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Cold Alone!

Victim: Dimitri Gerebtzoff
Date added: 8/20/2002


Here is my story. I don't think a palm has already endured such a torture...

I got my Palm IIIxe as a present and it has become rapidly essential to me. All my stuff are in there, phone numbers, addresses, meetings etc etc. Well, one day, I went with my girlfriend to water the plants at my parent's house. So we went there. Then back home. A few hours later, I was looking for my palm and couldn't find it. I looked everywhere. No Palm in sight. Then I thought I had left it at my parent's place. We drove back there, looked everywhere. Still no Palm.

I was really trying to remember where I left it but couldn't. I had one last chance to find it: my Palm was also my alarm clock and did beep every morning at 07.00 for 2 minutes. I phoned my parents who were back and asked them to listen carefully at 07.00 the next day if they could hear my lost Palm. I did the same at home. So every single day that week, I used to wake up at 06.55, go in a room and wait until the fatidic 07.00. My parents did the same. And every day, we used to do that in an different room.

Until one day, actually 6 days after I had lost it, I heard a barely audible beep in the kitchen. I was so happy. But still couldn't find it. I looked everywhere in the kitchen after work. So I waited one more day.

On the next morning, I woke up again at 06.55, went with my girlfriend in the kitchen and waited. And again the desperately wanted beep.

So we are there, both trying to find out where it came from. Suddenly, my girlfriend turned around. She was facing... the fridge!!!

She opened the door and there it was! Under a pile of vegetables. My Palm was still happily beeping and everything was working perfectly.

Actually, when we were at my parent's house, I did some tyding up with my stuff and did put my palm in a bag. And my girlfriend used the same bag to put some vegetables. Which ended up in the fridge.

Since then, my Palm is still happy and continues to beep at 07.00 every morning!

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