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Following up on yesterday's news item on Palm's "hidden" update to their May 18th blog entry, Palm's Paul Loeffler has again made a new post to Palm's Blog. This time Mr. Loeffler has created a completely new blog entry to discuss the latest delay for the long-awaited 700p ROM update.

Via today's new post, Palm now expects the updated ROM for the Sprint version of the 700p to be available on Monday, June 4th. The new for Verizon 700p users is far more dismal. Mr. Loeffler's report on the Verizon version of the update simply states that it is not yet ready, will not be available on Monday, and no specific data is given as to when the update will be available for Verizon Treo 700ps. No word is given on the 700p versions available on smaller regional networks such as Alltel in the US or Canada's Telus.

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What a surprise.

moofie @ 6/2/2007 1:51:51 AM # Q
Anybody care to lay odds on the iPhone shipping before the 700p patch?

RE: What a surprise.
joad @ 6/2/2007 5:52:06 PM # Q
...or even the CDMA iPhone. Palm has really screwed up with the 650 and then the 700p, and after all that reflection time their "answer" was the 755 (less battery, MiniSD, no reset hole, etc). I hope Palm gets their pants sued off for this - it seems to be the only way they will change. Their current business model is to force users to repurchase new devices to get the feature that we already paid for with the current one (a feature that didn't work and wasn't fixed at all during the warranty).

They advertised the 700p as compatible with bluetooth headsets - and even their own ones unpair themselves at random. It's been a year since they released it - absolutely no support except BS'ing their customers about "third party apps" being the only reason anything doesn't work on the 700p. They release this $600.00 755 with such crappy compromises and downgrades - and this is apparently the only "firmware support" 700p users will get - the 700p is EOL before it's even fixed. Palm walks off with our money, the Carriers get the remainder of whatever contract we agreed to, and we're $crewed. We either float with eternal optimism that someday Palm will honor their word and fix the 700p, or downgrade to the craptastic 755 for yet ANOTHER $600 mid-contract.

Where's a greedy class action lawyer when you need one?!? There should be a "lemon law" for high priced tech devices - where's Palm's incentive to change when they can pull this sort of cr@p and benefit by selling defective devices and then benefit monetarily again when we are forced to repurchase to get the feature they never delivered?

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Palm Clog?

foxmulder @ 6/2/2007 7:24:00 AM # Q
Should this be the name of the official "blog"?

Their latest post only has 3 comments. All of them within the span of ll minutes and then nothing. According to my computer that last comment was on June 01, 2007 at 05:09 PM. Right now I have a time of 7:14 AM on June 2nd. Are you telling me that only 3 people commented since their 700P MR post. I know that is not true because I made a comment yesterday and it is not up there unless of course it didn't meet the guidelines of their comment policy.

A Blog is not that difficult for a company like Palm to manage or is it? I mean come on give me a break! They picked a very interesting time to have a problem with comments.

RE: Palm Clog?
foxmulder @ 6/2/2007 10:07:23 AM # Q
10:04am (June 2) - Still No new comments.

RE: Palm Clog?
SeldomVisitor @ 6/2/2007 10:12:14 AM # Q
I see nothing sinister here - they say "the author" is the one that has to prune through comments - I imagine "the author" occasionally DOESN'T work.

RE: Palm Clog?
joad @ 6/2/2007 5:54:41 PM # Q
...just like the bluetooth headsets on the 700p. And the circle is unbroken....

RE: Palm Clog?
foxmulder @ 6/2/2007 7:47:52 PM # Q
Regarding nothing sinister: you have to be like a "Hawk"
to notice some things. My work on the X files as an FBI agent
has come in handy on many investigations.

You'll notice that:

1) The first notification of this update was as a comment
in a blog post 6 entries down as mentioned here at Palminfocenter.

2) You will notice that with the Treo 680 update comments were
written on Saturday & Sunday on Memorial Day weekend. Now maybe
they were only written then but approved after the weekend so
that may be at play in this case, to be fair.

3) If this had been done as a blog post when the "buried" comment was made
there would be plenty of time to approve a good batch of comments.

4) The comment was made Thursday night and the post was done at 4:55pm
Friday with just enough time to approve 3 comments and call it a day (hmmm?).
What was the blogger doing all day Friday when they knew about this
the night before.

5) To reiterate post made Thursday night. The whole Friday goes by.
On 4:55pm the real post is made. Comment comes in at 4:58pm and is approved.
Another at 5:07pm and is approved. 5:09pm and it's approved. Then the blogger
calls it a day .

They will most likely post them but there are blogs by individuals
that approve comments more quickly than a national corporation. I
don't imagine they just take off a weekend. You could probably get
5,000 palmers to volunteer on that blog just for the credit. You'd
only need 1 or 2 to go through the comments.

Wait a minute, how the heck am I able to even write this post here
at Palminfocenter and have it show up instantly. Are we to believe
Palminfocenter or any of the other Palm Sites have more resources than
Palm Inc? Are we arguing for limitations?

There may not be anything sinister going on but I believe more can be
done so it doesn't even look like there is.

Posting a blog post as a comment in a blog post 6 entries down doesn't
help and not coping to it doesn't help either and only letting 3 posts
go through after waiting till end of the work day to post doesn't either.

I think it is too much under the radar how this Palm Blog is run. Kudos
to Palminfocenter for bringing light to how the Thursday Announcement was made.

P.S. - June 2nd 7:39pm Nothing

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Can you say class action suit?

JSNovinski @ 6/3/2007 10:06:06 PM # Q
I wish that I could take credit it for this, but I know I read in someone's comments that the only way for Palm and Verizon to understand how important this is to the users of there product is to file complaints with the carriers and Palm themselves. I have to agree, I bought my Palm 700p based on the hype and how I my 600 was at EOL, and this was such a great product. I do not mind a bug or two in and being fixed within a few months, but this is a over a year. Verizon introduced this product on or about April 1st 2006.

I love my palm product and the ease to use, but with this product the freezing up, if this is a step up forget about moving anymore forward with them. If this was a car in most states we would be covered with a lemon law.

In every business time is money, and a phone/handheld freezing up or crashing out is just as bad. Is Palm a company with integrity, with the amount of news that this is causing on the blogs you would think that the managment would put all hands on deck to solve this to help it go away and satisfy its current customers as it is the current customers that are also past customers and might not be future customers if this continues. I do not care about this blame game of Palm saying its the carriers and vis-a-versa, it is the customer/consumer stuck in the middle. Both are/have earned money from us, when will this be fixed, isn't over a year enough time? We are not charity case, we want what we paid for!

Palm 3c->m-500->Treo 600->Treo 700p->currently trying the HP windows mobile.

RE: Can you say class action suit?
retrospooty @ 6/3/2007 10:44:55 PM # Q
I have had a 700p for over a year now and it works great, always has. I do understand there are some bugs and some users are upset,but the vast majority of users have no problems at all. The only complaint I have at all is the annoying lag that happens occasionally when switching apps, not a major issue, just annoying.

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