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Cleanup on Aisle Seven!

Victim: Ellen Gaynor
Date added: 3/6/2002


Cleanup on Aisle Seven! I depended on my beloved Handspring Visor for two years. I faithfully synched it at least weekly, and kept it safe in a fuzzy, leopard spotted case. My entire life was in that little device: addresses, phone numbers, clothing sizes, to-do memos, and shopping lists. That last item was its undoing.

I was shopping for my hungry teenagers when it happened. We were almost to the end of the list when my Visor suddenly popped out of the case and skipped along the floor. I picked it up and stared in disbelief. Where my list had appeared seconds before was now a technicolor mess. The case was cracked in three places. My son laughed at me as my lower lip quivered.

I'll show him. I've had my eye on a color Visor. A joystick too. And I'm not sharing.

Ellen Gaynor
Gladstone, Oregon

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