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Desk Squeeze Disaster

Victim: Darren R
Date added: 7/13/2002


Desk Squeeze Disaster Our relationship started when my uncle (who works for 3Com before 3Com and Palm split) decided to get me a Palm IIIe for my 14th birthday one year! I was excited, I had a Palm! For a couple of months I was replacing the batteries every week or so, I used it all the time!

I had the Palm for probably 4 months, I was in the my last month of school and a class mate couldn't quite fit by my desk, he was a little larger than average, and he passed in front of my desk, only to brush my Palm IIIe (with factory cover) to the floor. It was only about a 3 ft drop, but that was enough! My life was ruined!

Needless to say, I replaced it with a special edition one, the one with the clear body. That served as a gift for my father last year because last summer I received a Palm m505 for a graduation present!

~Darren R.
Proud owner of a m505!

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