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The Elevator Shaft Miracle

Victim: Mark Eric Zeitzer
Date added: 7/19/2001


One day as I was getting on the elevator at the third floor I was looking something up on my palm and it got juggled out of my hands. I stood there with my mouth open as it bounced and ricocheted around the carpeted floor then over the metal grating separating the floor from the elevator. As if it was in slow motion the palm and hard cover wedged in the crack between the elevator and the floor with the palm hanging in the crack and one side of the case balancing on the metal grading. Then with one quick metallic slip the palm and case fell through the crack.

What seemed like ten minutes later I heard the crash from at least forty feet below and what I assumed was the palm shattering into a million pieces. Later that day I convinced the custodial staff to shut down the elevator and retrieve what was left of my palm. At first they pulled out only the case which was still in once piece although it had obviously received the brunt of the blow. I was coming to grips with the fact that my palm was it so many pieces they would never find anything recognizable.

Then they pulled out my palm. It was amazing... one piece! It worked! The screen was not shattered or cracked! All the application buttons worked! Upon careful inspection the palm was in very good condition. It had started to split along the lower right-hand side, the metallic finish was starting to pull away and the screen was grayed in the lower right-hand corner.

I just wanted to let you know what an incredibly well engineered product palm produces. My palm is damaged but this delicate electronic gadget survived a forty-foot drop. This is one of the many reasons I will continue to buy and promote palm products.

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