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Victim: Tony DelAguila
Date added: 5/18/2004


My story of death and life.....I purchased my Handspring Visor Prism almost 3 years ago from a retail electronics store and I paid top dollar for it about $450.00. I had to have it! It was cutting edge! I used my PDS for everything; work, home, scheduling my life, storing numbers, playing games etc, etc.

I often said that if I lost or couldn't use my PDA, I'd be in a world of hurt. I had dropped it several times and it always seemed to come out unscathed. One day I even had it at my kids soccer practice keeping stats on all the kids, when he was dribbling down the side line he crossed it and I was standing right in the way the ball hit my hand and knocked my Visor out of my hand. Time seemed to slow down as I watched my Prism fly about 15 feet, hit the ground and tumble to violent stop. I walked over to it knowing full well that it was broken. However, when I picked it up, I was happy to see that it had survived with no ill effects.

After surviving that I thought that my Visor was indestructible. Well the day came when I accidentally dropped my Visor and cracked the screen, since the crack was small and in the corner, and didn't interfere with the writing recognition program I was hesitant to get rid of it. 2 weeks later I dropped it a second time. This time the microphone broke, which rendered the phone unusable I was lost……..

It was time to have it fixed. I remembered I had a warranty that I purchased when I first bought my Visor. Loa and behold I still had 1 year left on a 3 year warranty. I took it back, to the retail store to see if they could fix, replace or exchange it. The retail store informed me that they no longer carried the Visor Prism. They contacted several other stores, and all were out. They finally located one store that was 45 minutes away and asked if I wanted to go pick it up! To which I politely told them to "BITE ME"!!!! So the retail store made an offer. They offered to give me full credit on the Visor Prism to which I could use to purchase another PDA. I thought for a moment and I saw a Sony Clie NX70v calling my name. I made a counter offer. I would purchase the Clie NX70v if they knocked off $75 (For considering I drive to another store and pick up what I found out to be a USED Prism) and I would pay the rest of the difference…about $75.00. So from the death and ashes of my old Prism came a new, faster, and more powerful PDA. But you know what? Even with all the new fancy gadgets, programs and fancy look I still miss my old trusty Visor Prism.

Tony DelAguila, Chantilly, Virginia

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