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Abandoned on the Metro

Victim: Chad Taylor
Date added: 7/22/1999


My life was on my Palm III. It's now gone forever. I tell people that it was stolen on the Metro North Train, but the reality leaves me much colder. You see, I had my Pilot in hand (in the new Coach leather case that my sister had bought me for Christmas) and was startled by a looming figure to my left! The conductor was tapping his foot (they prefer you have your tickets ready). In a panic, I slipped my beloved device next to my bookbag, so I could quickly retrieve my ticket. Finding the ticket was a chore in itself, and I quickly forgot my Palm Pilot was even out. I abandoned it, you see. It was all my fault. I went to Metro North lost and found numerous times over the next three months, but to no avail. The finders/keepers law had apparently gone into effect.

I have since recieved a replacement Palm III from my wife, but my relationship with it seems artificial. Like I'm using a device with all the same information, but not the same soul.

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