll need to keep using an external mic so as not to void the warranty. If not, I'll just install an internal mic and be done with it. Hmm..., decisions, decisions.

I'm still waiting for the mythical color HandEra.

RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
gmayhak @ 10/31/2006 9:33:27 PM # Q
Thanks for the comments! If you decide to go with the external to extend your warranty I don't have a problem facing the mic out the back for VoIP applications, just drop me an email.
Best Regards,

Tech Center Labs
RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
AdrianE @ 11/1/2006 4:31:15 PM # Q
I've been trying to buy one of these for a couple of weeks now but I keep getting an error from PayPal (3005 IIRC) when trying to use a credit card.
Do you know if there is a problem Gary (or anybody else)?

RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
hkklife @ 11/1/2006 5:02:17 PM # Q

Any chance of getting a mic or two to do for a PIC review?
I'd love to see how it stacks up to the previous version (looks to be better in every way imaginable).

Also, any chance of sending you guerilla-style to work/consult for Palm for a few months? After go where Palm's bean counters fear to tread!! ;-)

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RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
gmayhak @ 11/1/2006 9:48:54 PM # Q
Hi Adrian, I tried to respond to your email last week but it was undeliverable. You could try ordering on another computer or just forget the catalog page checkout and paypal directly to

Tech Center Labs
RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
gmayhak @ 11/1/2006 10:06:09 PM # Q
Hi Kris, sounds good, email me

Not sure what guerilla-style is but no, I've not worked for a company since Ampex back in the 60s. Our 'state of the art' technology then was the HS-100, about the size of a refrigerator and could store 30 seconds of 'instant replay' video. The stuff today is beyond me!


Tech Center Labs

RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
Troglodad @ 6/21/2007 9:42:06 AM # Q
I don't understand why this doesn't work on the E2- don't the E-2 and TX use the same processor? And wasn't there a mod I saw here recently that showed a mike being modded to an E2 first?

RE: Great Idea by Tech Center Labs
hkklife @ 6/21/2007 10:43:23 AM # Q
It's the E2's pin-out that does not support an audio/microphone input. Gary @ TCL can provide you with further details if necessary. Perhaps this is due to the E2 being older than the TX or perhaps because it's a "budget" model.

And the E2 uses a 200mhz CPU whereas the TX is 312mhz and the T5 is 416mhz.

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