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Well, at least it's clean!

Victim: Benjamin Hale
Date added: 4/15/2002


Well, at least it's clean! Well, I came home late after a regular day selling PDA's and such and I decided to wash all my work clothes, including the ones I wore that day, so I emptied my pockets, which included my keys, lighter, and my PDA, onto my bed and then proceded to change clothes thowing all my work clothes into a pile on the bed. Since I had already started the washer and it was begining it's cycle, so I grabbed all the clothes on my bed and threw them into the washer. Not five minutes later, I decided to continue reading the ebook I had on my Sony. So I went back to grab it, I couldn't find it. I looked all around, in all the clothes I had worn that day.

Finnaly I remembered putting it on the bed and grabbing the clothes from the bed. Surley I couldn't have put those in there, but I thought I had better check anyways. So I stopped the washer and stuck my hand in there, I didn't feel anything for a while, but then my keys. What terror I felt then, reaching around some more i came across my zippo lighter, I knew in my heart what had to be next. Finnally I found it, it's leather case swelling from the water it had taken in. How foolish I felt then.

The picture isn't all that clear, but the white looking stuff on the left side of the screen is condensation on the inside of the screen.

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