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Casio Pocket Viewer - Clean and Still Working

Victim: David Chick
Date added: 4/9/2003


Although not Palm OS compatible, I thought I should tell you about my Casio Pocket Viewer (PV-S250). It lives in my shirt pocket and needless to say it ended up in the washing machine (after my loving wife cleaned up after her inconsiderate husband!). After going through a full cycle the shirt was hung up to dry and a solid object noticed in the pocket. The flap cover had snapped off, such was the force of the wash cycle, and water could be seen behind the screen. My wife telling me the bad news over the phone in tears...I didn't hold out much hope!

After many attempts to get the cover open, I gave up and decided to blow air from a camera lense blower/cleaner into the docking port and battery area. After about two weeks I had almost given up hope but tried the reset button and new batteries (for the hundredth time)...I touched the screen and on it came asking for stylus calibration!!! After calibrating I checked all files and programs, and not a single piece of data had been lost!!! The light still works and the cover just snapped back into place!!!

I'll never leave my clothes lying around again...

David Chick
Brisbane, Australia

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