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Something that you'd probably rather not see

Victim: Brian Wagstaff
Date added: 8/31/2005


Something that you'd probably rather not see Here's something that you'd probably rather not see. But if it can be the severed head posted at the edge of the Palm campground, then it's not for naught. My Treo 600 screen cracked, seemingly for no reason. It appears that it doesn't take much pressure at the middle of the screen to flex the glass beyond it's breaking point.

I suspect that somehow the earbud came between the screen and my car's passenger seat, cracking the screen. It wasn't in a case at the time, which is my bad.

The replacement cost is 150 US dollars, and excluded from any warranty. Now, apparently the 600 is on backorder, so the replacement may not arrive for 4-6 weeks. To add insult to injury, ATT neglected to add me to a GSM plan, resulting in a 700 dollar internet phone bill, arriving the day after the mishap.

Each email I sent out averaged approx. 67 dollars each. Fortunately, after a marathon, middle-of-the-night, caller on hold session with the Bangalore India resolution center, this was all refunded.

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