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Falling into a Cement Pit

Victim: Michael Powell, Esq.
Date added: 8/21/2002


While touring a client's cement plant, I took a mistep and landed chest deep in a pit of waste cement. Fortunately the stuff was too thick for me to sink over my head but the Visor Platinum (with Omnisky wireless modem) on my belt seemed like a sure goner.

After crawling out, I had to do something to get the cement off the device before it hardened - but my hands were also covered with the stuff. Ducking into a restroom (and leaving a trail of cement behind me), I took out the batteries and washed it off. Many trials and tribulations later (try pumping gas into a borrowed van while dripping wet cement in freezing weather) I finally got home and finished cleaning the Visor. To my surprise, it seemed to work fine except for the backlight. Even the wireless modem worked after I cleaned out the springboard slot.

Then, a few days later, I noticed an omninous buzzing sound. I quickly hotsynced it and watched the machine die just as the "cleaning up" screen appeared. The only good part of the story is that my wife felt so sorry for me that I now own a Treo 270. I've omited a photo because the Visor - to the naked eye - looks to be in perfectly good shape.

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