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The Slippery Pocket Strikes Again

Victim: Troy Fontaine
Date added: 3/5/2002


Palmie ran away A few days ago I was on my way home from Safeway with a huge load of groceries. On my mother's insistance, I took a cab. Never again.

When I sat down in the front seat of the cab, I neglected to remember I had my faithful IIIxe in my jacket pocket, which is reknowned in my household for having stuff fall out mysteriously. Anyways, I heard a clunk and a few scrapes only to realize a few hours later that the sound I heard wasn't something wrong with the seat, it was my palm falling out....

I called the cab company, and after a lot of troubles, I came to the conclusion that the cabbie must have pawned it, the small tipping issue I imagine.... I had gotten it in december of 2000, and even after the accidental power surge that made it go wacky, and all the rough handling, to be lost in a cab....

I'm now waiting for pay day so I can get a m125 w/keyboard and a leather case. IIIxe, wherever you are, be happy....

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