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The Great Train Escape

Victim: David
Date added: 1/22/2003


The Great Train Escape AS anyone whoes visited our cold and windsept country (well - today at least) will know are trains are notorusly late. On this particular journey from london we were delayed 4.5 hours, and arrived at 3.30am to find the station staff had locked up and gone home. I scaled the 6 foot fence to escape the station, droping my bag down on the other side as i was short of hands. My Handspring Visor Edge (that i deeply deeply love) is normally in my back trouser pocket, but i had forgoten that i put it in my bag while on the train as it was getting squashed.... the 5 foot drop killed it, fair enough realy!

I made a formal complaint against the train company for there negligance, contaceted the press and got national news coverage... theve payed for my new palmtop to shut me up, so im of shoping! Cant replace my visor (i refuse to pay twice as much as i payed originaly a year later) so im gona upgrade to a colour clie, unless i can get a T415 for a bargin 80 pounds its a SJ20 of or a T625..... still cant decide.

Previous but unrecored deaths:
Phillips vello 500 - running to class, bounced down a 20 foot set of concreate steps..... dident even look like a pda when i found it....

  • Phillips vello 500 -  cant even remeber what happend the second time! screen fell of i think.
  • Packard bell easymate 800 - i was using it one night, placed it on the floor by the bed and whent to sleep.... missed my alarm, got up in  a rush - crunch..... The survivors:
      Psion series 3a
    Psion Series 7

    You cant kill a psion, its imposible, half the ones you get dont work ever - no quality control - but if its been made right they are eternal!

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