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The Swamp Purse

Victim: Tina Rathbone
Date added: 3/7/2002


The Swamp Purse I carefully placed the open water bottle upright in my Chanel tote -- only for a second, I told myself -- freeing my hands to wrap some tiny custard cups in the checkout line at Ikea.

Rummaging through my oversized bag on the drive home, my hand sunk up to its wrist in water. Luckily, I was in the passenger seat, giving me plenty of time to remove each item from my bag and dry up the water with a freshly unwrapped sanitary napkin that I'd stashed in the car for emergency purposes. Talk about absorbent!

Rescuing my dearly beloved Palm V at once, I continued to hold it upright all the way home, as water dripped out of its syncing port. It never came to life again.

I never imagined how dearly that batch of flan would cost me. Writing about this has been a great release, and now I can move on. Sony Clie, perhaps?

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