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I figured it won't matter, WRONG!

Victim: Andrew Azzariti
Date added: 11/12/2002


I purchased my Sony Clie 300 back in Febuary expecting it to last a long time! Well it had a short life, I decided to go out with some friends and wanted to where (sic) some semi-tight short and didn't want to use my case as I normally didn't but had droped it alot I figured it won't matter, WRONG!

We decided to stop at our favorite cafe and get some coffee, my friend who I was with asked if it was suppose to rain and if I would check on avantgo to see what they said, so I went to pull it out and in the middle of the loudest cafe I screamed and it got very quite here is what I screamed "Why today of all days does the screen have to crack why people why" to say the least everyone was sympathetic, some guy actually offered to give me his Sony Clie 615, I think he wanted something in return so I didn't take it..... It lasted a whole 5 months and than misteriously my screen cracked I think the case could have flexed... Sorry I don't have a picture! You would have cracked up if you were there!

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