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Visor on the Farm

Victim: Shawn Hoefer
Date added: 4/9/2003


For my birthday I got a Visor Neo and used it for everything.  Never left the house without it. However, I should have! We live on a farm and there are always opportunities to destroy delicate electronics out here. Once I leaned over a barrel I was filling for our horses and the Visor fell out of my unbuttoned pocket and sank to the bottom. I dried it thoroughly and it continued to work.

Later that same month, we had an uncovered hay stack threatened by a nasty thunderstorm. I ran outside and covered the hay just as the rain came pelting down. About a month later my son brought me my beloved Visor from where he had found it - dripping wet under a missed bale of hay. It powers up, but there are marks on the LCD and the digitizer works no more. It now sits on a shelf and watches over me as I work on a Palm M125 - that I never take outside while working about the farm.

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