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DIY Palm III repair

Victim: Peter Dikhoff
Date added: 12/4/1999


My palm III was not working anymore. And that on a monday morning. I searched all kind of websites in trying to find anyone who had opened a palm and could help me. Nothing found. Fortunately the palm III became a standard in our depertement and a couple of my collegues droped their palm earlier and had a broken screen. I used these broken ones to explore the inside.

My problem
The software reset and double software reset did not work. The hardware reset did pop-up the initial screen but not the choice of keeping or deleting the data. Only if I pushed the green button it would give the question on delete or keep the data. After answering the question with any answer it would pop-up the initial screen again repetitively.

My solution:
I practised the skills on a broken one !. You can open the back case with four screws, then gently tip the back open and there you can see the whole of its whombs. The palm exists of two boards. one is the processor board which has a separate memory card and the screen board. the screen boards is connected to the processor one with a flat flexibe cable. My initial goal was to exchange the motherboard from the ones my colegues dropped ( bad screen). But I first wiggled the memory board a bit, and that would not help. Then I removed the memory board and reseated it in its place....... BINGO. My palm was alive again. This saved me USD 100,= and some time without my palm.

I do have a question : I have plenty of memory boards from broken Palm III. Does anybody know how to upgrade a regular memory boards and adding memory chips to it to get more memory on board.

Be carefull with you exploration in the inside, you need to take the ESD precautions and have some experiences with electronics.

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