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Palm GPS Navigator Kit 3Without any fanfare, Palm has dropped the price of its newest GPS Navigator kit. The kit has seen a $50 price drop from the original $300 launch price to $250. Furthering sweetening the offer is a $50 main-in rebate that Palm is offering to customers who purchase the bundle from With an effective final price of just $200, this makes Palm's self-branded GPS solution a surprisingly strong value in the fiercely competitive mobile GPS solution market.

The GPS Navigator 3 package is a relatively new offering from Palm, having been introduced in February 2007. The GPS Navigator 3 debuted at a $300 price but Palm has almost always offered a $50 mail-in rebate on their GPS kits.

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Maybe the new device will have GPS

millydog @ 5/5/2007 3:26:52 AM # Q
I am wondering if this price drop could mean that "The Hawk" (as some are calling it) that is expected to be announced next Wednesday will have GPS built-in. Could be very exciting for us Palm users.

RE: Maybe the new device will have GPS
cervezas @ 5/5/2007 3:56:58 PM # Q
I don't know about "The Hawk," but I do know that Palm has had job postings for engineers with GPS experience in recent months.

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

RE: Maybe the new device will have GPS
hkklife @ 5/6/2007 11:22:20 AM # Q
I'm personally predicting a "flagship" 320x320 GSM Treo (the 750 successor) running WM6 and with integrated GPS for this fall. This will be the rumored "Mercedes" Treo model and will serve to bridge the gap between the Treo line and the "Hawk" (or whatever it's called) running Palm OS-on-Linux. I am almost certain we'll never see a Garnet-based device again with GPS...In fact, Garmin stioll has plenty of iQue 3000s they'd love to sell ya!

The questions I'm really wondering is whether or not the 755p is the final Garnet-based device from Palm. I know at the recent Analyst Day function, it was stated that Palm had Garnet-based deviceS (plural) coming out for the remainder of the year.

So that could be interpreted as either:

#1 755p really is the end of the road for OS 5.x and I am just being pedantical ;-) by reading too much between the lines in the plural of "devices".

#2 Another mild Garnet-based Treo refresh is in the works--maybe a 680 successor with a better camera & an EDGE Evolution-compatible chipset?

#3 A final minor PDA refresh for the back to school season? I could really forsee Palm consolidating the E2 and Z22 into a single model along the lines of the Zire 31 but with a 320x320 screen and a $150 pricetag. Also, Z22 handhelds & accessories have been increasingly scare lately and I've begun seeing a few on clearance.

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Garmin Novi 660 w/Palm OS ???????????

Rhauer @ 5/6/2007 10:45:24 PM # Q
I am currently looking for a new car and considering internal and external GPS systems including the Garmin Novi 660. While checking out the unit, I thought how great it would be if it had Palm OS. I would have a much better address book and be able to get scores and news using a web browser. Best part, I could get my emails.

Been a huge, loyal Palm lover since the beginning. Currently have a tired TX. Now I'm stating to thing the NOVI is a waste of money and I should wait and see if PALM can produce a combination of a TX and a Novi 660

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