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The Palm IIIc that got rained on

Victim: James Cross
Date added: 3/4/2002


At a festival in the UK, I had to spend the night in the car, but owing to the unusual summer, it was quite warm, so I opened the sunroof. Unfortunately, it began to rain very hard. Before sleeping I'd been reading avantgo, so it was open on the seat when it got completely soaked. I awoke, to find a very soggy palm. When I turned it on, it was stuck, ignoring inputs, so I reset it, which gave me the start-up screen. Which then turned white and that was it, I couldn't turn it off or on.

I left it in the glove box, and didn't get it out until I got home some two days later, and it wouldn't work at all. So I thought it might just be flat, since it wouldn't turn off. Sure enough after a charge, the unit started up albeit a bit screwed up, so I reset it again whilst holding down the power button, and it started OK, I've been using it since for about 6 months without further problems, however I noticed corrosion when I went to do a bit of investigative surgery.
So its not all lost.

I also have a Palm III which got smashed but its just the overlay, so I use it in my car for GPS navigation. Works a treat, otherwise would have been thrown away.

James Cross

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