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Canadian Carpet Bomb

Victim: Troy Fontaine
Date added: 5/18/2004 11:39:10 AM


Canadian Carpet Bomb Today my Tungsten T disappointed me to the point of tears…  As I was preparing for a meeting, I had it attached to my Palm Portable Keyboard and picked it up by the keyboard to carry it to my seat when it fell.  I watched in horror as it slipped off and dropped 2 ½ feet to the carpet below.  I held my breath, as I picked it up all the while hoping it was fine.  I’d dropped it before and the worst that had happened was the stylus and SD card shot out…  Well, my luck had ran out.  I flipped it over only to find that the LCD itself had cracked, the glass was fine, the digitizer was fine.  The entire unit was fine, but the LCD.

So, I called Palm Technical support Canada, to find out that they would replace my unit for $201 CAD…  So, now I’m saving up to for that, hoping that my Tungsten will last a little longer…  

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