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Palm Card Reader SoftwareMobile Stream's Card Reader has just been updated. Card Reader allows you to use your Palm powered device's memory card slot as a standard USB card reader for transferring and managing files. The program features a 1200/1100KB/s read write speed, background transfers and a small file size. The new update includes support for the Treo 680 and a new experimental Bluetooth FTP transfer support, allow you to transfer files to the card wirelessly.

Card Reader v1.05 is available with a free trial and costs $11.95 to register.

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BT file transfer works great

Eternal_Visitor @ 1/23/2007 1:22:53 PM # Q
I had no problems accessing my SD card wirelessly from my computer. (it's a little slow...but so is my PC)

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Typical PalmOS Software Prices

atrizzah @ 2/8/2007 8:11:47 AM # Q
$12? Come on now.

Granted, this is a useful product and a lot of good work probably went into it, but if I spent $12 bucks on every application that provides some marginal benefit that probably should have come built-in to my OS (if Palm really had any innovation left in them), I would be spending hundreds of additional dollars.

Peace Out

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