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My palm mysteriously committed suicide

Victim: Alex Goodwin
Date added: 2/3/2002


My palm mysteriously committed suicide I've had my Handspring prism ever since last christmas, when I got it as a present from my mom. I have a belt clip case for it, and used it during the school day as normal. Reading, playing some kMoria etc... So I finished my game of kMoria in physics (last period of the day), holstered it in my case, and went on.

About 30 minutes later I got on the bus, and decided to play some serious sam, pulled my handheld out, and to my dismay I saw a crack in the shape of a sine wave spanning the entire width of my handheld right over the graffiti area. Everything still works on it, except the digitizer is completely screwed, but I think that may be due to some excess glass/plastic dust from the breakage pressing against the digitizer. The sad thing is, I have absolutely no idea what killed it!! Alas I will have to get the screen replaced.

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