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Soccer talents gone wrong

Victim: J. Peperkamp
Date added: 7/3/2001


Soccer talents gone wrong I got my Visor Platinum as a gift. From the first day I grew very attached to it, it helped me with business, draged me through boring times in public traffic and reminded me to call my friends on their birthday. Packed with all the applications the modern man needs, it got to be my closest friend.

Then one black friday at my office.....One colleague of mine decided to show his soccer talents. He alway wondered why they bought Ronaldo at Inter Milan, instead of him. Now I know why....He kicked the ball, it ricocheted off the ceiling, bounced on my computer monitor to end up on my Visor. The force with which the ball hit my Visor caused it to jump up and land on the floor. The moment I saw the ball hitting my friend I knew he was seriously injured. I could do nothing but gaze at the cracks in the glass. It still displays the info, however I can't tap anymore so it is virtually useless.

My dear friend, rest in peace.

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