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She went with a whimper - not a bang

Victim: Jim Gorski
Date added: 2/4/2002


She went with a whimper - not a bang I was on my way to a meeting, and the Pilot gave one sick beep from my pocket. I opened it up (since my meeting reminder had already fired) and saw the leftmost 10 pixels or so repeated across the whole screen!

I skipped my meeting and busted out my trusty paper clip and jewelers screwdriver. All I succeeded in doing was forcing the screen to display the stylus calibration screen across the whole screen.

I did find a piece of what appears to be a chip chunk rattling around inside the case, but I think I'll just buy a new friend.

I have had this thing for a TON of years - it is an ORIGIONAL Palm Professional that I plugged the 2MB upgrade card into.
At least I won the last round of Rally 1000...

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