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It keeps on giving....

Victim: Mona B
Date added: 8/30/2005


It keeps on giving.... Believe it or not, I used this shattered palm for 6 months before I could come up with the money to buy my current Tungsten T (yay getting my research funded). My Palm V was my faithful companion for many years of trouble-free zen until one cloudy afternoon, it dropped out of my hands and face first onto concrete - I had forgotten I was carrying it! D'oh.

As it was only the top half glass cover that was broken and not the display, it was possible to read the output, just not select anything on the top half of the screen. I made do with using the find function a lot, scrolling creatively, using mental arithmetic and not being able to change the time when daylight savings ended. Thank goodness I could still use the computer to input data and that the graffiti area was unharmed.

I have to say that switching to the Tungsten T was quite an improvement...

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