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Deep Fried m505

Victim: A Martz
Date added: 7/12/2002


My fifth palm met an unusual death yesterday. I just moved into a new place and into a new job. My computer (including my cradle) was broken into its component cords and boxes for shipping. On my way to the new office, I dove into a large box to find my m505's cradle so that it may charge and sync at the office. I grabbed the cradle itself along with what I thought was the AC power cord for the charger.

I drove to work and, since my Palm was extremely low on batteries, immediately set up the cradle and got the unit charging. Half an hour later, I open the flap and see that the screen is on and scrambled. Furthermore, my poor Palm is extremely hot to the touch! I get it out of there immediately and then examine my setup. To my horror, I realized that I attached the AC power cord to my *scanner* and not the one for my Palm. My poor m505 took on twice the standard voltage for the full half hour.

Suffice to say that it is dead. The green light still comes on when (properly) charging, but besides that I can get no response from it.

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