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On Palms and Skateboarding

Victim: Matt Lacey
Date added: 5/7/2002


About two months ago I bought a second hand Palm IIIc with keyboard, cradle, leather case, car charger - the lot. All in perfect condition. I used it all the time to play games and write lecture notes etc. but alas, fate, as per usual, had her wretched way.

Following a minor skateboard collision I thought I'd better check my pocket to see if my phone and palm were ok. The phone had a bit of a scratch but had left a 6210 shaped hole in the bottom of my pocket. The palm however was not so lucky - it didn't just crack a bit like most of the ones on this page, it died. Lots. DO NOT SKATEBOARD WITH A PALM IN YOUR POCKET!

I can't say it really appreciated my 12 stone landing on it at speed. It didn't like it at all.

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